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Unleashed Alternative Markets Southport July 2013

The Unleashed Markets descended on the Southport Sharks AFL clubs function centre for a day of market stalls, shenanigans, alternative folk and curious normals. We were able to team up with Veritas Dark again and the amazing Ben Perez in costume as Death himself. There were lots of photos taken and lots of shopping done.

Here are some of my favourite pics.

2013-07-28 Unleashed Markets Southport 0012013-07-28 Unleashed Markets Southport 0542013-07-28 Unleashed Markets Southport 0712013-07-28 Unleashed Markets Southport 0892013-07-28 Unleashed Markets Southport 1342013-07-28 Unleashed Markets Southport 1392013-07-28 Unleashed Markets Southport 2132013-07-28 Unleashed Markets Southport 2322013-07-28 Unleashed Markets Southport 2422013-07-28 Unleashed Markets Southport 2802013-07-28 Unleashed Markets Southport 2242013-07-28 Unleashed Markets Southport 1512013-07-28 Unleashed Markets Southport 2632013-07-28 Unleashed Markets Southport 2672013-07-28 Unleashed Markets Southport 2462013-07-28 Unleashed Markets Southport 3782013-07-28 Unleashed Markets Southport 3312013-07-28 Unleashed Markets Southport 3712013-07-28 Unleashed Markets Southport 3882013-07-28 Unleashed Markets Southport 3672013-07-28 Unleashed Markets Southport 4062013-07-28 Unleashed Markets Southport 3802013-07-28 Unleashed Markets Southport 3792013-07-28 Unleashed Markets Southport 453

Here are some of the pictures from our photobooth. All the photos can be seen on Facebook. Markets people and stalls, Photo booth

2013-07-28 Unleashed 0172013-07-28 Unleashed 0092013-07-28 Unleashed 0592013-07-28 Unleashed 0262013-07-28 Unleashed 0572013-07-28 Unleashed 0242013-07-28 Unleashed 0302013-07-28 Unleashed 068

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Photoshoot winner Announced


Congratulations to Alex. She has won her self a photo shoot and some promotional work with Dreamcoat as well. Thanks to all the entrants, the finalists all receive a micro shoot and some prints for their entries.

Thanks to all the fans who voted in the poll and on Facebook – we love you all!

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Fitness Shoot with Graham Whittaker

We recently donated a fitness photo shoot prize to the Mandy-Lee Noble fundraiser event held by the Brisbane Trail Runners to help Mandy get to Wales to run in an international trail running event. Graham was the lucky winner after buying a bunch of raffle tickets!

We shot Graham on some local trails and here are the results.

If you run or are passionate about your sport or gym then we would love to shoot you. Whether its fitness, running, tennis, pole gym, volleyball, tiddlywinks or football contact us now!

2013-07-18 Graham Whittaker Sports Shoot 0042013-07-18 Graham Whittaker Sports Shoot 0432013-07-18 Graham Whittaker Sports Shoot 0602013-07-18 Graham Whittaker Sports Shoot 0202013-07-18 Graham Whittaker Sports Shoot 0692013-07-18 Graham Whittaker Sports Shoot 0962013-07-18 Graham Whittaker Sports Shoot 0812013-07-18 Graham Whittaker Sports Shoot 1142013-07-18 Graham Whittaker Sports Shoot 1202013-07-18 Graham Whittaker Sports Shoot 123

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Dreamcoat Photoshoot Competition Finalists

We have 6 finalists in the competition for the free photo shoot. I am going to present each here in alphabetical order. There is a voting poll on our website and we will also put their images up on Facebook in a special album for people to like and comment on them.

and so with no further ado – here are the finalists:

Note all images are supplied by the entrants are copyright their original creators.

Alex Hughes

My name is Alex and I heard about your contest from a friend of mine and thought I might give it a go. As to why you should pick me, I guess you might need basic run down of me. I'm a 21year old uni student, I come from a relatively big family and have spent most my life being compared to my sister (the pretty one of the family). Due to this comparison I've spent most of my year overly self conscious and very self judging, it wasn't until I found a hobby called Cosplay that I managed to find my own style and my own confidence. The pictures I'm sending in to this competition are a mix of myself in and out of costume but the confidence and attitude you see in each of them all stems from this creative and somewhat strange hobby and community I found. I know love to dress in all kind of costumes and take pride in myself that I never had, I even go up on stage and perform skits with my friends. I would love to win this photoshoot experience to show the world and most importantly myself just how far I've come from the shy, self conscious person I used to be.

 nice 2SAM_0575 - CopySAM_1518 - Copy412275_395182053836300_275404189147421_1317475_751490005_o - Copy

Amy Bechly

Name: Amy ‘Harley Quinn’ Bechly
Age: 21
Complexion: Caucasian
Height: 158cm
Eyes: Blue
Hair Colour: awesome colours

So the first word that comes to mind when I go to describe myself is ‘CRAZY’. No seriously. I am crazy. Just look at the photos. However, it goes up hill from there! The second word that comes to mind is ‘AWESEOME’. This is because of all the awesome things I do and the awesome personality that I have. I, therefore, am CRAZY AWESOME! Which, in short, is why you should choose me. I love all things wild, wacky, gory and beautiful. My wardrobe consists of numerous styles such as traditional goth, business, Lolita, punk, rockabilly, glamorous and .... cosplay! I swap and mix styles daily so I’m very versatile when it comes to photoshoot ideas. I have also had a fair bit of experience (never paid though) in photographic modelling. This said, however, I love learning new skills and am always open to constructive criticism to get the best results. I strive to achieve the best/most out of all the things I do in life. Speaking of life, some AWESOME things that I do are horse riding, Tae Kwon Do, study physics at university (next year will be Dentistry), run a hobby craft business, cosplay, sing in two choirs, play video games and organise charity events for the Brisbane Tolkien Fellowship. I also love Batman... a lot...

snow white 1zombie walkdark angel 1zombie 1

Amy Richardson

Name: Amy Louise Richardson

Age: 23 years old

Eye colour: Hazel (hormonal, can change between blue, green and brown)

Hair colour: Red (currently growing out a short style)

Height: 5'6"

Dress size: 14-16

I'd like to enter into your search for Dreamcoat Photography's cover model.

I think I would make a successful model for Dreamcoat Photography as I am a confident young woman that is able to adapt to any style or look. I am confident in not only who I am but in my full voluptuous figure. I love being in front of the camera and, as you know from experience, I take direction well and am always open to feedback and suggestions. Not only am I confident of who I am and how I look but I can talk to anyone of any age or gender. As you have seen from working together, I'm very friendly and mix well in crowds.

I don't really know what else to say. You know me, you know I'm quirky and full of energy with captivating eyes and an alluring mouth. I'm not the skinniest and I'm not the tallest, but I'm proud of my curves and believe I would make a great face for your business.


amyr 5amyr 3amyr 4amyr 1

Cassandra Scown

You should pick me because i am easy going and love doing model its in my nature and i feel good about myself and i am hearing impaired and i want to be first "deaf model" being a model does not stop me from doing it and  because it allows me to show my creative side l am able to transform myself into another person when l am in front of a camera, l love everything about the world of modelling it allows me to express the different sides of myself.


model competion 2IMG_0735meeeeeee11150's girl

Sarah Maguire

Why Dreamcoat Photography should pick me - I feel that I hold the qualities in which you are looking for. I am by nature a very out going and adventurist person. I funnily enough enjoy spending hours in awkward positions just to obtain that perfect photo. Because of my job I also easily adapt to all environments which is why I think I would exceed in the challenging role of promo work.

2012-07-20 Sarah & Tessa 0212012-07-20 Sarah & Tessa 179

2012-07-20 Sarah & Tessa 374

2013-04-20 Supernova GC 476

Tillyander Moore

My two dreams as a child were to be either a model or an actress. For reasons i cant explain i just wanted to be seen, for the world to know my face and what kind of potential i had. This is what drew me to Dreamcoat in the first place, they show people for what they are truly capable of and rather than shunning my odd tastes in style and fashion, Dreamcoat embraced and enhanced them.
Vanity will always be a strong part of my addiction to being noticed. Whether it is a fault or virtue I'm not entirely sure at times, but i do try to always take it in my stride.
I think i would be a good choice for this competition because I'm dedicated. Tim once mentioned to me an idea for a caution tape photo shoot and i thought, 'heck, why not? Sounds like fun and I'm in the hands of professionals'. No idea is too crazy for me and whenever photography is mentioned my mind runs wild with ideas of industrial districts and tall grass and living room sets in the middle of a field.
Tim Burton and Helena Bonham Carter once did a couple photoshoot in the middle of a field with a kitchen set and a cooking experiment gone wrong, both their faces half covered in ash and their hair askew. It was the most wonderful thing I'd ever seen because people just look at that and go 'huh...thats...thats actually kind of cool'.
I want to create something like that one day, and i hope you will help me.
Thank you for this opportunity

IMG_20130706_165421dreamcoat entry12013-06-07 Cosplay 053dreamcoat entry

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