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Dreamcoat Photo Shoot Competition Winner

Out little competition was a great success. Alex our winner was very excited and had 7 Cosplay outfits ready to go – we ended up choosing three and shot with two of them. Runner up Sarah offered us the use of her house and pool area to shoot and that meant she got involved and received photos as well. Our clothing partners Vintage Hippy and French Kiss Boutique provided fantastic clothes, lingerie and shoes. We had an awesome makeup artist for the day. Liz is a local beauty therapist and did a fantastic job of teaming makeup with the clothing.

Here are a selection of the images from the day.

If you would like a shoot like this, then book now or contact us to find out more.

2013-08-16 Alex Hughes 0922013-08-16 Alex Hughes 0332013-08-16 Alex Hughes 0402013-08-16 Alex Hughes 0842013-08-16 Alex Hughes 0712013-08-16 Sarah Maguire 033a2013-08-16 Sarah Maguire 117a2013-08-16 Sarah Maguire 1842013-08-16 Sarah Maguire 0262013-08-16 Alex Hughes 1272013-08-16 Alex Hughes 1622013-08-16 Alex Hughes 1492013-08-16 Alex Hughes 173a2013-08-16 Alex Hughes 2242013-08-16 Alex Hughes 2272013-08-16 Alex Hughes 2072013-08-16 Sarah Maguire 1952013-08-16 Sarah Maguire 2312013-08-16 Alex Hughes 2662013-08-16 Alex Hughes 2732013-08-16 Alex Hughes 303

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Unleashed Market Coorparoo

The Unleashed Alternative Markets hit the Coorparoo Bowls Club for the first time in August. A quaint little building with lots of character and quirkiness was an awesome place for all our stalls to be jammed in. We had a blast working with The Beer Legion’s XXXX Samurai Warrior, and Death also made a short visit.

Here are some of the pic's form the day. All market stalls and public photos on Facebook, and our Photobooth photos on Facebook.


2013-08-11 Unleashed 0212013-08-11 Unleashed 0102013-08-11 Unleashed 0172013-08-11 Unleashed 0192013-08-11 Unleashed 0202013-08-11 Unleashed 0272013-08-11 Unleashed 0382013-08-11 Unleashed 0392013-08-11 Unleashed 048

2013-08-11 Unleashed Market Coorparoo 0202013-08-11 Unleashed Market Coorparoo 0262013-08-11 Unleashed Market Coorparoo 1012013-08-11 Unleashed Market Coorparoo 0752013-08-11 Unleashed Market Coorparoo 1042013-08-11 Unleashed Market Coorparoo 1052013-08-11 Unleashed Market Coorparoo 1302013-08-11 Unleashed Market Coorparoo 1322013-08-11 Unleashed Market Coorparoo 1512013-08-11 Unleashed Market Coorparoo 1772013-08-11 Unleashed Market Coorparoo 2702013-08-11 Unleashed Market Coorparoo 2632013-08-11 Unleashed Market Coorparoo 2972013-08-11 Unleashed Market Coorparoo 1612013-08-11 Unleashed Market Coorparoo 254

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Jono and Marie Wedding

I was unable to attend the wedding of Jono and Marie in USA in July as requested to shoot them. However when they returned to Australia and held a garden wedding reception in Sydney I was invited to that function to shoot. It is lovely to see a couple with such excitement for life and passion for each other surrounded by their friends on a special day.

Here are a few photos. the full album is available on Facebook.

2013-08-10 Jono Marie Wedding 1212013-08-10 Jono Marie Wedding 1682013-08-10 Jono Marie Wedding 1702013-08-10 Jono Marie Wedding 3022013-08-10 Jono Marie Wedding 3082013-08-10 Jono Marie Wedding 3132013-08-10 Jono Marie Wedding 2672013-08-10 Jono Marie Wedding 2692013-08-10 Jono Marie Wedding 3342013-08-10 Jono Marie Wedding 3572013-08-10 Jono Marie Wedding 4152013-08-10 Jono Marie Wedding 4892013-08-10 Jono Marie Wedding 2862013-08-10 Jono Marie Wedding 4942013-08-10 Jono Marie Wedding 4952013-08-10 Jono Marie Wedding 4962013-08-10 Jono Marie Wedding 4972013-08-10 Jono Marie Wedding 4982013-08-10 Jono Marie Wedding 5002013-08-10 Jono Marie Wedding 5092013-08-10 Jono Marie Wedding 0762013-08-10 Jono Marie Wedding 5332013-08-10 Jono Marie Wedding 5982013-08-10 Jono Marie Wedding 6052013-08-10 Jono Marie Wedding 2222013-08-10 Jono Marie Wedding 6112013-08-10 Jono Marie Wedding 5192013-08-10 Jono Marie Wedding 622

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Mitchell James Tennis Shoot

Australia’s No 1 Tennis player with an intellectual disability is Mitchell James. His dad is a long time friend and business associate. It was a pleasure to put together a small shoot recently for Mitchell after his return from the Czech Republic in May where he performed very well.

Mitch is a great character and fun to work with. One ball went whizzing past my head so fast I heard the air suck, and another his his dad on the thigh pretty hard – i think he will pay for that one later!

In the meantime here are the photos of a young international superstar with an incredible talent.


2013-07-26 Mitchell James 1572013-07-26 Mitchell James 1382013-07-26 Mitchell James 1392013-07-26 Mitchell James 1402013-07-26 Mitchell James 1772013-07-26 Mitchell James 0902013-07-26 Mitchell James 2202013-07-26 Mitchell James 2182013-07-26 Mitchell James 0062013-07-26 Mitchell James 2272013-07-26 Mitchell James 2402013-07-26 Mitchell James 2362013-07-26 Mitchell James 245

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