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Gecko Echo Artists Night at the Jazzcat

The Jazzcat Restaurant is a modern Asian fusion restaurant that supports live jazz artists and musicians in the trendy Brisbane suburb of Paddington.

The Gecko Echo artists night was a night for local underground musicians and poets to get together and present. In a bohemian style evening we experienced the wide range of musical styles and pseudo-intellectual discussions that inhabited the space. An art installation comprising some 14 old style slide projectors behind some Japanese style folding screens created a great backdrop as well.

The food is fantastic and the best beer in china is server here also.

The night was raw and grainy, and the images are too – we wanted to express the nature of the night.

2013-05-16 JazzCat Gecko Echo 0032013-05-16 JazzCat Gecko Echo 0112013-05-16 JazzCat Gecko Echo 0622013-05-16 JazzCat Gecko Echo 0662013-05-16 JazzCat Gecko Echo 0682013-05-16 JazzCat Gecko Echo 5932013-05-16 JazzCat Gecko Echo 1022013-05-16 JazzCat Gecko Echo 0432013-05-16 JazzCat Gecko Echo 1292013-05-16 JazzCat Gecko Echo 6452013-05-16 JazzCat Gecko Echo 6502013-05-16 JazzCat Gecko Echo 2582013-05-16 JazzCat Gecko Echo 2972013-05-16 JazzCat Gecko Echo 3392013-05-16 JazzCat Gecko Echo 3152013-05-16 JazzCat Gecko Echo 3502013-05-16 JazzCat Gecko Echo 3642013-05-16 JazzCat Gecko Echo 3822013-05-16 JazzCat Gecko Echo 4322013-05-16 JazzCat Gecko Echo 475

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Guinea Pigs Pet Shoot

We recently photographed a whole bunch of Guinea Pigs that are special pets for our girls. It was just in time for only 2 days later one of them fell sick and died.

Get your pet photos either on their own like these, or with you for special memories. We can create photo books as well of you and your pets to remember them by.

2013-05-13 Guinea Pigs 0022013-05-13 Guinea Pigs 0092013-05-13 Guinea Pigs 0192013-05-13 Guinea Pigs 0312013-05-13 Guinea Pigs 0382013-05-13 Guinea Pigs 0652013-05-13 Guinea Pigs 061

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PRIMA 60s Theatre Restaurant

As sponsors of PRIMA we get to go to all the shows opening nights, and we get to take some cool photos of a great bunch of very talented people. I’m not sure which I enjoy most, watching the show as a customer or watching through my lens as we capture the fun.

The 60s Theatre Restaurant has been extremely popular with every show completely sold out. A packed house sure gives off an ambience that a lot of fun.

Photo Packages

We have a photo package consisting of all the images from the show, nearly 900 photos in total sorted by every act and scene and including two unique cast and crew shots. The price for this unique CD of memory’s is $59. Please place your order by emailing

Postage is $2.50 or you can take the digital download option.


Prints are $10 each for 12x8 and $5 each for 6x4 – postage and handling is $7.50.


Here are some samples to whet your appetite.


2013-05-11 PRIMA 60s Theatre Production 2082013-05-11 PRIMA 60s Theatre Production 3362013-05-11 PRIMA 60s Theatre Production 4862013-05-11 PRIMA 60s Theatre Production 6502013-05-11 PRIMA 60s Theatre Production 7002013-05-11 PRIMA 60s Theatre Production 7542013-05-11 PRIMA 60s Theatre Production 9702013-05-11 PRIMA 60s Theatre Production 12922013-05-11 PRIMA 60s Theatre Production 12642013-05-11 PRIMA 60s Theatre Production 8502013-05-11 PRIMA 60s Theatre Production 12182013-05-11 PRIMA 60s Theatre Production 11662013-05-11 PRIMA 60s Theatre Production 15382013-05-11 PRIMA 60s Theatre Production 15692013-05-11 PRIMA 60s Theatre Production 11802013-05-11 PRIMA 60s Theatre Production 17522013-05-11 PRIMA 60s Theatre Production 17682013-05-11 PRIMA 60s Theatre Production 17832013-05-11 PRIMA 60s Theatre Production 17912013-05-11 PRIMA 60s Theatre Production 4382013-05-11 PRIMA 60s Theatre Production 18932013-05-11 PRIMA 60s Theatre Production 21632013-05-11 PRIMA 60s Theatre Production 18742013-05-11 PRIMA 60s Theatre Production 19942013-05-11 PRIMA 60s Theatre Production 23752013-05-11 PRIMA 60s Theatre Production 2559

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Roma St Parklands Cosplay

Early May saw a whole bunch of cosplayers and several photographers descending on Roma St Parklands here in Brisbane to do some photography in cool surroundings.

Here are some of the photos I got.

We are doing cosplay shoots on special for $99 at the moment – thats a 30 minute session with up to three costume changes, 10 edited images and for a limited time 2 free prints. Contact us to book your shoot now.


2013-05-05 Cosplay Roma St 0232013-05-05 Cosplay Roma St 0422013-05-05 Cosplay Roma St 0902013-05-05 Cosplay Roma St 1392013-05-05 Cosplay Roma St 0742013-05-05 Cosplay Roma St 2132013-05-05 Cosplay Roma St 1242013-05-05 Cosplay Roma St 209

2013-05-05 Cosplay Roma St 251

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