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Josh and Jadeen Engagement

Its always special photographing newly engaged couples – but even more sweet when its your daughter. Jadeen also has worked for Dreamcoat Photography for several years now.

Here are some of the pics. Feel free to contact us to book an engagement photo shoot or just to talk about what we could do for you with an engagement and wedding package.

2016-09-09 Jadeen and Josh Engagement 0092016-09-09 Jadeen and Josh Engagement 0192016-09-09 Jadeen and Josh Engagement 0392016-09-09 Jadeen and Josh Engagement 0252016-09-09 Jadeen and Josh Engagement 0442016-09-09 Jadeen and Josh Engagement 0622016-09-09 Jadeen and Josh Engagement 0672016-09-09 Jadeen and Josh Engagement 0692016-09-09 Jadeen and Josh Engagement 078

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Tony and Leonies Secret Wedding

A secret wedding? Yes this was such a secret that the videographer and myself as photographer were the witnesses. the only people present were the bride and groom, the celebrant, myself and videographer Patty Beecham and the Tony’s son Josh. Oh and two horses and two dogs!

Tony and Leonie wanted to tie the knot their own special way with no one else involved. The day was beautiful and their property hidden away in a little side valley at Clear Mountain is remote and gorgeous. The horses behaved, the dogs were relaxed and Josh (suffering from a skateboard accident and in a wheelchair with a damaged leg) was a real trooper.

We had a blast shooting this wedding for Tony and Leonie. Hope you enjoy the pics.


2014-10-10 Tony and Leonie Wedding 0292014-10-10 Tony and Leonie Wedding 0562014-10-10 Tony and Leonie Wedding 0702014-10-10 Tony and Leonie Wedding 0782014-10-10 Tony and Leonie Wedding 1152014-10-10 Tony and Leonie Wedding 019v22014-10-10 Tony and Leonie Wedding 1192014-10-10 Tony and Leonie Wedding 1202014-10-10 Tony and Leonie Wedding 1452014-10-10 Tony and Leonie Wedding 1482014-10-10 Tony and Leonie Wedding 1862014-10-10 Tony and Leonie Wedding 1322014-10-10 Tony and Leonie Wedding 1972014-10-10 Tony and Leonie Wedding 2002014-10-10 Tony and Leonie Wedding 2502014-10-10 Tony and Leonie Wedding 2102014-10-10 Tony and Leonie Wedding 2222014-10-10 Tony and Leonie Wedding 371

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Nicole and Jerrod's Wedding with Attitude

Nicole and Jerrod are a couple of full on “Attitude” people. From coaching to ultra running and everything thing else they do – they go at it it hard;with attitude and passion. Getting married was the same!

We loved working with Jerrod and Nicole in the planning stages of their gorgeous Clear Mountain wedding and on the day itself. What a relaxed natural ceremony with close family and friends in an idyllic setting. Check out the views!

Here are some of the pictures from the day.

Walking in

2014-06-15 Jerrod and Nicole Wedding 0292014-06-15 Jerrod and Nicole Wedding 5882014-06-15 Jerrod and Nicole Wedding 589

The Ceremony

2014-06-15 Jerrod and Nicole Wedding 0362014-06-15 Jerrod and Nicole Wedding 0422014-06-15 Jerrod and Nicole Wedding 0632014-06-15 Jerrod and Nicole Wedding 0982014-06-15 Jerrod and Nicole Wedding 1522014-06-15 Jerrod and Nicole Wedding 151

The Guests

2014-06-15 Jerrod and Nicole Wedding 5652014-06-15 Jerrod and Nicole Wedding 5932014-06-15 Jerrod and Nicole Wedding 5982014-06-15 Jerrod and Nicole Wedding 614

Bridal Party Shoot

2014-06-15 Jerrod and Nicole Wedding 3022014-06-15 Jerrod and Nicole Wedding 3092014-06-15 Jerrod and Nicole Wedding 3102014-06-15 Jerrod and Nicole Wedding 3142014-06-15 Jerrod and Nicole Wedding 2432014-06-15 Jerrod and Nicole Wedding 224

And finishing with a casual back yard reception.

2014-06-15 Jerrod and Nicole Wedding 7882014-06-15 Jerrod and Nicole Wedding 7702014-06-15 Jerrod and Nicole Wedding 5182014-06-15 Jerrod and Nicole Wedding 3902014-06-15 Jerrod and Nicole Wedding 4722014-06-15 Jerrod and Nicole Wedding 795

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Kerryn and Michaels Wedding

Often we are asked to provide a low cost wedding photography package for a simple wedding and 2nd marriages are often an opportunity for this. Without the need for the whole gala event we are able to provide a much more compact presence and just shoot the specific components of the wedding that happy couple want.

Kerryn and Michaels wedding was held in the private garden of a small restaurant that they had booked for their reception. We just photographed the ceremony and a few photos (before it rained) in a nearby street and park making use of the local area.

If you want a simple wedding photography package like this then we can oblige.

Here are some of the photos.

2013-09-22 Kerryn and Michael Wedding 2522013-09-22 Kerryn and Michael Wedding 2612013-09-22 Kerryn and Michael Wedding 2852013-09-22 Kerryn and Michael Wedding 315 bw2013-09-22 Kerryn and Michael Wedding 2942013-09-22 Kerryn and Michael Wedding 3142013-09-22 Kerryn and Michael Wedding 335 bw

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Jono and Marie Wedding

I was unable to attend the wedding of Jono and Marie in USA in July as requested to shoot them. However when they returned to Australia and held a garden wedding reception in Sydney I was invited to that function to shoot. It is lovely to see a couple with such excitement for life and passion for each other surrounded by their friends on a special day.

Here are a few photos. the full album is available on Facebook.

2013-08-10 Jono Marie Wedding 1212013-08-10 Jono Marie Wedding 1682013-08-10 Jono Marie Wedding 1702013-08-10 Jono Marie Wedding 3022013-08-10 Jono Marie Wedding 3082013-08-10 Jono Marie Wedding 3132013-08-10 Jono Marie Wedding 2672013-08-10 Jono Marie Wedding 2692013-08-10 Jono Marie Wedding 3342013-08-10 Jono Marie Wedding 3572013-08-10 Jono Marie Wedding 4152013-08-10 Jono Marie Wedding 4892013-08-10 Jono Marie Wedding 2862013-08-10 Jono Marie Wedding 4942013-08-10 Jono Marie Wedding 4952013-08-10 Jono Marie Wedding 4962013-08-10 Jono Marie Wedding 4972013-08-10 Jono Marie Wedding 4982013-08-10 Jono Marie Wedding 5002013-08-10 Jono Marie Wedding 5092013-08-10 Jono Marie Wedding 0762013-08-10 Jono Marie Wedding 5332013-08-10 Jono Marie Wedding 5982013-08-10 Jono Marie Wedding 6052013-08-10 Jono Marie Wedding 2222013-08-10 Jono Marie Wedding 6112013-08-10 Jono Marie Wedding 5192013-08-10 Jono Marie Wedding 622

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Brandon and Melissa Cadenaro Wedding

Brandon and Melissa are a couple that every photographer would love to have as a client. Melissa is super organised, contacting us almost 12 months before the wedding, arranging everything in advance, prepaying months in advance and knowing exactly what she wanted.

Sounds too good to be true? Well it wasnt.

It didn’t stop her having nerves or changing plans several times, but at least with plenty of time up her sleeve there were no last minute hurdles, and that meant we were able to be super organised and panned for her as well.

The wedding ceremony was a simple affair at the registry office, which happens to be next door to the luxury Treasury Hotel, where Brandon and Melissa had booked a suite and a function room.

We provided hair and makeup for the pre wedding trial and the wedding itself for the bridal party. With two photographers on hand to cover the rest of the event we had a ball with a 50’s pinup era inspired look.

Book us now for your pre-planned super organised wedding and we wont let you down. Or come to us as a last minute addition to your wedding and watch us do our thing to get you the best photos possible in a super short amount of time.

Here are some of my favourite pics from the day.


2013-05-25 Melissa and Brandon Wedding 0302013-05-25 Melissa and Brandon Wedding 0372013-05-25 Melissa and Brandon Wedding 9392013-05-25 Melissa and Brandon Wedding 1862013-05-25 Melissa and Brandon Wedding 9802013-05-25 Melissa and Brandon Wedding 2372013-05-25 Melissa and Brandon Wedding 3572013-05-25 Melissa and Brandon Wedding 3232013-05-25 Melissa and Brandon Wedding 3482013-05-25 Melissa and Brandon Wedding 3832013-05-25 Melissa and Brandon Wedding 3752013-05-25 Melissa and Brandon Wedding 4192013-05-25 Melissa and Brandon Wedding 407 bw2013-05-25 Melissa and Brandon Wedding 4112013-05-25 Melissa and Brandon Wedding 4312013-05-25 Melissa and Brandon Wedding 4372013-05-25 Melissa and Brandon Wedding 4462013-05-25 Melissa and Brandon Wedding 4602013-05-25 Melissa and Brandon Wedding 4772013-05-25 Melissa and Brandon Wedding 4892013-05-25 Melissa and Brandon Wedding 5142013-05-25 Melissa and Brandon Wedding 5172013-05-25 Melissa and Brandon Wedding 6502013-05-25 Melissa and Brandon Wedding 6542013-05-25 Melissa and Brandon Wedding 857

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Eddie and Lindas Wedding

This was a wedding we had waited a long time for. Not just clients but very special friends, Eddie and Linda tied the knot in a simple but very beautiful beach side ceremony at Cabarita Beach in NSW. We covered the whole day from the dressing and makeup, pre wedding photos with all 8 of Linda’s children, the wedding and post wedding afternoon tea and then some beautiful beachside couple shots.

The reception was a fortnight later and we covered that also.

Here are some of our favourite moments.

2013-03-30 Eddie and Linda Wedding 0442013-03-30 Eddie and Linda Wedding 0712013-03-30 Eddie and Linda Wedding 1032013-03-30 Eddie and Linda Wedding 1852013-03-30 Eddie and Linda Wedding 2292013-03-30 Eddie and Linda Wedding 2722013-03-30 Eddie and Linda Wedding 2732013-03-30 Eddie and Linda Wedding 3192013-03-30 Eddie and Linda Wedding 3372013-03-30 Eddie and Linda Wedding 3842013-03-30 Eddie and Linda Wedding 4142013-03-30 Eddie and Linda Wedding 11132013-03-30 Eddie and Linda Wedding 5152013-03-30 Eddie and Linda Wedding 7102013-03-30 Eddie and Linda Wedding 6402013-03-30 Eddie and Linda Wedding 7212013-03-30 Eddie and Linda Wedding 8522013-03-30 Eddie and Linda Wedding 944bw2013-03-30 Eddie and Linda Wedding 7912013-03-30 Eddie and Linda Wedding 6192013-03-30 Eddie and Linda Wedding 9742013-03-30 Eddie and Linda Wedding 9802013-03-30 Eddie and Linda Wedding 983

2013-04-13 Eddie and Linda Reception 0132013-04-13 Eddie and Linda Reception 0142013-04-13 Eddie and Linda Reception 0152013-04-13 Eddie and Linda Reception 0162013-04-13 Eddie and Linda Reception 0192013-04-13 Eddie and Linda Reception 0202013-04-13 Eddie and Linda Reception 0232013-04-13 Eddie and Linda Reception 0292013-04-13 Eddie and Linda Reception 0312013-04-13 Eddie and Linda Reception 0352013-04-13 Eddie and Linda Reception 0472013-04-13 Eddie and Linda Reception 1032013-04-13 Eddie and Linda Reception 1062013-04-13 Eddie and Linda Reception 1142013-04-13 Eddie and Linda Reception 1512013-04-13 Eddie and Linda Reception 144

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