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Family Portrait Prices

2009-11-15 Salisburys Park Shoot 146-750

For a family shoot we would normally recommend two hours on location. In addition there is a number of hours of post editing work to do. For this we charge $300. Makeup is additional and starts at $120 for each person with hair costing another $60. Concealing pimples etc on boys and girls is $15 each. The price covers the shoot time for all our staff, travel to location (up to 50km), and post editing.

You can expect to receive roughly 10-15 fully edited images - eg at least one good photo of each person, three good group photos and maybe more depending on how much time we have to change it around, some couple shots, and some combination photos of the children.

These will be supplied as digital files that will be full size images – usually 5-15MB in size. In addition we supply a DVD (or digital download) with all the OK non edited photos on it. Typically in that time frame this will be around 40-60 photos.

Printing prices vary depending on what size and quality as well as what medium, eg. Glossy, Canvas etc. Contact us for pricing.


Abby and Gee Graduation

When Abby and Gee graduated from their beauty therapy course we were invited to get some pre formal ceremony shots. We got a few family shots as well.


2017-06-23 Abigail Graduation 1362017-06-23 Abigail Graduation 1032017-06-23 Abigail Graduation 1022017-06-23 Abigail Graduation 1042017-06-23 Abigail Graduation 1662017-06-23 Abigail Graduation 1422017-06-23 Abigail Graduation 1592017-06-23 Abigail Graduation 0932017-06-23 Abigail Graduation 0692017-06-23 Abigail Graduation 0862017-06-23 Abigail Graduation 1702017-06-23 Abigail Graduation 2002017-06-23 Abigail Graduation 039

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Jagesur Family Portraits

When a family is spread aroud the globe and comes together infrequently it is always a great idea to get professional photos. The last time the Jagesur family got together they only had some dodgy mobile phone shots as memories. This time as family flew into the Gold Coast from Perth and Brunei they took the opportunity to get some great photos together.

Here are some of the family portraits we shot on the beautiful Gold Coast.



2017-06-17 Jagesur Family Portraits 0292017-06-17 Jagesur Family Portraits 0192017-06-17 Jagesur Family Portraits 0372017-06-17 Jagesur Family Portraits 103

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Family Portraits and Professional Profile Shots

The Crepin family came to us to shoot professional portrait profile pics for their resumes and LinkedIn.

If you need photos like these than contact us for our great portrait pricing.

2017-05-19 Crepin Portraits 0342017-05-19 Crepin Portraits 0412017-05-19 Crepin Portraits 0482017-05-19 Crepin Portraits 0122017-05-19 Crepin Portraits 0062017-05-19 Crepin Portraits 0112017-05-19 Crepin Portraits 0212017-05-19 Crepin Portraits 0252017-05-19 Crepin Portraits 026

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The Wilson Family Photos

The Wilson family have two lovely little girls who are growing up fast. They wanted family portraits to remember this time in their families life.

Here are some of the photos. Why don’t you book us for your next family portraits?

2017-03-25 Wilson Family 1402017-03-25 Wilson Family 1522017-03-25 Wilson Family 1552017-03-25 Wilson Family 1792017-03-25 Wilson Family 1982017-03-25 Wilson Family 1902017-03-25 Wilson Family 2162017-03-25 Wilson Family 2252017-03-25 Wilson Family 2222017-03-25 Wilson Family 2542017-03-25 Wilson Family 0202017-03-25 Wilson Family 0402017-03-25 Wilson Family 078

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Narelles 40th Birthday Party

We often get asked to cover a birthday party for the family,  friends and guests. Sometimes we are asked to keep the images private and we are certainly able to do that. We can even create private web albums for people with access only to view.

For Narelles party, we were asked to shoot and post the images to Facebook which we did. Here is the Facebook album

And here are some of the pics from the party at the Sandstone Point Hotel.

2017-03-25 Narelles Birthday 0392017-03-25 Narelles Birthday 2382017-03-25 Narelles Birthday 2462017-03-25 Narelles Birthday 0852017-03-25 Narelles Birthday 0832017-03-25 Narelles Birthday 2642017-03-25 Narelles Birthday 2592017-03-25 Narelles Birthday 0992017-03-25 Narelles Birthday 0912017-03-25 Narelles Birthday 1752017-03-25 Narelles Birthday 2702017-03-25 Narelles Birthday 1722017-03-25 Narelles Birthday 1922017-03-25 Narelles Birthday 1212017-03-25 Narelles Birthday 1662017-03-25 Narelles Birthday 231

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Nicoles Family Portraits

Nicole wanted to surprise her dad on his birthday. She flew her brother down from up north and then dressed Dad and brother the same while she and her sister also matched. They came to us on a very hot day to shoot some posed formal portraits – possibly the last time the family would be together due to dads poor health. What a wonderful way to create some memories! After a lightning quick posing they were off and out to lunch together making the most of their time.

2016-11-25 Nicole Runge 0072016-11-25 Nicole Runge 0112016-11-25 Nicole Runge 0132016-11-25 Nicole Runge 0212016-11-25 Nicole Runge 0152016-11-25 Nicole Runge 0272016-11-25 Nicole Runge 0312016-11-25 Nicole Runge 0332016-11-25 Nicole Runge 0402016-11-25 Nicole Runge 0412016-11-25 Nicole Runge 046

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