2017-06-17 Jagesur Family Portraits 094 webWith digital cameras so readily available these days anybody can purchase a DSLR and call themselves a photographer. They may even start a small hobby business selling their photography services. But would you trust just anybody to capture the special moments related to a family event? Maybe a wedding, a special family portrait, a family reunion or birthday party or other special get together. What so often happens is that someone in the family says – I have a camera or I know someone who has one – let’s ask them to take the photos. And then 2 days later the pictures surface as blurry, out of focus, poorly framed and badly lit images, with red eyes, shiny white spots on skin from using the inbuilt flash or grainy from using the automatic indoor settings. What should have been a set of lovely memories are quickly discarded to the computer recycle bin never to surface as prints or photos that can be hung on the wall.

Here are some questions you should ask any photographer you are considering to capture your special event.

  1. Have you done this before? Can you show me examples?
  2. Have you shot in low light and other technically challenging conditions? Can you show me examples?
  3. What price do you charge for your services?
  4. Do you have a website?
  5. What format do you shoot in? Are you using RAW?
  6. Will I be able to get enlargements of these images?
  7. Do you have insurance?

Anybody who cannot answer these questions to your satisfaction should not be entrusted with your special event photography. At Dreamcoat Photography we can demonstrate our expertise in all sorts of commercial and family environments, weddings, studio and outdoor settings, night and day time parties and functions. We have public liability insurance, we have invested more than $30K in our equipment and continue to invest in continuous learning and development programs. Our images have been sold and used all over the world from prints to book covers and magazines and newspapers.

Photos are about memories. Capturing the time and place, the romance, the emotion, the action, the fun. Tim and Judith are a Brisbane based couple who specialise in capturing these moments for you. Whether it is family portraits, a couples engagement shoot, glamour or band photography or your pets we are photographing we aim to create lasting memories for you.

No more stilted family portraits with stiff unnatural poses, we shoot the natural vibrant energy that comes from people interacting together, over a meal, playing in a park or with their dogs on the beach.

Use the contact us page if you want to request information that way, or if you prefer email us on sales@dreamcoatphotography.com or or call us directly on 0414 770 002.