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Alyssa First Shoot

Our new face of Dreamcoat Photography for 2016 is Alyssa. You will be seeing lots more of her over the next 12 months.

Here are some of the photos from our first shoot with Alyssa.

Note this is roughly the same as a glamour shoot where we get you made up, and then go to locations to shoot, in this case the Spit and sand pumping Jetty on the gold coast, and then just some alleyways in Surfers Paradise.

If you would like a shoot like this then contact us now.


2015-10-16 Alyssa Park 0552015-10-16 Alyssa Park 0712015-10-16 Alyssa Jetty 0722015-10-16 Alyssa Spit 0862015-10-16 Alyssa Spit 1582015-10-16 Alyssa Jetty 1132015-10-16 Alyssa Jetty 0462015-10-16 Alyssa Jetty 1042015-10-16 Alyssa Surfers 0162015-10-16 Alyssa Surfers 024

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Trudii on the Mud Flats

We took Trudii out for a slightly different “glamour” shoot. After all the makeup was complete we headed out to the mud flats at low tide. On the way we shot some photos in an alley way with some lovely afternoon light. There was a LOT of mud – and most of it was mid shin deep. However we got some great shots in a pretty unique environment.

Have a look at the pics – and if  you want to do something like this then contact us!

2015-08-29 Trudii 024

2015-08-29 Trudii 037-0382015-08-29 Trudii 0452015-08-29 Trudii 070

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Michelle the Belly Dancer and Gypsy

Michelle is a talented dancer. We have shot her before as a ballerina meeting death. This time we combined some belly dancing with her gypsy costume and had a lot of fun. It is amazing what you can pull off in a small suburban house and back yard.

Here are some shots from the shoot.

2015-06-06 Michelle 0652015-06-06 Michelle 0062015-06-06 Michelle 0522015-06-06 Michelle 3442015-06-06 Michelle 3082015-06-06 Michelle 336

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Ritas Derby Shoot

We have created a specialist website just for Roller Derby Photos at Red Hot Snapper. However the site is still under construction so this derby “glamour” shoot is going here for now.

Ripper Rita is a tough competitor and plays for SCAR (Sunshine Coast Area Rollers). We are now the official photographers for SCAR and you will be seeing more of our work for them over at

In the meantime – enjoy these photos of Ripper Rita.

2014-07-23 Rita Derby Shoot 0552014-07-23 Rita Derby Shoot 0272014-07-23 Rita Derby Shoot 0302014-07-23 Rita Derby Shoot 022

2014-07-23 Rita Derby Shoot 0792014-07-23 Rita Derby Shoot 0852014-07-23 Rita Derby Shoot 0642014-07-23 Rita Derby Shoot 0352014-07-23 Rita Derby Shoot 0602014-07-23 Rita Derby Shoot 1082014-07-23 Rita Derby Shoot 1122014-07-23 Rita Derby Shoot 1162014-07-23 Rita Derby Shoot 1292014-07-23 Rita Derby Shoot 1382014-07-23 Rita Derby Shoot 1302014-07-23 Rita Derby Shoot 1422014-07-23 Rita Derby Shoot 1542014-07-23 Rita Derby Shoot 1612014-07-23 Rita Derby Shoot 147

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Trash the Dress with Sarah

I have long wanted to do a Trash the Dress shoot. I have even had a dress donated to me, the problem was finding someone to fit it, and the time to go do the shoot.

Recently the opportunity presented itself, a trip into the hills to a remote waterfall that i hoped would be flowing with water after recent heavy rains. However we discovered after getting there the rains hadn't been there. Still we made the best of the location (no waterfalls) and dodged spiders and leeches to get these shots.

If you are interested in a similar shoot, the dress is still ok and a size 8! Or bring your own.

Contact us for pricing and availability.

2014-02-18 Sarah Mt Mee 0662014-02-18 Sarah Mt Mee 1472014-02-18 Sarah Mt Mee 1012014-02-18 Sarah Mt Mee 1442014-02-18 Sarah Mt Mee 1682014-02-18 Sarah Mt Mee 1762014-02-18 Sarah Mt Mee 184

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Cassie BlackMilk Shoot

BlackMilk make the most amazing geek themed leggings, skirts and other ladies clothes.

Give me Nylon or give me death!

One of our long standing customers Cassie has an absolute obsession with collecting Black Milk gear.

We teamed up for a collaborative shoot showcasing some of her collection through various locations around Brisbane.

Whether or not you have clothes like this, these are examples of the some of the cool locations and shoots we can put together for you if you are keen to get a great set of glamour photos.

Here is a sample of what we did.

2013-12-20 Cassie Black Milk 0082013-12-20 Cassie Black Milk 0112013-12-20 Cassie Black Milk 0222013-12-20 Cassie Black Milk 0572013-12-20 Cassie Black Milk 1382013-12-20 Cassie Black Milk 1832013-12-20 Cassie Black Milk 1212013-12-20 Cassie Black Milk 1972013-12-20 Cassie Black Milk 2262013-12-20 Cassie Black Milk 2092013-12-20 Cassie Black Milk 2642013-12-20 Cassie Black Milk 2832013-12-20 Cassie Black Milk 268

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MMA Fighter Jessy Jess

Jessy Jess came to us to get a new set of profile pics done right before she weighed in for a fight when she was at her best fitness and weight.

We did some extra shots with one of our snakes as a bonus!

Profile pics like this cost you $90 if you come to us, and who knows what bonuses you might get!

2013-11-14 Jessy Jess Portrait 0132013-11-14 Jessy Jess Portrait 0082013-11-14 Jessy Jess Portrait 0242013-11-14 Jessy Jess Portrait 010 effects

2013-11-14 Jessy Jess Portrait 028-crop

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