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Acting portfolio for Tenielle

Tenielle came to us to build an acting portfolio. She wanted to include lots of different styles and looks. We obliged with a studio and outdoor shoot combination for her.

Here are some of the looks achieved in a 2 hour shoot.

2017-01-22 Tenielle 181 v22017-01-22 Tenielle 194v22017-01-22 Tenielle 1992017-01-22 Tenielle 0822017-01-22 Tenielle 0832017-01-22 Tenielle 0772017-01-22 Tenielle 1402017-01-22 Tenielle 0992017-01-22 Tenielle 1252017-01-22 Tenielle 248v22017-01-22 Tenielle 2512017-01-22 Tenielle 2552017-01-22 Tenielle 2692017-01-22 Tenielle 2872017-01-22 Tenielle 2952017-01-22 Tenielle 3382017-01-22 Tenielle 3602017-01-22 Tenielle 3532017-01-22 Tenielle 371 v2

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Shoots With Model Jessica Face Of Dreamcoat 2017

Jessica was chosen as the Face of Dreamcoat 2017. We ran two intense days of shooting with her starting at 3:30am both days and finishing at sunset. Long days full of multiple locations, clothing changes, and makeup and hair styling. Our intern Joyce was absolutely fantastic working with us for those tow long days tirelessly.

As you can see from the sample of photos below, Jess is an extremely versatile model with acting experience. She is capable of many different looks and poses in a shoot and we have used many of these photos in social media, websites and advertising since. We have also employed Jess to work for some workshops and shoots. Jess is a full time uni student now so her time is limited but contact us if you would like to engage us and use her for a product or promotional shoot for your business or function.


2016-12-20 Jess Sunrise 1332016-12-20 Jess Studio 0882016-12-20 Jess Studio 2152016-12-20 Jess Sunrise 1782016-12-21 Jess and Misty Sunrise 0102016-12-21 Jess and Misty Sunrise 0332016-12-20 Jess Studio 1182016-12-20 Jess Bike 0492016-12-20 Jess Forest 2042016-12-20 Jess Forest 0602016-12-20 Jess Forest 2342016-12-21 Jess and Misty Sunrise 0762016-12-21 Jess Studio 0852016-12-21 Jess Studio 1082016-12-21 Jess Studio 3662016-12-21 Jess Studio 1262016-12-21 Jess Studio 1472016-12-21 Jess Studio 4462016-12-21 Jess Studio 1852016-12-21 Jess Studio 2252016-12-21 Jess Rocky Hole 046

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Simones 50th Portraits

Simone came to us after a long drive specifically to get some nice formal photos for her partner to celebrate her 50th birthday.

We helped her with some lovely shots and then a beautiful wooden frame to showcase her favourite. Simone sent us a photo of her framed print – thanks Simone!


2016-11-22 Simone Gaunt 0022016-11-22 Simone Gaunt 0172016-11-22 Simone Gaunt 0432016-11-22 Simone Gaunt 0352016-11-22 Simone Gaunt 026IMG_0619

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Louise's Birthday

Trevor came running up to me at the beach as I was shooting Ana and Martina.


“Can you do something impromptu?” he asked. “ts my wife Louise’s birthday and we have been staying in the resort – can you do a photoshoot with us today?”


So Trevor and Louise joined us on the beach as we were shooting and we put together this quick series of portraits for them.


2016-10-29 Louise 0272016-10-29 Louise 0302016-10-29 Louise 0832016-10-29 Louise 0852016-10-29 Louise 0922016-10-29 Louise 101

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Ana and Martina - A Surfing Odyssey

I met Ana and Martina, two Brazilian girls staying on the Gold Coast, as they were working as Meter Maids during the Gold Coast Superfest.


We arranged to do a shoot combining their love of the beach and surfing and skateboards. The following saga was part of an amazing day shooting in lots of locations on the Gold Coast with these two super fun girls.


We even managed to squeeze in a commercial shoot with them at Domanis Restaurant.


2016-10-29 Martina and Ana 0122016-10-29 Martina and Ana 0402016-10-29 Martina and Ana 0432016-10-29 Martina and Ana 0822016-10-29 Martina and Ana 0872016-10-29 Martina and Ana 0732016-10-29 Martina and Ana 0922016-10-29 Martina and Ana 1002016-10-29 Martina and Ana 1152016-10-29 Martina and Ana 1062016-10-29 Martina and Ana 1072016-10-29 Martina and Ana 2262016-10-29 Martina and Ana 2822016-10-29 Martina and Ana 1812016-10-29 Martina and Ana 4242016-10-29 Martina and Ana 4622016-10-29 Martina and Ana 267

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Face Painting Bonita

Bonita does crazy face paint. I had seen some of her work before and was very keen to collaborate with her on a creative face painting shoot.

Here are some of the photos we produced.

If you would like to do a shoot like this or be face painted by Bonita then contact us today.

2016-07-06 Bonita FacePaint 0252016-07-06 Bonita FacePaint 026 2016-07-06 Bonita FacePaint 030

2016-07-06 Bonita FacePaint 036 2016-07-06 Bonita FacePaint 061

2016-07-06 Bonita FacePaint 040

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Fitness Shoot

Recently we ran a lighting workshop with a photography client who was looking to learn how to manage studio lights and a model. We were fortunate to work with a local Brisbane model called Cate. On the way to learning about Rembrandt, loop, broad and short lighting as well as many other options I got some nice photos of Cate.

I’ve also included below a before and after editing photo to show what we generally do in editing. Not drastically altering appearance, just removing blemishes and smoothing skin a little to enhance the over all shot.

If you want to book a workshop and learn more about photographing people and how to use your DSLR and off camera lighting then check out our workshop packages.

Rembrandt Lighting

2016-05-25 Cate 0262016-05-25 Cate 010

Before and after Editing

2016-05-25 Cate before and after

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