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Social Media Portfolio for Kim

We worked with tattooed model and Instagram influencer Kim on two separate occasions to create a portfolio of images for her social media. If you want a portfolio like this we would recommend the platinum glamour package.


2017-09-18 Kim 0122017-09-18 Kim 0932017-09-18 Kim 104v22017-09-18 Kim 0492017-09-18 Kim 1262017-09-18 Kim 1202017-09-18 Kim 1062017-09-18 Kim 139v22017-09-18 Kim 1422017-09-18 Kim 1692017-08-20 Kim 0212017-08-20 Kim 0242017-08-20 Kim 0282017-08-20 Kim 0372017-08-20 Kim 0502017-08-20 Kim 039 v22017-08-20 Kim 116v22017-08-20 Kim 157v22017-08-20 Kim 0882017-08-20 Kim 2032017-08-20 Kim 209V22017-08-20 Kim 215

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Shuvani and Family Portraits with a difference

The Shuvani reenactor group focuses on the Romani people. We had the opportunity to shoot some very different family portraits with our favourite reenactors.

2017-08-19 Shuvani Festivale Historique 17080672017-08-19 Shuvani Festivale Historique 17080262017-08-19 Shuvani Festivale Historique 17080402017-08-20 Shuvani Festivale Historique 0092017-08-19 Shuvani Festivale Historique 17098182017-08-19 Shuvani Festivale Historique 17098422017-08-20 Shuvani Festivale Historique 0872017-08-20 Shuvani Festivale Historique 0962017-08-19 Shuvani Festivale Historique 17086592017-08-20 Shuvani Festivale Historique 5202017-08-20 Shuvani Festivale Historique 1022017-08-20 Shuvani Festivale Historique 1892017-08-20 Shuvani Festivale Historique 677

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Boni Portfolio Shoot

Facepainter and model Boni is so much fun to work with. She has so many looks and styles. One of the outfits in here she designed and made herself. We spent half a day touring various spots in and around Brisbane and the Glasshouse Mountains putting together a wide range of shots for her portfolio.

Here is a sample of the shoot. If you want a wide ranging portfolio shoot we recommend either our gold or platinum packages.

2017-08-03 Boni 1252017-08-03 Boni 0232017-08-03 Boni 3992017-08-03 Boni 0392017-08-03 Boni 6602017-08-03 Boni 296v22017-08-03 Boni 158

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Stock Photos with a Difference

Are you sick of looking for stock photos to advertise your business that aren’t the same tired photos everyone uses?

So many people just settle for bland and boring stock images for their websites, flyers, advertising brochures and social media posts.

We can help.

By shooting a series of stock images from your business, through your day and around your work, factory, office or onsite we can build you a copyright free, unique set of stock images you can use that stand out from the crowd.

Here are some examples we have shot for ourselves and other customers.

Learn more about our commercial and social media packages.

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