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DC Comics Cosplay Shoot

We had a great time shooting heaps of cosplayers at this cosplay meetup organised by Sunday Studios.

It belted down with rain and we got amazing photos in a carpark with an impromptu temporary waterfall and puddles for reflections.

Here are some examples from the shoot.

2017-01-15 DC Comic Shoot 0222017-01-15 DC Comic Shoot 0392017-01-15 DC Comic Shoot 050cartoon2017-01-15 DC Comic Shoot 0532017-01-15 DC Comic Shoot 0622017-01-15 DC Comic Shoot 055 v22017-01-15 DC Comic Shoot 065cartoon2017-01-15 DC Comic Shoot 0692017-01-15 DC Comic Shoot 1012017-01-15 DC Comic Shoot 1112017-01-15 DC Comic Shoot 1882017-01-15 DC Comic Shoot 1582017-01-15 DC Comic Shoot 1832017-01-15 DC Comic Shoot 078

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Shoots With Model Jessica Face Of Dreamcoat 2017

Jessica was chosen as the Face of Dreamcoat 2017. We ran two intense days of shooting with her starting at 3:30am both days and finishing at sunset. Long days full of multiple locations, clothing changes, and makeup and hair styling. Our intern Joyce was absolutely fantastic working with us for those tow long days tirelessly.

As you can see from the sample of photos below, Jess is an extremely versatile model with acting experience. She is capable of many different looks and poses in a shoot and we have used many of these photos in social media, websites and advertising since. We have also employed Jess to work for some workshops and shoots. Jess is a full time uni student now so her time is limited but contact us if you would like to engage us and use her for a product or promotional shoot for your business or function.


2016-12-20 Jess Sunrise 1332016-12-20 Jess Studio 0882016-12-20 Jess Studio 2152016-12-20 Jess Sunrise 1782016-12-21 Jess and Misty Sunrise 0102016-12-21 Jess and Misty Sunrise 0332016-12-20 Jess Studio 1182016-12-20 Jess Bike 0492016-12-20 Jess Forest 2042016-12-20 Jess Forest 0602016-12-20 Jess Forest 2342016-12-21 Jess and Misty Sunrise 0762016-12-21 Jess Studio 0852016-12-21 Jess Studio 1082016-12-21 Jess Studio 3662016-12-21 Jess Studio 1262016-12-21 Jess Studio 1472016-12-21 Jess Studio 4462016-12-21 Jess Studio 1852016-12-21 Jess Studio 2252016-12-21 Jess Rocky Hole 046

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Creekside Christmas 2016

Creekside Church runs an annual Christmas event at the Cafe. We were asked to cover the festivities and capture the colour and enjoyment of the night. Entertainment included several local live music acts, face painting, school choir and arts and crafts as well as yummy food.

If your organisation, business or church runs events and would like great photos for your social media and website then contact us.

Here are some of the pics from the night.

2016-12-13 Creekside Christmas 020

2016-12-13 Creekside Christmas 0172016-12-13 Creekside Christmas 2092016-12-13 Creekside Christmas 0182016-12-13 Creekside Christmas 0742016-12-13 Creekside Christmas 0322016-12-13 Creekside Christmas 0492016-12-13 Creekside Christmas 0302016-12-13 Creekside Christmas 0582016-12-13 Creekside Christmas 0872016-12-13 Creekside Christmas 1612016-12-13 Creekside Christmas 2412016-12-13 Creekside Christmas 0952016-12-13 Creekside Christmas 267

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Nicoles Family Portraits

Nicole wanted to surprise her dad on his birthday. She flew her brother down from up north and then dressed Dad and brother the same while she and her sister also matched. They came to us on a very hot day to shoot some posed formal portraits – possibly the last time the family would be together due to dads poor health. What a wonderful way to create some memories! After a lightning quick posing they were off and out to lunch together making the most of their time.

2016-11-25 Nicole Runge 0072016-11-25 Nicole Runge 0112016-11-25 Nicole Runge 0132016-11-25 Nicole Runge 0212016-11-25 Nicole Runge 0152016-11-25 Nicole Runge 0272016-11-25 Nicole Runge 0312016-11-25 Nicole Runge 0332016-11-25 Nicole Runge 0402016-11-25 Nicole Runge 0412016-11-25 Nicole Runge 046

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