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Dance Integrated Australia and Access Arts Workshop

Dance Integrated Australia’s Philip Channells recently ran some workshops with Access Arts for dancers with and without disabilities. What an amazing event to be part of. Along with Inside Outside Theatre we had a great time shooting this event.

Here are some of the images from the day. The rest can be seen on Facebook.

2015-06-24 Dance Integrated Australia 0022015-06-24 Dance Integrated Australia 3272015-06-24 Dance Integrated Australia 0182015-06-24 Dance Integrated Australia 3342015-06-24 Dance Integrated Australia 0572015-06-24 Dance Integrated Australia 1162015-06-24 Dance Integrated Australia 1392015-06-24 Dance Integrated Australia 4972015-06-24 Dance Integrated Australia 0652015-06-24 Dance Integrated Australia 0892015-06-24 Dance Integrated Australia 1732015-06-24 Dance Integrated Australia 5392015-06-24 Dance Integrated Australia 1752015-06-24 Dance Integrated Australia 1902015-06-24 Dance Integrated Australia 1912015-06-24 Dance Integrated Australia 5422015-06-24 Dance Integrated Australia 2162015-06-24 Dance Integrated Australia 2172015-06-24 Dance Integrated Australia 2342015-06-24 Dance Integrated Australia 2042015-06-24 Dance Integrated Australia 5822015-06-24 Dance Integrated Australia 2332015-06-24 Dance Integrated Australia 2472015-06-24 Dance Integrated Australia 5982015-06-24 Dance Integrated Australia 2612015-06-24 Dance Integrated Australia 2692015-06-24 Dance Integrated Australia 2822015-06-24 Dance Integrated Australia 5852015-06-24 Dance Integrated Australia 2902015-06-24 Dance Integrated Australia 3142015-06-24 Dance Integrated Australia 6322015-06-24 Dance Integrated Australia 315

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Talia the Actress Profile Photos

We often get people coming to us for profile pictures and we shoot a surprisingly different range of images for them. Here are some examples – bearing in mind everyone has a different need and style.

2014-05-18 PRIMA Hairspray 0222014-04-13 PRIMA Hairspray Headshots 0272014-04-13 PRIMA Hairspray Headshots 0532014-08-28 PGA Golf Headshots 0112014-06-27 Jerrod Smith Profile 030


We also have shot many athletes for their profile images. Here are some examples.


When Talia came to us she expressed her need as an actress to show several completely different looks in her profile photos. We used her concepts of edgy skater girl, children's entertainer fairy and corporate professional business women to create some very different looks for her.

If you need a profile picture for any reason then contact us. If we haven't got the style you are looking for in these photos don't worry, we can shoot to any style you need.

Here are some of the photos from the shoot.

2015-06-15 Talia Dyball 0112015-06-15 Talia Dyball 0122015-06-15 Talia Dyball 0162015-06-15 Talia Dyball 0642015-06-15 Talia Dyball 061Dreamcoat-facebook-highlight-june-2015-22015-06-15 Talia Dyball 0932015-06-15 Talia Dyball 080

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Hungry 4 Fitness

Misty from Hungry 4 Fitness is a vivacious and friendly personal trainer. And she really knows how to get the guys and girls working!

We have recently helped Misty in her corporate branding by providing high quality images for her website and social media. We shot headshots and other photos on a white background and then proceeded to activity and outdoor shots. Finally we attended a live training session and shot that event also to get real action photos.

Misty loves our work and we are a fan of hers as well!

If you want a refresh for your website, or up to date headshots and profile pics, or even just great photos from an event or function then please contact us. We would love to work with you.

2015-04-15 Hungry 4 Fitness 0962015-04-15 Hungry 4 Fitness 0882015-04-15 Hungry 4 Fitness 0412015-04-15 Hungry 4 Fitness 1062015-04-15 Hungry 4 Fitness 2072015-04-15 Hungry 4 Fitness 0452015-04-15 Hungry 4 Fitness 1192015-04-15 Hungry 4 Fitness 1472015-04-15 Hungry 4 Fitness 3272015-04-15 Hungry 4 Fitness 3522015-04-15 Hungry 4 Fitness 3492015-04-15 Hungry 4 Fitness 3072015-04-16 Hungry 4 Fitness 0312015-04-16 Hungry 4 Fitness 0432015-04-16 Hungry 4 Fitness 122

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Snow Queen Preview

We posted the original Snow Queen promo shots we did last year for Inside Outside Theatre. The Snow Queen show has progressed – though with a number of cast changes, and has been steadily working to fund raise and get traction. 10th April saw a 2 session preview performance at the Roma St Parklands Amphitheatre.

We photographed the event for promotional purposes.

Here are some of the pics. The rest are on Facebook.

2015-04-10 Snow Queen Preview 0062015-04-10 Snow Queen Preview 0122015-04-10 Snow Queen Preview 0172015-04-10 Snow Queen Preview 0162015-04-10 Snow Queen Preview 0182015-04-10 Snow Queen Preview 0202015-04-10 Snow Queen Preview 0222015-04-10 Snow Queen Preview 0252015-04-10 Snow Queen Preview 0392015-04-10 Snow Queen Preview 0492015-04-10 Snow Queen Preview 0542015-04-10 Snow Queen Preview 0562015-04-10 Snow Queen Preview 0852015-04-10 Snow Queen Preview 0592015-04-10 Snow Queen Preview 0952015-04-10 Snow Queen Preview 1122015-04-10 Snow Queen Preview 0722015-04-10 Snow Queen Preview 0662015-04-10 Snow Queen Preview 1162015-04-10 Snow Queen Preview 1012015-04-10 Snow Queen Preview 0972015-04-10 Snow Queen Preview 1102015-04-10 Snow Queen Preview 1202015-04-10 Snow Queen Preview 1272015-04-10 Snow Queen Preview 1402015-04-10 Snow Queen Preview 1432015-04-10 Snow Queen Preview 1812015-04-10 Snow Queen Preview 1542015-04-10 Snow Queen Preview 1602015-04-10 Snow Queen Preview 1682015-04-10 Snow Queen Preview 1872015-04-10 Snow Queen Preview 1832015-04-10 Snow Queen Preview 1962015-04-10 Snow Queen Preview 1982015-04-10 Snow Queen Preview 194

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Portraits and Profile Headshots

High key shooting is what is referred to when we use a white backdrop and isolate the subject completely. This technique is perfect for corporate headshot profile photos for LinkedIn, company websites and other websites where a profile shot is needed. It is also great when you want to just show off the fun you can have in front of a camera as these two cute kids (brother and sister) showed. And for a profile pic for an up and coming Motor Cross racer it is great for the sponsors as well.

If you need profile head shots for anything then book us today.

2015-04-09 JACS 0022015-04-09 JACS 0112015-04-09 JACS 0172015-04-09 JACS 0062015-04-09 Tim and Trophy 0022015-04-09 Rick Blacker 0062015-04-09 Rick Blacker 003

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Lights Camera Murder

Theatre company Inside Outside Theatre is a organisation that works with actors with disabilities. We love to help them out whenever we can. The recent fundraising murder mystery dinner entitled Lights Camera Murder was a lot of fun!

Here are some of the photos from the night.

2015-03-27 Lights Camera Murder 0702015-03-27 Lights Camera Murder 0712015-03-27 Lights Camera Murder 0732015-03-27 Lights Camera Murder 0822015-03-27 Lights Camera Murder 1022015-03-27 Lights Camera Murder 1052015-03-27 Lights Camera Murder 1262015-03-27 Lights Camera Murder 4532015-03-27 Lights Camera Murder 1362015-03-27 Lights Camera Murder 1632015-03-27 Lights Camera Murder 4472015-03-27 Lights Camera Murder 4602015-03-27 Lights Camera Murder 4612015-03-27 Lights Camera Murder 2012015-03-27 Lights Camera Murder 1952015-03-27 Lights Camera Murder 2162015-03-27 Lights Camera Murder 1792015-03-27 Lights Camera Murder 2122015-03-27 Lights Camera Murder 2472015-03-27 Lights Camera Murder 2572015-03-27 Lights Camera Murder 2672015-03-27 Lights Camera Murder 298

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Some Recent Real Estate Shoots

We shoot quite a bit of real estate – specialising in High Dynamic Range images that look natural but show off the property to the best possible advantage of the seller. No fake lawns, skies or other Photoshop wizardry here to make a property look different than it actually is. Just great photos!

Ask your realtor to book us if you want great photos like these.

2015-01-10 1 Lychee Court 001_2_3_tonemapped2015-03-23 41 Melinda Ct 001_2_3_4_5_tonemapped2015-03-23 41 Melinda Ct 021_2_3_4_5_tonemapped2015-03-23 41 Melinda Ct 026_27_28_29_30_tonemapped2015-01-10 1 Lychee Court 007_8_9_tonemapped2015-01-10 1 Lychee Court 013_4_5_tonemapped2015-01-10 1 Lychee Court 037_8_9_tonemapped2015-01-10 1 Lychee Court 055_6_7_tonemapped2015-01-10 1 Lychee Court 073_4_5_tonemapped2015-01-27 40 Melmor Drive 004_5_6_tonemapped2015-01-27 40 Melmor Drive 031_2_3_tonemapped2015-01-27 132 Wattlebird Drive 036_7_8_tonemapped2015-01-27 40 Melmor Drive 046_7_8_tonemapped2015-01-27 132 Wattlebird Drive 006_07_08_09_10_tonemapped

2014-12-18 188 Bigmor 019_20_21_tonemapped2014-12-18 188 Bigmor 022_3_4_tonemapped2014-12-18 188 Bigmor 037_8_9_tonemapped2014-12-18 188 Bigmor 091_2_3_tonemapped2014-12-18 188 Bigmor 112_3_4_tonemapped

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