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The Heathers Musical

Moreton Bay Theatre Company put on The Heathers Musical and we produced all the media for advertising, the concert program and dress rehearsal images.

Here is a sample from the shots.

2018-05-17 The Heathers Dress Rehearsal 180511342018-05-17 The Heathers Dress Rehearsal 180513872018-05-17 The Heathers Dress Rehearsal 180515072018-05-17 The Heathers Dress Rehearsal 180516702018-05-17 The Heathers Dress Rehearsal 180517742018-05-17 The Heathers Dress Rehearsal 180518972018-05-17 The Heathers Dress Rehearsal 180521542018-05-17 The Heathers Dress Rehearsal 180523762018-05-17 The Heathers Dress Rehearsal 180524282018-05-17 The Heathers Dress Rehearsal 180527872018-05-17 The Heathers Dress Rehearsal 180531162018-04-25 RMT Heathers the Musical 0042018-04-25 RMT Heathers the Musical 0192018-04-25 RMT Heathers the Musical 0312018-04-25 RMT Heathers the Musical 0412018-04-25 RMT Heathers the Musical 0512018-04-25 RMT Heathers the Musical 0602018-03-22 Theatre 102 Heathers 1092018-03-22 Theatre 102 Heathers 1142018-03-22 Theatre 102 Heathers 1372018-03-22 Theatre 102 Heathers 1482018-04-25 RMT Heathers the Musical 093 v22018-03-22 Theatre 102 Heathers 099 v2

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Spiral Orchid Belly Dance

Julie from Spiral Orchid Belly Dance came to us for a promo video and photos for her belly dancing classes.

Here are the results. If you want social media images and videos for advertising your business get in touch today.

2018-02-09 Spiral Orchid 0292018-02-09 Spiral Orchid 0462018-02-09 Spiral Orchid 0492018-02-09 Spiral Orchid 0502018-02-09 Spiral Orchid 0532018-02-09 Spiral Orchid 0592018-02-09 Spiral Orchid 1542018-02-09 Spiral Orchid 1102018-02-09 Spiral Orchid 1392018-02-09 Spiral Orchid 2142018-02-09 Spiral Orchid 2642018-02-09 Spiral Orchid 2742018-02-09 Spiral Orchid 3682018-02-09 Spiral Orchid 2962018-02-09 Spiral Orchid 320Spiral Orchid Facebook Cover v01Spiral Orchid Facebook Cover v02

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Vintage 70s Polaroid Shoot

We were asked to put together a vintage shoot – utilising a furniture restorers showroom for 70s the set. In addition we needed to edit the images in a polaroid style, and then create a number of specific posters for the murder mystery dinner events being advertised by Inside Outside Theatre.

Here are the results. If you want to advertise and market your upcoming event we can produce customised results for you – just get in touch to chat about your vision.

2017-08-31 Inside Outside 70s 007 polaroid2017-08-31 Inside Outside 70s 019 polaroid2017-08-31 Inside Outside 70s 030 polaroid2017-08-31 Inside Outside 70s 0072017-08-31 Inside Outside 70s 0192017-08-31 Inside Outside 70s 030

Inside Outside 70s Murder Mystery Poster

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Stock Photos with a Difference

Are you sick of looking for stock photos to advertise your business that aren’t the same tired photos everyone uses?

So many people just settle for bland and boring stock images for their websites, flyers, advertising brochures and social media posts.

We can help.

By shooting a series of stock images from your business, through your day and around your work, factory, office or onsite we can build you a copyright free, unique set of stock images you can use that stand out from the crowd.

Here are some examples we have shot for ourselves and other customers.

Learn more about our commercial and social media packages.

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Laughing Lotus Yoga

Lisa from Laughing Lotus Yoga needed some quality images for her website so we shot these in her yoga studio for her. If you need professional web site images that can be used for advertising, web banners, slideshows and other media then contact us for more information or look at our commercial packages.

2017-07-17 Lisa McGarva 0342017-07-17 Lisa McGarva 088 bw2017-07-17 Lisa McGarva 091 bw2017-07-17 Lisa McGarva 0272017-07-17 Lisa McGarva 1182017-07-17 Lisa McGarva 1202017-07-17 Lisa McGarva 1512017-07-17 Lisa McGarva 1422017-07-17 Lisa McGarva 1612017-07-17 Lisa McGarva 2302017-07-17 Lisa McGarva 2502017-07-31 Laughing Lotus Yoga 007laughing lotus yoga maintenance page2017-07-31 Laughing Lotus Yoga 0202017-07-31 Laughing Lotus Yoga 033Lisa McGarva back 163

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Inside Outside Serial Murder Mystery Dinner

Director and script writer Angela from Inside Outside Theatre Company  masterminds some awesome who dunnit murder mysteries. Trent was the producer for this show that was performed in a local cafe as the guests were served a scrumptious dinner.

2017-06-09 Inside Outside Serial Murder 0222017-06-09 Inside Outside Serial Murder 0502017-06-09 Inside Outside Serial Murder 0812017-06-09 Inside Outside Serial Murder 0842017-06-09 Inside Outside Serial Murder 1012017-06-09 Inside Outside Serial Murder 1242017-06-09 Inside Outside Serial Murder 1552017-06-09 Inside Outside Serial Murder 1652017-06-09 Inside Outside Serial Murder 1672017-06-09 Inside Outside Serial Murder 1682017-06-09 Inside Outside Serial Murder 184

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Collagen Clinique Product Photography

When Kelly from the Collagen Clinique came to us with a product photography request she was rather sceptical about the results. It seems she had had less than fortunate experiences with other photographers previously. We went out of our wayt o ensure her product photos were amazing and she was blow away by the result.

Here is what she said to us afterwards on our Facebook page.

Had some product photos of my skincare range done by Tim yesterday and they were ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC... They were very tricky bottles and no-one had been able to photograph them properly but Tim persisted until they were perfect. Highly recommend him to anyone.

Thanks Kelly. Do you need your products photographed? Book a shoot today!

2017-05-09 Collagen Clinique Products 0082017-05-09 Collagen Clinique Products 0112017-05-09 Collagen Clinique Products 0052017-05-09 Collagen Clinique Products 0212017-05-09 Collagen Clinique Products 0182017-05-09 Collagen Clinique Products 0202017-05-09 Collagen Clinique Products 0102017-05-09 Collagen Clinique Products 0462017-05-09 Collagen Clinique Products 049

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