Do you want to learn how to harness the power of your DSLR?

We run One-on-One or group sessions for each of these packages below. Group sessions are discounted but you obviously are sharing the time and resources.

Dreamcoat Photography runs workshops and one-on-one training with clients teaching them how to make their DSLR more than just an expensive point and shoot camera. We have helped numerous people go from absolute beginners to capable photographers earning money and recognition for their work.

We also run Studio Sessions – learning off camera lighting techniques and skills. We can also advise on what camera and lighting gear to buy and from where to get it.

Session Prices for individual tuition – contact us for group discount details
specific to your circumstance.

Learn to use your DSLR Camera Bronze Package $295

276 -278 hdrIn one easy lesson you will learn how to start using Manual Mode, the Exposure triangle, composition techniques and common mistakes and how to avoid them.

  • Have you ever looked at an amazing sunset photo, or portrait and wondered how they took that? Have you tried to take photos of sunsets and wondered why the photo never looks like the real thing?
  • Do you know when to use the flash on your camera and when not to, and how to diffuse it?
  • What about all the different settings on your camera? Do you know what they are for? And when to use them?
  • Do you know how to choose a new lens and what lens to buy?
  • Takeaway cheat sheet
  • 2 hours at various outdoor and indoor locations.

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Off Camera Lighting Studio Silver Package $695

Do you want to learn to take amazing portrait photos? Learn about on and off camera lighting, work with an experienced model in a studio environment and create amazing photos from your session with us.

  • 4 hour session in a studio with backdrops and professional lighting
  • 2 hours of theory and practice of using the equipment and different lighting techniques
  • Experienced model with professional makeup included for 2 hours for you to learn to direct and pose

What a recent workshop customer said to us afterwards:

As a photographer in need of more technical lighting training, I went to Dreamcoat Photography as I knew Tim had a lot of back ground knowledge and technical expertise on this subject.

Going to Tim was fun and a really good way of learning the more advanced side of lighting and the techniques of how to set it up. He also explained how it all works to help with getting you the most out of what you are after. 

Thank you Tim and Dreamcoat Photography

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Off Camera Lighting Studio Gold Package $845

All the silver package experience – PLUS

  • 2 hours post production Photoshop editing techniques

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