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We were recently given the opportunity to test a new app. Milanote is a really cool visual board system – it can run in a browser app or on a tablet or phone.

Here is my view of how it worked and what we were able to do with it.

First of all access. This app is really easy to access, the sign up and login is super easy and it can be added to your phone in just a few minutes.

To be honest I only used it on the phone once but I did add the browser app and used that for all my editing.


First up you can create boards by dragging from the left menu


Once you have a board you can drag items into it – or choose to prepopulate with a template


Here is my shoot board we used for a recent shoot. We were able to plan the shoot, organise the team who all had access to Milanote with a simple email invitation and drag and drop images from my computer as sample reference shots.


I found Milanote a really easy visual system to use for planning and managing a shoot and will do so again!

And finally – here a re few images we shot from the shoot itself.

2020-08-17 Bella 1492020-08-17 Bella 1842020-08-17 Bella 2062020-08-17 Bella 233

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