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Murder Mystery Once Upon a Serial Killer

As the official photographer for the Inside Outside Theatre Company we get to shoot a lot of their events and productions as well as their promo shots for their productions.

Here are the shots we produced for their Murder Mystery, Once Upon A Serial Killer. We went for moody misty with an added touch of zany and freaky.

2017-04-24 Murder Mystery Serial Killer 1482017-04-24 Murder Mystery Serial Killer 0862017-04-24 Murder Mystery Serial Killer 0272017-04-24 Murder Mystery Serial Killer 1612017-04-24 Murder Mystery Serial Killer 1092017-04-24 Murder Mystery Serial Killer 1272017-04-24 Murder Mystery Serial Killer 0412017-04-24 Murder Mystery Serial Killer 1692017-04-24 Murder Mystery Serial Killer 1742017-04-24 Murder Mystery Serial Killer 180

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Portrait Workshop with Michael Snedic

Michael Snedic and I teamed up to offer a one off portrait workshop in the Mt Cootha Botanic gardens. Jess was our willing portrait model as Michael and I took the participants through the camera techniques applicable to shooting portraits in various different scenarios.

I grabbed some images along the way of the participants and Jess as well as a couple of behind the scenes shots from the day.

If you are interested in a portrait workshop we run them for individuals or groups. See all the details on our workshops page.

2017-04-01 Portrait Workshop 0072017-04-01 Portrait Workshop 0342017-04-01 Portrait Workshop 0382017-04-01 Portrait Workshop 0192017-04-01 Portrait Workshop 0392017-04-01 Portrait Workshop 0402017-04-01 Portrait Workshop 046

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Firefly Fire Retardant Foam Commercial Shoot

We shot a product shot for a specialised foam filling for cabling through firewalls.

This is an example of what we can shoot for catalogue, website product shopping cart and advertising collateral. Contact us today if you need your commercial products photographed.


2017-01-31 TBA Firefly 1182017-01-31 TBA Firefly 0562017-01-31 TBA Firefly 0722017-01-31 TBA Firefly 0392017-01-31 TBA Firefly 0822017-01-31 TBA Firefly 115

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Creekside Christmas 2016

Creekside Church runs an annual Christmas event at the Cafe. We were asked to cover the festivities and capture the colour and enjoyment of the night. Entertainment included several local live music acts, face painting, school choir and arts and crafts as well as yummy food.

If your organisation, business or church runs events and would like great photos for your social media and website then contact us.

Here are some of the pics from the night.

2016-12-13 Creekside Christmas 020

2016-12-13 Creekside Christmas 0172016-12-13 Creekside Christmas 2092016-12-13 Creekside Christmas 0182016-12-13 Creekside Christmas 0742016-12-13 Creekside Christmas 0322016-12-13 Creekside Christmas 0492016-12-13 Creekside Christmas 0302016-12-13 Creekside Christmas 0582016-12-13 Creekside Christmas 0872016-12-13 Creekside Christmas 1612016-12-13 Creekside Christmas 2412016-12-13 Creekside Christmas 0952016-12-13 Creekside Christmas 267

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Caboolture RSL Board

The local Caboolture RSL asked me to shoot their board members for their framed lobby photos.

Here they are looking very dignified.

2016-11-24 RSL Caboolture Board 0132016-11-24 RSL Caboolture Board 0152016-11-24 RSL Caboolture Board 0172016-11-24 RSL Caboolture Board 0192016-11-24 RSL Caboolture Board 0202016-11-24 RSL Caboolture Board 0222016-11-24 RSL Caboolture Board 0252016-11-24 RSL Caboolture Board 029

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Women in Technology Entrepreneurs and Executives Panel

When the Women in Technology team got together with an Entrepreneurs and Executives Panel meeting we were delighted as long time supporters and sponsors of the Brisbane WIT to be asked to come and shoot the event for them. Hosted in a community library during the day it enabled all sorts of women to attend and those with children were encouraged as well.

We had one two photographers there for the event and got some delightful shots of the panel, the library room and the attendees.

No event is too small – you might be surprised just what we could do for you and your event.

See all the photos on Facebook and some samples here.


2016-11-07 WIT Panel 0642016-11-07 WIT Panel 0792016-11-07 WIT Panel 0802016-11-07 WIT Panel 0762016-11-07 WIT Panel 070

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Conquerors Strength Team

When the Conquerors Strength Team came to Brisbane I was asked to go and shoot their performance and presentation .

Here are a sample of the photos. For an event like this I generally like to show the team and their feats of strength as well as the crowd and their reactions. Capturing faces at unique moments is our speciality.

2016-11-06 The Conquerors Strength Team 61161222016-11-06 The Conquerors Strength Team 0572016-11-06 The Conquerors Strength Team 0672016-11-06 The Conquerors Strength Team 0612016-11-06 The Conquerors Strength Team 1162016-11-06 The Conquerors Strength Team 2632016-11-06 The Conquerors Strength Team 2882016-11-06 The Conquerors Strength Team 3542016-11-06 The Conquerors Strength Team 074

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