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Governors Ball at RSL Caloundra

The inaugural Governors Ball was held at the Caloundra Returned Serviceman’s League Function Centre in October 2013. It was a glitzy black tie event with a lot of very well dressed people including a number in uniform or displaying medals.

We have the privilege of being able to shoot with a vintage army Jeep and a 1928 Mercedes as well. There were some awesome rock and roll swing dancers as well as some other very good dancers doing the salsa. Lots of the crowd got into the dancing including one grand dame using her cane to support her!

We had a photo booth printing images for people to take away on the night as a memento as well. As always, if you would like your function or event to be photographed like this then contact us.

Here are some of the photos from the night – the full set can be found in this Facebook album.

If you want digital images or prints from this event they are priced as follows:

Digital image editing prices are as follows:

  • one photo $10
  • two photos $18
  • three photos $25
  • Additional photos $5 each

Printing prices

  • 12”x8” glossy $20 each
  • 6”x4” glossy $5 each
  • Postage and packing $7.50- Australia

Canvas and large format printing can be arranged - POA.

2013-09-27 Ball 0122013-09-27 Ball 0342013-09-27 Ball 0562013-09-27 Ball 0852013-09-27 Ball 1022013-09-27 Ball 0902013-09-27 Ball 1802013-09-27 Ball 1172013-09-27 Ball 1222013-09-27 Ball 1602013-09-27 Ball 1852013-09-27 Ball 1952013-09-27 Ball 218


Unleashed Market Caloundra

The Unleashed Alternative Markets bring in wide range of stalls and products, and attract a very diverse group of customers, regular shoppers and casually interested people. We have a lot of fun working these markets and the Caloundra Markets are in a great spot. We had the chance to go out in the street and work the Sunday morning crowds with the SCAR Roller Derby girls as well as some of the Unleashed regulars. It is certainly interesting watching peoples reactions as Death walks up behind them.

Here are some of the photos from the day.

If you want your function or event to be photographed with a wide range of styles showing the interaction of customers, participants, products, stands etc. then contact us for details.

2013-09-22 Unleashed Markets Caloundra 0282013-09-22 Unleashed Markets Caloundra 0402013-09-22 Unleashed Markets Caloundra 0162013-09-22 Unleashed Markets Caloundra 0192013-09-22 Unleashed Markets Caloundra 0512013-09-22 Unleashed Markets Caloundra 1112013-09-22 Unleashed Markets Caloundra 1242013-09-22 Unleashed Markets Caloundra 0752013-09-22 Unleashed Markets Caloundra 1342013-09-22 Unleashed Markets Caloundra 1862013-09-22 Unleashed Markets Caloundra 0862013-09-22 Unleashed Markets Caloundra 0942013-09-22 Unleashed Markets Caloundra 3122013-09-22 Unleashed Markets Caloundra 0812013-09-22 Unleashed Markets Caloundra 1482013-09-22 Unleashed Markets Caloundra 1712013-09-22 Unleashed Markets Caloundra 1432013-09-22 Unleashed Markets Caloundra 1942013-09-22 Unleashed Markets Caloundra 1802013-09-22 Unleashed Markets Caloundra 4112013-09-22 Unleashed Markets Caloundra 4692013-09-22 Unleashed Markets Caloundra 4732013-09-22 Unleashed Markets Caloundra 4672013-09-22 Unleashed Markets Caloundra 4592013-09-22 Unleashed Markets Caloundra 0032013-09-22 Unleashed Markets Caloundra 5332013-09-22 Unleashed Markets Caloundra 520


2013 Women in Technology Gala Awards Dinner

We are proud to be a bronze sponsor of the WIT Gala Awards dinner for the 4th year in a row. We provide free photos to the winners and other sponsors as well as the WIT organisation.

This year there was a Great Gadsby theme and lots of the ladies and a few of the gents dressed to the theme.

The speakers and winners were all very inspiring people and we want to congratulate all the winners and finalists.


We did a special deal on the night and gave away edited prints for $10 each.

Digital images can be purchased form us – review the 2013 WIT Awards Gallery to find your images and email  with the file numbers of the ones you want. We then edit them individually for you.

Free Photos for Sponsors and Winners:

Basic RGBFor each category sponsor and each category winner:

  • Images of sponsors and winners on stage
  • Posed group photos of the finalists

For all other people:

High resolution digital photos suitable for printing 12x8 and higher:

  • one photo $10
  • two photos $18
  • three photos $25
  • up to 10 photos $30
  • Anything over that please contact Tim at
  • 12x8 print $20
  • 6x4 print $10
  • Postage on all prints $7.50 per package.

In addition if you want enlargements of your photos we can supply them. Please contact Tim at for pricing.

Here are some of the fun shots from the night.

2013-09-06 WIT 0662013-09-06 WIT 0292013-09-06 WIT 0812013-09-06 WIT 0892013-09-06 WIT 1022013-09-06 WIT 0992013-09-06 WIT 1052013-09-06 WIT 1112013-09-06 WIT 117

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Unleashed Market Coorparoo

The Unleashed Alternative Markets hit the Coorparoo Bowls Club for the first time in August. A quaint little building with lots of character and quirkiness was an awesome place for all our stalls to be jammed in. We had a blast working with The Beer Legion’s XXXX Samurai Warrior, and Death also made a short visit.

Here are some of the pic's form the day. All market stalls and public photos on Facebook, and our Photobooth photos on Facebook.


2013-08-11 Unleashed 0212013-08-11 Unleashed 0102013-08-11 Unleashed 0172013-08-11 Unleashed 0192013-08-11 Unleashed 0202013-08-11 Unleashed 0272013-08-11 Unleashed 0382013-08-11 Unleashed 0392013-08-11 Unleashed 048

2013-08-11 Unleashed Market Coorparoo 0202013-08-11 Unleashed Market Coorparoo 0262013-08-11 Unleashed Market Coorparoo 1012013-08-11 Unleashed Market Coorparoo 0752013-08-11 Unleashed Market Coorparoo 1042013-08-11 Unleashed Market Coorparoo 1052013-08-11 Unleashed Market Coorparoo 1302013-08-11 Unleashed Market Coorparoo 1322013-08-11 Unleashed Market Coorparoo 1512013-08-11 Unleashed Market Coorparoo 1772013-08-11 Unleashed Market Coorparoo 2702013-08-11 Unleashed Market Coorparoo 2632013-08-11 Unleashed Market Coorparoo 2972013-08-11 Unleashed Market Coorparoo 1612013-08-11 Unleashed Market Coorparoo 254

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Creekside Church Photos

Creekside Church asked me to take some photos from a service. We always try to be as unobtrusive as possible when shooting functions. In this case we sued a gigantic lens to get in close without people being distracted by us.

Here are just a few of the images.

2013-06-09 Creekside Church 0292013-06-09 Creekside Church 0442013-06-09 Creekside Church 0532013-06-09 Creekside Church 0542013-06-09 Creekside Church 0672013-06-09 Creekside Church 061

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PRIMA 60s Theatre Restaurant

As sponsors of PRIMA we get to go to all the shows opening nights, and we get to take some cool photos of a great bunch of very talented people. I’m not sure which I enjoy most, watching the show as a customer or watching through my lens as we capture the fun.

The 60s Theatre Restaurant has been extremely popular with every show completely sold out. A packed house sure gives off an ambience that a lot of fun.

Photo Packages

We have a photo package consisting of all the images from the show, nearly 900 photos in total sorted by every act and scene and including two unique cast and crew shots. The price for this unique CD of memory’s is $59. Please place your order by emailing

Postage is $2.50 or you can take the digital download option.


Prints are $10 each for 12x8 and $5 each for 6x4 – postage and handling is $7.50.


Here are some samples to whet your appetite.


2013-05-11 PRIMA 60s Theatre Production 2082013-05-11 PRIMA 60s Theatre Production 3362013-05-11 PRIMA 60s Theatre Production 4862013-05-11 PRIMA 60s Theatre Production 6502013-05-11 PRIMA 60s Theatre Production 7002013-05-11 PRIMA 60s Theatre Production 7542013-05-11 PRIMA 60s Theatre Production 9702013-05-11 PRIMA 60s Theatre Production 12922013-05-11 PRIMA 60s Theatre Production 12642013-05-11 PRIMA 60s Theatre Production 8502013-05-11 PRIMA 60s Theatre Production 12182013-05-11 PRIMA 60s Theatre Production 11662013-05-11 PRIMA 60s Theatre Production 15382013-05-11 PRIMA 60s Theatre Production 15692013-05-11 PRIMA 60s Theatre Production 11802013-05-11 PRIMA 60s Theatre Production 17522013-05-11 PRIMA 60s Theatre Production 17682013-05-11 PRIMA 60s Theatre Production 17832013-05-11 PRIMA 60s Theatre Production 17912013-05-11 PRIMA 60s Theatre Production 4382013-05-11 PRIMA 60s Theatre Production 18932013-05-11 PRIMA 60s Theatre Production 21632013-05-11 PRIMA 60s Theatre Production 18742013-05-11 PRIMA 60s Theatre Production 19942013-05-11 PRIMA 60s Theatre Production 23752013-05-11 PRIMA 60s Theatre Production 2559

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Inside Outside Theatre Variete Show

The Inside Outside Theatre Company is a fully inclusive theatre company based in Redcliffe, QLD. It works with people of all ages with our without disabilities and encourages those with disabilities in the performing arts.

Dreamcoat Photography is proud to be a sponsor and provide event photography for the recent Variete Show theyhosted.

A full package of just over 1000 images from the night is available for $59 on a DVD or downloadable.

Please contact to arrange purchase. Performers can purchase the package for $49.

Here is a little sample of the images from the event.

2013-04-27 InsideOutside Theatre Variete 3852013-04-27 InsideOutside Theatre Variete 4122013-04-27 InsideOutside Theatre Variete 4192013-04-27 InsideOutside Theatre Variete 4392013-04-27 InsideOutside Theatre Variete 630

2013-04-27 InsideOutside Theatre Variete 7522013-04-27 InsideOutside Theatre Variete 7732013-04-27 InsideOutside Theatre Variete 2742013-04-27 InsideOutside Theatre Variete 8492013-04-27 InsideOutside Theatre Variete 2642013-04-27 InsideOutside Theatre Variete 8402013-04-27 InsideOutside Theatre Variete 9132013-04-27 InsideOutside Theatre Variete 972

2013-04-27 InsideOutside Theatre Variete 12322013-04-27 InsideOutside Theatre Variete 11472013-04-27 InsideOutside Theatre Variete 11662013-04-27 InsideOutside Theatre Variete 13162013-04-27 InsideOutside Theatre Variete 13782013-04-27 InsideOutside Theatre Variete 1464

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