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We did quite a few fashion shoots with Meagan in 2018. Meagan is both an experienced fashion model and also a stylist so it was great to work with her expertise in these areas.

Here are some of the photos from several shoots. If you are a fashion blogger, stylist or a fashion model please get in touch if you want to produce portfolio work like this.

2018-07-03 Meagan and Michael 0732018-07-03 Meagan and Michael 0742018-07-03 Meagan and Michael 0842018-07-03 Meagan and Michael 1162018-07-03 Meagan and Michael 1062018-07-03 Meagan and Michael 1432018-07-03 Meagan and Michael 1582018-07-03 Meagan and Michael 3092018-07-03 Meagan and Michael 3502018-07-03 Meagan and Michael 2402018-06-23 Meagan Hyam 0212018-06-23 Meagan Hyam 0352018-06-23 Meagan Hyam 0402018-06-23 Meagan Hyam 0632018-06-23 Meagan Hyam 0722018-06-23 Meagan Hyam 0972018-06-23 Meagan Hyam 1072018-06-23 Meagan Hyam 1372018-06-23 Meagan Hyam 1122018-06-09 Stradbroke Cup 4762018-06-09 Stradbroke Cup 4712018-06-09 Stradbroke Cup 506

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