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In a futuristic and harsh world, Talia, the Snow Queen, presides over her electronics empire, SQ Enterprises. Defeated centuries earlier by two young people, she has rebuilt her strength and her empire but it is not enough. Gabi, a young girl, betrayed and abandoned by everybody she ever thought she loved, is a gamer for SQ. When yet another crisis hits she tries to take her own life. Against the odds she is revived and committed to an institution for her own safety. She has lost the desire to communicate and loses herself in the only world she knows, taking on a trial for a new game.

Entering the game, she becomes a warrior, battling her way through strange and mysterious lands, gaining in strength every day and learning skills to equip her for whatever life might have in store for her. But will she be ready for the final confrontation with the woman who wants to steal her soul?



Inside Outside Theatre is presenting The Snow Queen in 2015. The theatre is a fully inclusive theatre company based on the Northside of Brisbane. They are providing opportunities for ,many people with or without disabilities to act and dance and be involved in musical theatre.

Dreamcoat Photography is proud to be a sponsor and work with Inside Outside. We recently produced a photo shoot for the cast, show marketing and advertising and these are the results. We collaborated with SQI Studio Photography for their awesome editing skills to produce some specific marketing images.

001-2-7602014-07-09 Snow Queen 1342014-07-09 Snow Queen 1352014-07-09 Snow Queen 1442014-07-09 Snow Queen 1502014-07-09 Snow Queen 1632014-07-09 Snow Queen 1702014-07-09 Snow Queen 1762014-07-09 Snow Queen 1862014-07-09 Snow Queen 1982014-07-09 Snow Queen 2062014-07-09 Snow Queen 2672014-07-09 Snow Queen 2762014-07-09 Snow Queen 2842014-07-09 Snow Queen 3042014-07-09 Snow Queen 2992014-07-09 Snow Queen 3082014-07-09 Snow Queen 3552014-07-09 Snow Queen 3362014-07-09 Snow Queen 3672014-07-09 Snow Queen 3732014-07-09 Snow Queen 3832014-07-09 Snow Queen 3862014-07-09 Snow Queen 3932014-07-09 Snow Queen 4102014-07-09 Snow Queen 4182014-07-09 Snow Queen 4342014-07-09 Snow Queen 4412014-07-09 Snow Queen 448

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