2011-10-23 Jacaranda Shoot 159-2048DSLR Photography is becoming more and more accessible as the prices of DSLR cameras has now dropped to the point where nearly everybody can afford to buy one as an option when looking for a camera. As a result there are a lot of people out there who are using a DSLR camera – but pretty much treat it like a point and shoot camera. Most people never use the power of the camera to take photos that the Auto modes cannot produce.

A simple half day workshop can open up the creative possibilities available to you by teaching you how to access the amazing functionality in the advanced controls.

Kick start your photography or drive it to a whole new level by attending this workshop and getting hands on instructions.

Be a star. Take amazing photos. Make all your friends say “How did you get that photo?”


Prices and Times

We run group workshops as and when we have enough participants, roughly every one to two months.

Register your interest now and we will contact you with possible dates.

The group workshop price is $150 each and is limited to 5 people. Discounts for group bookings apply.


We also run one on one sessions – the same workshop with individualised attention – and a lot more detail – and personalised to you and your camera. More workshop details and prices.