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The Heathers Musical

Moreton Bay Theatre Company put on The Heathers Musical and we produced all the media for advertising, the concert program and dress rehearsal images.

Here is a sample from the shots.

2018-05-17 The Heathers Dress Rehearsal 180511342018-05-17 The Heathers Dress Rehearsal 180513872018-05-17 The Heathers Dress Rehearsal 180515072018-05-17 The Heathers Dress Rehearsal 180516702018-05-17 The Heathers Dress Rehearsal 180517742018-05-17 The Heathers Dress Rehearsal 180518972018-05-17 The Heathers Dress Rehearsal 180521542018-05-17 The Heathers Dress Rehearsal 180523762018-05-17 The Heathers Dress Rehearsal 180524282018-05-17 The Heathers Dress Rehearsal 180527872018-05-17 The Heathers Dress Rehearsal 180531162018-04-25 RMT Heathers the Musical 0042018-04-25 RMT Heathers the Musical 0192018-04-25 RMT Heathers the Musical 0312018-04-25 RMT Heathers the Musical 0412018-04-25 RMT Heathers the Musical 0512018-04-25 RMT Heathers the Musical 0602018-03-22 Theatre 102 Heathers 1092018-03-22 Theatre 102 Heathers 1142018-03-22 Theatre 102 Heathers 1372018-03-22 Theatre 102 Heathers 1482018-04-25 RMT Heathers the Musical 093 v22018-03-22 Theatre 102 Heathers 099 v2

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Spiral Orchid Belly Dance

Julie from Spiral Orchid Belly Dance came to us for a promo video and photos for her belly dancing classes.

Here are the results. If you want social media images and videos for advertising your business get in touch today.

2018-02-09 Spiral Orchid 0292018-02-09 Spiral Orchid 0462018-02-09 Spiral Orchid 0492018-02-09 Spiral Orchid 0502018-02-09 Spiral Orchid 0532018-02-09 Spiral Orchid 0592018-02-09 Spiral Orchid 1542018-02-09 Spiral Orchid 1102018-02-09 Spiral Orchid 1392018-02-09 Spiral Orchid 2142018-02-09 Spiral Orchid 2642018-02-09 Spiral Orchid 2742018-02-09 Spiral Orchid 3682018-02-09 Spiral Orchid 2962018-02-09 Spiral Orchid 320Spiral Orchid Facebook Cover v01Spiral Orchid Facebook Cover v02

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Face of Dreamcoat 2018

Our face of Dreamcoat model for 2018 was Alyssa Dunn. As part of the package she received for working with us she had multiple photoshoots including several all day shoots with multiple locations, outfits, as well as many of her cosplays.

Here is a wide sample of the shoots.

2018-03-26 Alyssa Dunn 032 colour gradient2018-03-26 Alyssa Dunn 0392018-03-26 Alyssa Dunn 0402018-03-26 Alyssa Dunn 0562018-03-26 Alyssa Dunn 0742018-03-26 Alyssa Dunn 0952018-03-26 Alyssa Dunn 1112018-03-26 Alyssa Cosplay 0902018-03-26 Alyssa Cosplay 1102018-03-26 Alyssa Cosplay 0762018-02-19 Alyssa Dunn 0022018-02-19 Alyssa Dunn 1012018-02-19 Alyssa Dunn 0492018-02-19 Alyssa Dunn 1782018-02-19 Alyssa Dunn 1712018-02-19 Alyssa Dunn 2332018-01-08 Alyssa Dunn 0672018-02-19 Alyssa Dunn 1042018-02-19 Alyssa Dunn 2912018-01-08 Alyssa Dunn 1322018-01-08 Alyssa Dunn 1542018-01-08 Alyssa Dunn 0912018-01-08 Alyssa Dunn 1172018-01-08 Alyssa Dunn 2142018-01-08 Alyssa Dunn 2222018-01-15 Michael and Alyssa 0962018-01-15 Michael and Alyssa 1052018-01-15 Michael and Alyssa 0752018-01-15 Michael and Alyssa 1662018-01-15 Michael and Alyssa 107Alyssa - Buffy Coverpage

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Breast Cancer Body Paint Shoot

Breast cancer is a terrible thing. And it affects women and men.

Michelle had shot with us many years ago and in the mean time had suffered from breast cancer and had a double mastectomy. Her personal journey did not include implants and breast reconstruction surgery. In fact she wanted to highlight that to other women that they would not feel pressure to have reconstructive surgery but make it a choice. After she came to us for some shot ideas i suggested a body paint shoot and including my friend Russell who had also had breast cancer and a single mastectomy.

The date was set, and we had two amazing body painters into the studio for a dual paint and shoot. The theme was geometric shapes with a softer look for Michelle and a more angular look for Russell. Charmaine and Bonita did an amazing job. It was a hilarious process for all in the studio with the two models comparing their scars with each other.

Here is a sample of the shots we put together for them individually and together.

2017-12-23 Michelle and Russell 0032017-12-23 Michelle and Russell 0162017-12-23 Michelle and Russell 0142017-12-23 Michelle and Russell 0572017-12-23 Michelle and Russell 0242017-12-23 Michelle and Russell 0392017-12-23 Michelle and Russell 1682017-12-23 Michelle and Russell 1842017-12-23 Michelle and Russell 1892017-12-23 Michelle and Russell 1922017-12-23 Michelle and Russell 2022017-12-23 Michelle and Russell 2062017-12-23 Michelle and Russell 2102017-12-23 Michelle and Russell 2112017-12-23 Michelle and Russell 2162017-12-23 Michelle and Russell 2512017-12-23 Michelle and Russell 2542017-12-23 Michelle and Russell 226

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