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Yuna Cosplay by Alyssa

Alyssa loves the Final Fantasy game series and put together a Yuna cosplay from Final Fantasy X.

Here are some of the memorable shots we created for her and edited specially with the game feel to it. If you have a great cosplay to showcase why not book a shoot? We have some great packages especially designed for cosplayers.

2018-05-29 Alyssa Yuna Cosplay 141v22018-05-29 Alyssa Yuna Cosplay 1162018-05-29 Alyssa Yuna Cosplay 0102018-05-29 Alyssa Yuna Cosplay 0332018-05-29 Alyssa Yuna Cosplay 0652018-05-29 Alyssa Yuna Cosplay 0512018-05-29 Alyssa Yuna Cosplay 0812018-05-29 Alyssa Yuna Cosplay 0752018-05-29 Alyssa Yuna Cosplay 3082018-05-29 Alyssa Yuna Cosplay 321

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David Bishop Fitness Shoot

David came to us to arrange a special moment in time. After working very hard for 10 years he was registered for two body building competitions at the age of 62. We shot him between the two competitions where he gained a first and second place respectively.

What an amazing achievement. And what a wonderful athlete. The shoot at his local Snap Fitness Gym was so much fun!

Here is what David had to say about the shoot.

Thank you Tim, it was a wonderful experience working with you. Nothing was a problem and you went out of the way to get the shots I was hoping for. Your professionalism and integrity was impeccable. You are enthusiastic about what you do and it shows. Thank you for all you have done.

And here are some of the shots. Book your fitness shoot with us today.

2018-05-18 David Bishop 0442018-05-18 David Bishop 0532018-05-18 David Bishop 0482018-05-18 David Bishop 0682018-05-18 David Bishop 0712018-05-18 David Bishop 0632018-05-18 David Bishop 1182018-05-18 David Bishop 0742018-05-18 David Bishop 0912018-05-18 David Bishop 1352018-05-18 David Bishop 0262018-05-18 David Bishop 122

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Triple C Saddlery Clothing Shoot

Triple C Saddlery specialises in horse riding clothing and costuming for eventing and other specialised horse riding activities. They also deal in pre loved costumes, saddles and other equipment.

We put together a special shoot for them to advertise their ranges of gear. For all your commercial photography needs contact us.

2018-05-02 Triple C Saddlery Clothes 0272018-05-02 Triple C Saddlery Clothes 0192018-05-02 Triple C Saddlery Clothes 0212018-05-02 Triple C Saddlery Clothes 0602018-05-02 Triple C Saddlery Clothes 0332018-05-02 Triple C Saddlery Clothes 0432018-05-02 Triple C Saddlery Clothes 1042018-05-02 Triple C Saddlery Clothes 0712018-05-02 Triple C Saddlery Clothes 096

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Gold Coast Supanova 2018

The supanova events are always packed with cosplayers who want to showcase their amazing costumes. We are always booked out at these events producing amazing shots of those cosplayers who book us. We do things somewhat differently from other photographers. we actively scout the Gold Coast for amazing locations and then transport our paying customers offsite to those locations to shoot their cosplays and give them something that suits the character and the cosplay.

We also do often pop into the convention itself to meetup and hang with some friends and get a few candid shots there as well.

Here is a sample from the convention shots as well as some of the other shoots.

2018-04-28 Jess Staardust TM 0902018-04-28 Jess Staardust TM 0062018-04-27 Mel Wait Cosplay 0532018-04-27 Mel Wait Cosplay 0622018-04-27 Rachel Donnelly Cosplay 0492018-04-27 Rachel Donnelly Cosplay 0972018-04-28 Meagan Date Cosplay 0812018-04-28 Meagan Date Cosplay 0162018-04-28 Supanova Gold Coast 0792018-04-28 Supanova Gold Coast 0102018-04-28 Supanova Gold Coast 0112018-04-28 Supanova Gold Coast 0172018-04-28 Supanova Gold Coast 0352018-04-28 Supanova Gold Coast 0292018-04-28 Supanova Gold Coast 0302018-04-28 Supanova Gold Coast 0632018-04-28 Supanova Gold Coast 0592018-04-28 Ember Island Cosplayers 0052018-04-28 TJ NG 0122018-04-28 Ashley NG 1272018-04-28 Supanova Gold Coast 0432018-04-29 Mel Wait Cosplay 006v22018-04-29 Mel Wait Cosplay 0292018-04-28 Octavia and Alexa 0422018-04-29 Ben and Lucy Cosplay 053 v2 white sabre

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