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Georgia Cosplays Katniss from the Hunger Games

Georgia, or JawJawRose as the name she cosplays under, put together an awesome Katniss from the Hunger Games cosplay. We just had to use fire in the shoot for the Girl on Fire.

Here are the photos including some behind the scenes regular shots.

2017-07-06 Georgia 0442017-07-06 Georgia 0622017-07-06 Georgia 0582017-07-06 Georgia 0752017-07-06 Georgia 1032017-07-06 Georgia 0852017-07-06 Georgia 089

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Birthday Mermaid and Batgirl Cosplay Photos

Hannah's friends organised a cosplay fun day out. What she didn't know was that when she got home from being made up and dressed up there would be a photoshoot.

We had a ton of fun with this infected mermaid and batgirl shoot.


2017-06-28 SomniumClare Cosplay 0162017-06-28 SomniumClare Cosplay 0302017-06-28 SomniumClare Cosplay 0522017-06-28 SomniumClare Cosplay 0722017-06-28 SomniumClare Cosplay 1082017-06-28 SomniumClare Cosplay 1392017-06-28 SomniumClare Cosplay 118

Abby and Gee Graduation

When Abby and Gee graduated from their beauty therapy course we were invited to get some pre formal ceremony shots. We got a few family shots as well.


2017-06-23 Abigail Graduation 1362017-06-23 Abigail Graduation 1032017-06-23 Abigail Graduation 1022017-06-23 Abigail Graduation 1042017-06-23 Abigail Graduation 1662017-06-23 Abigail Graduation 1422017-06-23 Abigail Graduation 1592017-06-23 Abigail Graduation 0932017-06-23 Abigail Graduation 0692017-06-23 Abigail Graduation 0862017-06-23 Abigail Graduation 1702017-06-23 Abigail Graduation 2002017-06-23 Abigail Graduation 039

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Jagesur Family Portraits

When a family is spread aroud the globe and comes together infrequently it is always a great idea to get professional photos. The last time the Jagesur family got together they only had some dodgy mobile phone shots as memories. This time as family flew into the Gold Coast from Perth and Brunei they took the opportunity to get some great photos together.

Here are some of the family portraits we shot on the beautiful Gold Coast.



2017-06-17 Jagesur Family Portraits 0292017-06-17 Jagesur Family Portraits 0192017-06-17 Jagesur Family Portraits 0372017-06-17 Jagesur Family Portraits 103

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