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Family Portraits and Professional Profile Shots

The Crepin family came to us to shoot professional portrait profile pics for their resumes and LinkedIn.

If you need photos like these than contact us for our great portrait pricing.

2017-05-19 Crepin Portraits 0342017-05-19 Crepin Portraits 0412017-05-19 Crepin Portraits 0482017-05-19 Crepin Portraits 0122017-05-19 Crepin Portraits 0062017-05-19 Crepin Portraits 0112017-05-19 Crepin Portraits 0212017-05-19 Crepin Portraits 0252017-05-19 Crepin Portraits 026

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Collagen Clinique Product Photography

When Kelly from the Collagen Clinique came to us with a product photography request she was rather sceptical about the results. It seems she had had less than fortunate experiences with other photographers previously. We went out of our wayt o ensure her product photos were amazing and she was blow away by the result.

Here is what she said to us afterwards on our Facebook page.

Had some product photos of my skincare range done by Tim yesterday and they were ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC... They were very tricky bottles and no-one had been able to photograph them properly but Tim persisted until they were perfect. Highly recommend him to anyone.

Thanks Kelly. Do you need your products photographed? Book a shoot today!

2017-05-09 Collagen Clinique Products 0082017-05-09 Collagen Clinique Products 0112017-05-09 Collagen Clinique Products 0052017-05-09 Collagen Clinique Products 0212017-05-09 Collagen Clinique Products 0182017-05-09 Collagen Clinique Products 0202017-05-09 Collagen Clinique Products 0102017-05-09 Collagen Clinique Products 0462017-05-09 Collagen Clinique Products 049

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Starwars Cosplay

At yet another cosplay meetup organised by Sunday Studios we had the opportunity to take some great Starwars Cosplay photos.

Here are some of the pics. If you have a great Starwars cosplay then why not book a shoot with us. We have some great options.

We also built a composite image from one of the shots. These are a great way to take your cosplay photos to the next level – why not contact us to see what we can do for you.

2017-05-04 Starwars Cosplay 135 Composite2017-05-04 Starwars Cosplay 0102017-05-04 Starwars Cosplay 0152017-05-04 Starwars Cosplay 0562017-05-04 Starwars Cosplay 008

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Gina Acting Portfolio

Gina Gray is an amazing local actor with tons of talent. We have worked her with numerous shows. When she came to us to create some portfolio headshots and profile photos we were more than happy to oblige.

Here are some of the shots we got for her. If you need professional portraits or profile photos for LinkedIn, acting websites, or other places selling yourself than why not book a unique personalised shoot with us?

2017-05-04 Gina Gray 0282017-05-04 Gina Gray 0112017-05-04 Gina Gray 0192017-05-04 Gina Gray 046 name2017-05-04 Gina Gray 0402017-05-04 Gina Gray 0412017-05-04 Gina Gray 046 v2

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