Boni Portfolio Shoot

Facepainter and model Boni is so much fun to work with. She has so many looks and styles. One of the outfits in here she designed and made herself. We spent half a day touring various spots in and around Brisbane and the Glasshouse Mountains putting together a wide range of shots for her portfolio.

Here is a sample of the shoot. If you want a wide ranging portfolio shoot we recommend either our gold or platinum packages.

2017-08-03 Boni 1252017-08-03 Boni 0232017-08-03 Boni 3992017-08-03 Boni 0392017-08-03 Boni 6602017-08-03 Boni 296v22017-08-03 Boni 158

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Laughing Lotus Yoga

Lisa from Laughing Lotus Yoga needed some quality images for her website so we shot these in her yoga studio for her. If you need professional web site images that can be used for advertising, web banners, slideshows and other media then contact us for more information or look at our commercial packages.

2017-07-17 Lisa McGarva 0342017-07-17 Lisa McGarva 088 bw2017-07-17 Lisa McGarva 091 bw2017-07-17 Lisa McGarva 0272017-07-17 Lisa McGarva 1182017-07-17 Lisa McGarva 1202017-07-17 Lisa McGarva 1512017-07-17 Lisa McGarva 1422017-07-17 Lisa McGarva 1612017-07-17 Lisa McGarva 2302017-07-17 Lisa McGarva 2502017-07-31 Laughing Lotus Yoga 007laughing lotus yoga maintenance page2017-07-31 Laughing Lotus Yoga 0202017-07-31 Laughing Lotus Yoga 033Lisa McGarva back 163

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2017 Abbey Medieval Festival

Always a fun time at the Abbey Medieval Festival. Where else can you go and get lost into a medieval fantasy world, where life wasn’t cruel and hard and instead full of glamourous ladies, swordfighting and jousting.

Here are a selection of some of the images from the event.

And for more go to these free Facebook albums.

Abbey Medieval Festival 2017

Abbey Medieval Festival 2017 Shuvani

However we appreciate that sometimes people would like a high res edited photo. We offer an editing service at a realistic price. All images in the sample galleries are low quality low res images with a large watermark. All our sold photos are edited full size with a small discreet watermark in the bottom left or right corner and are suitable for personal use and social media.

How To Order

We do things a little differently from other companies.

  • We don’t have a shopping cart because we don’t mass produce images.
  • We individually edit every photo we sell.
  • We shoot high resolution large images – suitable for you to print A3 size or more.
  • We have lots of happy customers who keep coming back for more
  • We specialise in all sorts of event photography  in Brisbane and South East Queensland

So you have to tell us one of two things in an email. Either say please sell me all my photos - here's a picture so you know who I am, OR find just the ones you want to buy and let us know the file numbers for each image.

Email us at with your order.

We then send you a payment link for secure credit card payment and away we go. We supply bulk images via a drop box download link and individual ones we email.


Prints we ship to you in a flat cardboard parcel for protection.

Digital image editing prices are as follows:

    • one photo $13
    • two photos $25
    • three photos $33
    • up to 10 photos $43
    • after that $4 per photo

Printing prices

  • 12”x8” glossy $20 each
  • 6”x4” glossy $6 each
  • Postage and packing $7.50- Australia

Here are some of the images from the event.

2017-07-08 Abbey Medieval Festival 5472017-07-08 Abbey Medieval Festival 2632017-07-08 Abbey Medieval Festival 2802017-07-08 Abbey Medieval Festival 7522017-07-08 Abbey Medieval Festival 6262017-07-08 Abbey Medieval Festival 7222017-07-08 Abbey Medieval Festival 7632017-07-08 Abbey Medieval Festival 9222017-07-08 Abbey Medieval Festival 7392017-07-08 Abbey Medieval Festival 1123

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Body Paint Water Nymph Bonita

Bonita does some amazing face paint so when we suggest a water nymph shoot she spent a few hours designing and painting her face. We then worked on the location, body paint and accessories and put together this shoot for her.

2017-07-07 Bonita 0512017-07-07 Bonita 0152017-07-07 Bonita 0252017-07-07 Bonita 0242017-07-07 Bonita 0172017-07-07 Bonita 0302017-07-07 Bonita 0742017-07-07 Bonita 1112017-07-07 Bonita 1312017-07-07 Bonita 300

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Georgia Cosplays Katniss from the Hunger Games

Georgia, or JawJawRose as the name she cosplays under, put together an awesome Katniss from the Hunger Games cosplay. We just had to use fire in the shoot for the Girl on Fire.

Here are the photos including some behind the scenes regular shots.

2017-07-06 Georgia 0442017-07-06 Georgia 0622017-07-06 Georgia 0582017-07-06 Georgia 0752017-07-06 Georgia 1032017-07-06 Georgia 0852017-07-06 Georgia 089

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Abby and Gee Graduation

When Abby and Gee graduated from their beauty therapy course we were invited to get some pre formal ceremony shots. We got a few family shots as well.


2017-06-23 Abigail Graduation 1362017-06-23 Abigail Graduation 1032017-06-23 Abigail Graduation 1022017-06-23 Abigail Graduation 1042017-06-23 Abigail Graduation 1662017-06-23 Abigail Graduation 1422017-06-23 Abigail Graduation 1592017-06-23 Abigail Graduation 0932017-06-23 Abigail Graduation 0692017-06-23 Abigail Graduation 0862017-06-23 Abigail Graduation 1702017-06-23 Abigail Graduation 2002017-06-23 Abigail Graduation 039

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Jagesur Family Portraits

When a family is spread aroud the globe and comes together infrequently it is always a great idea to get professional photos. The last time the Jagesur family got together they only had some dodgy mobile phone shots as memories. This time as family flew into the Gold Coast from Perth and Brunei they took the opportunity to get some great photos together.

Here are some of the family portraits we shot on the beautiful Gold Coast.



2017-06-17 Jagesur Family Portraits 0292017-06-17 Jagesur Family Portraits 0192017-06-17 Jagesur Family Portraits 0372017-06-17 Jagesur Family Portraits 103

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