Harry Potter Family

Sarah came to us with a request to shoot their family all dressed as Harry Potter characters.

I think they did an awesome job!

2016-11-13 Sarah Booth Family 0022016-11-13 Sarah Booth Family 0512016-11-13 Sarah Booth Family 0072016-11-13 Sarah Booth Family 0122016-11-13 Sarah Booth Family 0282016-11-13 Sarah Booth Family 0342016-11-13 Sarah Booth Family 0402016-11-13 Sarah Booth Family 0452016-11-13 Sarah Booth Family 0592016-11-13 Sarah Booth Family 0602016-11-13 Sarah Booth Family 064 jadeen

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Meagan as Black Widow

Meagan runs MD-Cosplay and she just loves running around as a deadly assassin on her weekends off!

Here she is as Black Widow.

2016-11-13 Meagan Date 0162016-11-13 Meagan Date 0172016-11-13 Meagan Date 024-cartoon2016-11-13 Meagan Date 0102016-11-13 Meagan Date 0392016-11-13 Meagan Date 0572016-11-13 Meagan Date 0662016-11-13 Meagan Date 0732016-11-13 Meagan Date 034

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Women in Technology Entrepreneurs and Executives Panel

When the Women in Technology team got together with an Entrepreneurs and Executives Panel meeting we were delighted as long time supporters and sponsors of the Brisbane WIT to be asked to come and shoot the event for them. Hosted in a community library during the day it enabled all sorts of women to attend and those with children were encouraged as well.

We had one two photographers there for the event and got some delightful shots of the panel, the library room and the attendees.

No event is too small – you might be surprised just what we could do for you and your event.

See all the photos on Facebook and some samples here.


2016-11-07 WIT Panel 0642016-11-07 WIT Panel 0792016-11-07 WIT Panel 0802016-11-07 WIT Panel 0762016-11-07 WIT Panel 070

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Conquerors Strength Team

When the Conquerors Strength Team came to Brisbane I was asked to go and shoot their performance and presentation .

Here are a sample of the photos. For an event like this I generally like to show the team and their feats of strength as well as the crowd and their reactions. Capturing faces at unique moments is our speciality.

2016-11-06 The Conquerors Strength Team 61161222016-11-06 The Conquerors Strength Team 0572016-11-06 The Conquerors Strength Team 0672016-11-06 The Conquerors Strength Team 0612016-11-06 The Conquerors Strength Team 1162016-11-06 The Conquerors Strength Team 2632016-11-06 The Conquerors Strength Team 2882016-11-06 The Conquerors Strength Team 3542016-11-06 The Conquerors Strength Team 074

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Louise's Birthday

Trevor came running up to me at the beach as I was shooting Ana and Martina.


“Can you do something impromptu?” he asked. “ts my wife Louise’s birthday and we have been staying in the resort – can you do a photoshoot with us today?”


So Trevor and Louise joined us on the beach as we were shooting and we put together this quick series of portraits for them.


2016-10-29 Louise 0272016-10-29 Louise 0302016-10-29 Louise 0832016-10-29 Louise 0852016-10-29 Louise 0922016-10-29 Louise 101

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Ana and Martina - A Surfing Odyssey

I met Ana and Martina, two Brazilian girls staying on the Gold Coast, as they were working as Meter Maids during the Gold Coast Superfest.


We arranged to do a shoot combining their love of the beach and surfing and skateboards. The following saga was part of an amazing day shooting in lots of locations on the Gold Coast with these two super fun girls.


We even managed to squeeze in a commercial shoot with them at Domanis Restaurant.


2016-10-29 Martina and Ana 0122016-10-29 Martina and Ana 0402016-10-29 Martina and Ana 0432016-10-29 Martina and Ana 0822016-10-29 Martina and Ana 0872016-10-29 Martina and Ana 0732016-10-29 Martina and Ana 0922016-10-29 Martina and Ana 1002016-10-29 Martina and Ana 1152016-10-29 Martina and Ana 1062016-10-29 Martina and Ana 1072016-10-29 Martina and Ana 2262016-10-29 Martina and Ana 2822016-10-29 Martina and Ana 1812016-10-29 Martina and Ana 4242016-10-29 Martina and Ana 4622016-10-29 Martina and Ana 267

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Domanis Restaurant

Domanis Restaurant on Tedder Ave on the Gold Coast is an amazing restaurant. They have an awesome selection of beer and wine and a wonderful menu. You should definitely try them out.


Here are some pictures from a recent shoot for them.


If you have a restaurant or commercial business that needs great images for commercial use then contact us about our commercial packages.


2016-10-29 Domanis 0042016-10-29 Domanis 0142016-10-29 Domanis 0182016-10-29 Domanis 0382016-10-29 Domanis 0352016-10-29 Domanis 045

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