Large businesses have social media and marketing staff and budgets for their marketing. Small businesses often have no one, and have a website that was created years ago. Small businesses often are in competition with franchises and other large corporates with access to high quality images and graphic designers. As a result small businesses tend to rely on their own amateur photos or bland boring stock photography.

Dreamcoat Photography has designed some corporate photography packages specifically for small businesses so they can get a large amount of high quality business photos for web, social media and marketing.

Regular Package includes:

  • Professional Staff Profile Headshots (Up to 5 Staff)
  • Team Group Photo
  • Exterior Business Premises Photos
  • Onsite or in store photos of you, your team & equipment at work, doing what you do
  • Images sized and formatted for social media, website, flyers and print media including large format advertising
  • Cover images for Facebook, Linked In, Twitter and Google+ Approximately 50 professionally edited images

Deluxe Package includes the regular package with these additions and changes

  • White box products (up to 20 products)
  • Approximately 100 professionally edited images
  • Facebook advertising template
  • Showroom / office / factory interior photos
  • Up to 20 staff portraits

Of course we can adapt and tailor each package to your specific circumstances.

Contact us to day to discuss your needs.



Business Photos Package A4

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