2010-05-29 Bridal Show 151-750 Wedding photography is specialist work. As a bride and groom, you have only one wedding day, and no setup shots, chances for replays or re runs.
You must have confidence that your wedding photographer will be on time, on cue and on the ball. The first kiss, signing the register, that last tender handover from the father, the moment the flower girl throws the roses and everybody goes "oh how cute". Catching all these moments takes special skill and attention.

We specialise in getting these candid moments having practiced and practiced; we know our gear, the lighting conditions and the fact that people don't just act on cue.

For a wedding shoot we normally treat it as an all day affair, starting early in the morning as the bride and bridesmaids start their dressing routine, makeup and hair, right through to the last dance at the end of the reception.

We focus on creating specific memories for you, the little touches, the hand lettered place cards, the aisle bouquets great aunty Norma made for you, the special shoes and the ribbons on the cars. We create panoramic shots of the wedding reception and funny shots of the guests. We even provide a live stream to the internet with a webcam if necessary for overseas guests to be virtually present.

We can provide hair and makeup starting at $90 for the first lady and $85 thereafter.

Of course we also provide the regular posed photo shoots either before or after the ceremony depending on your preference. We are creative and innovative with angles, poses and locations, while working to produce photos that you want to get and will cherish for years.


It is so hard creating packaged wedding prices for people because every wedding is different and every couple is different. However we are happy to work everything out with who ever is paying the bill and make sure that we provide the right service for the right price. We always go above and beyond to ensure that your special day is captured with gorgeous photos.

As a general rule though allow a minimum of $1200 for our services for your special day. Prices go up from there depending on distance to the wedding, extra photographers and assistants, how long the group shoots are for, streaming video and makeup and hair. In addition if you want more photos than listed below edited then there will be additional costs for that.

What can you expect?

You can expect to receive around 100-120 good photos of the whole wedding with at least 10 high quality ones ready to be blown up and printed in a large format.
These will be supplied as digital files that will be full size images – usually 5-15MB in size. In addition we supply a DVD with all the OK non edited photos on it. Typically in that time frame this will be around 400-600 photos.

Printing prices vary depending on what size and quality as well as what medium, eg. Glossy, Canvas etc. Contact us for pricing.