We love taking photos. And we love helping other people learn as well. We provide individualised tuition for 1-3 people. The material covered depends on the person and what they want to learn so we don’t have specific courses as such.

Topics we have covered with clients recently include:

  • Getting to know your DSLR – going through the menus and functions of your camera and learning what it can do
  • Learning to shoot in M, Av and Tv (Canon) or A and S (Nikon)
  • Choosing the right lens to buy
  • How to setup and use off camera lighting
  • Model posing and shooting, glamour and portraits
  • Action photography

Here are some of the photos we have shot while out on these jaunts with people learning how to shoot better and have fun with their cameras.

You can book your learning session with us any time. Find out more and contact us.

2014-07-23 Beerburrum Bush 0012014-07-23 Beerburrum Bush 0182014-07-23 Beerburrum Bush 0322014-10-12 Standing Stones 005_6_72014-10-12 Standing Stones 023_4_52014-11-20 Laity Lodge 0122014-11-20 Laity Lodge 0092014-11-20 Laity Lodge 0382014-11-21 Canyon 0032014-11-22 Laity Lodge 0432015-01-03 Raindrops 0142014-12-20 Markets 0212014-11-26 Walk to Park 027Bribie Triathlon 0102014-11-22 Laity Lodge 0682015-02-04 Crows Nest National Park 016_7_8_tonemapped2015-02-04 Crows Nest National Park 1562015-02-04 Crows Nest National Park 1122015-01-03 Raindrops 023

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