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Brandon and Melissa Cadenaro Wedding

Brandon and Melissa are a couple that every photographer would love to have as a client. Melissa is super organised, contacting us almost 12 months before the wedding, arranging everything in advance, prepaying months in advance and knowing exactly what she wanted.

Sounds too good to be true? Well it wasnt.

It didn’t stop her having nerves or changing plans several times, but at least with plenty of time up her sleeve there were no last minute hurdles, and that meant we were able to be super organised and panned for her as well.

The wedding ceremony was a simple affair at the registry office, which happens to be next door to the luxury Treasury Hotel, where Brandon and Melissa had booked a suite and a function room.

We provided hair and makeup for the pre wedding trial and the wedding itself for the bridal party. With two photographers on hand to cover the rest of the event we had a ball with a 50’s pinup era inspired look.

Book us now for your pre-planned super organised wedding and we wont let you down. Or come to us as a last minute addition to your wedding and watch us do our thing to get you the best photos possible in a super short amount of time.

Here are some of my favourite pics from the day.


2013-05-25 Melissa and Brandon Wedding 0302013-05-25 Melissa and Brandon Wedding 0372013-05-25 Melissa and Brandon Wedding 9392013-05-25 Melissa and Brandon Wedding 1862013-05-25 Melissa and Brandon Wedding 9802013-05-25 Melissa and Brandon Wedding 2372013-05-25 Melissa and Brandon Wedding 3572013-05-25 Melissa and Brandon Wedding 3232013-05-25 Melissa and Brandon Wedding 3482013-05-25 Melissa and Brandon Wedding 3832013-05-25 Melissa and Brandon Wedding 3752013-05-25 Melissa and Brandon Wedding 4192013-05-25 Melissa and Brandon Wedding 407 bw2013-05-25 Melissa and Brandon Wedding 4112013-05-25 Melissa and Brandon Wedding 4312013-05-25 Melissa and Brandon Wedding 4372013-05-25 Melissa and Brandon Wedding 4462013-05-25 Melissa and Brandon Wedding 4602013-05-25 Melissa and Brandon Wedding 4772013-05-25 Melissa and Brandon Wedding 4892013-05-25 Melissa and Brandon Wedding 5142013-05-25 Melissa and Brandon Wedding 5172013-05-25 Melissa and Brandon Wedding 6502013-05-25 Melissa and Brandon Wedding 6542013-05-25 Melissa and Brandon Wedding 857

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Eddie and Lindas Wedding

This was a wedding we had waited a long time for. Not just clients but very special friends, Eddie and Linda tied the knot in a simple but very beautiful beach side ceremony at Cabarita Beach in NSW. We covered the whole day from the dressing and makeup, pre wedding photos with all 8 of Linda’s children, the wedding and post wedding afternoon tea and then some beautiful beachside couple shots.

The reception was a fortnight later and we covered that also.

Here are some of our favourite moments.

2013-03-30 Eddie and Linda Wedding 0442013-03-30 Eddie and Linda Wedding 0712013-03-30 Eddie and Linda Wedding 1032013-03-30 Eddie and Linda Wedding 1852013-03-30 Eddie and Linda Wedding 2292013-03-30 Eddie and Linda Wedding 2722013-03-30 Eddie and Linda Wedding 2732013-03-30 Eddie and Linda Wedding 3192013-03-30 Eddie and Linda Wedding 3372013-03-30 Eddie and Linda Wedding 3842013-03-30 Eddie and Linda Wedding 4142013-03-30 Eddie and Linda Wedding 11132013-03-30 Eddie and Linda Wedding 5152013-03-30 Eddie and Linda Wedding 7102013-03-30 Eddie and Linda Wedding 6402013-03-30 Eddie and Linda Wedding 7212013-03-30 Eddie and Linda Wedding 8522013-03-30 Eddie and Linda Wedding 944bw2013-03-30 Eddie and Linda Wedding 7912013-03-30 Eddie and Linda Wedding 6192013-03-30 Eddie and Linda Wedding 9742013-03-30 Eddie and Linda Wedding 9802013-03-30 Eddie and Linda Wedding 983

2013-04-13 Eddie and Linda Reception 0132013-04-13 Eddie and Linda Reception 0142013-04-13 Eddie and Linda Reception 0152013-04-13 Eddie and Linda Reception 0162013-04-13 Eddie and Linda Reception 0192013-04-13 Eddie and Linda Reception 0202013-04-13 Eddie and Linda Reception 0232013-04-13 Eddie and Linda Reception 0292013-04-13 Eddie and Linda Reception 0312013-04-13 Eddie and Linda Reception 0352013-04-13 Eddie and Linda Reception 0472013-04-13 Eddie and Linda Reception 1032013-04-13 Eddie and Linda Reception 1062013-04-13 Eddie and Linda Reception 1142013-04-13 Eddie and Linda Reception 1512013-04-13 Eddie and Linda Reception 144

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Wedding Day for Jeff and Natalie

When ultra tail runners Jeff and Natalie met through their running club sparks flew. Ok they were slow but eventually after Jeff ran an ultra as motivation to ask Natalie out and from then on it was just a matter of time.

And as I shoot them a lot out in the bush running ultra events (last one was 160km) they asked me to shoot the wedding also.

Last weekend they tied the know in front of immediate family in a very intimate and beautiful setting of the lush tropical rainforest of Mt Glorious.


We love shooting weddings and set up packages to suit all wedding types, from full service all day affairs through to small events like this one.

Contact us now.


Here are some of my favourite images from the day.


2013-03-16 Nat and Jeff Wedding 0552013-03-16 Nat and Jeff Wedding 0632013-03-16 Nat and Jeff Wedding 0032013-03-16 Nat and Jeff Wedding 0662013-03-16 Nat and Jeff Wedding 1012013-03-16 Nat and Jeff Wedding 1172013-03-16 Nat and Jeff Wedding 127_square2013-03-16 Nat and Jeff Wedding 1742013-03-16 Nat and Jeff Wedding 1802013-03-16 Nat and Jeff Wedding 2332013-03-16 Nat and Jeff Wedding 272bw2013-03-16 Nat and Jeff Wedding 3032013-03-16 Nat and Jeff Wedding 3342013-03-16 Nat and Jeff Wedding 3112013-03-16 Nat and Jeff Wedding 3602013-03-16 Nat and Jeff Wedding 4002013-03-16 Nat and Jeff Wedding 4102013-03-16 Nat and Jeff Wedding 4142013-03-16 Nat and Jeff Wedding 420

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Rhonda and Jims Wedding

It was a pleasure to photograph Rhonda and Jim’s wedding. They are having lots of fun together having met later in life. The day was full of hilarity and in Rhonda’s words was “the happiest day of my life”. The photos are full of joy and fun. The wedding was held in their own house and garden and the large shed was cleared and decorated for the reception.

The Dreamcoat team covered the bride getting made up and dressing, jewellery and special things, the cake, reception and speeches. We also did a shoot in the nearby park of the bridal party having lots of fun together as they let their hair down after the ceremony was over.

Here are some of my favourite photos.

2012-08-11 Jim and Rhonda Wedding 0022012-08-11 Jim and Rhonda Wedding 0112012-08-11 Jim and Rhonda Wedding montage2012-08-11 Jim and Rhonda Wedding 9382012-08-11 Jim and Rhonda Wedding 1952012-08-11 Jim and Rhonda Wedding 2152012-08-11 Jim and Rhonda Wedding 2202012-08-11 Jim and Rhonda Wedding 2092012-08-11 Jim and Rhonda Wedding 2292012-08-11 Jim and Rhonda Wedding 9782012-08-11 Jim and Rhonda Wedding 0932012-08-11 Jim and Rhonda Wedding 3092012-08-11 Jim and Rhonda Wedding 2902012-08-11 Jim and Rhonda Wedding 2532012-08-11 Jim and Rhonda Wedding 3632012-08-11 Jim and Rhonda Wedding 3862012-08-11 Jim and Rhonda Wedding 4662012-08-11 Jim and Rhonda Wedding 4762012-08-11 Jim and Rhonda Wedding 3992012-08-11 Jim and Rhonda Wedding 4492012-08-11 Jim and Rhonda Wedding 4462012-08-11 Jim and Rhonda Wedding 4922012-08-11 Jim and Rhonda Wedding 6192012-08-11 Jim and Rhonda Wedding 5682012-08-11 Jim and Rhonda Wedding 6232012-08-11 Jim and Rhonda Wedding 6372012-08-11 Jim and Rhonda Wedding 1232012-08-11 Jim and Rhonda Wedding 1212012-08-11 Jim and Rhonda Wedding 8082012-08-11 Jim and Rhonda Wedding 8092012-08-11 Jim and Rhonda Wedding 8182012-08-11 Jim and Rhonda Wedding 722

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Drew and Laurels Wedding

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, i love photographing weddings! The camaraderie and joie de vivre that is established between the bridal party and the photographer, the other assistants and people involved is so much fun. The makeup artist, hairdresser, kitchen people, helpers and other hangers on cant help but be infected by the absolute sense of fun and radiance expressed by the bride and groom on their special day. This wedding was no different.

Laurel was a gracious, calmly excited and absolutely beautiful bride. The boys were zany and easy to work with. The friends and other helpers were all accommodating of photographers everywhere in their face snapping away! On this shoot i had two helpers working with me, Catherine and Lara. Between us all we got some great shots and had a blast. here are some of my favourites from the day.

2012-06-22 Drew and Laurel Wedding 0872012-06-22 Drew and Laurel Wedding 1062012-06-22 Drew and Laurel Wedding 1102012-06-22 Drew and Laurel Wedding 1162012-06-23 Drew and Laurel Wedding 3642012-06-23 Drew and Laurel Wedding 0222012-06-23 Drew and Laurel Wedding 4022012-06-23 Drew and Laurel Wedding 4162012-06-23 Drew and Laurel Wedding 4202012-06-23 Drew and Laurel Wedding 3732012-06-23 Drew and Laurel Wedding 10492012-06-23 Drew and Laurel Wedding 10732012-06-23 Drew and Laurel Wedding 11132012-06-23 Drew and Laurel Wedding 0512012-06-23 Drew and Laurel Wedding 0752012-06-23 Drew and Laurel Wedding 4402012-06-23 Drew and Laurel Wedding 4512012-06-23 Drew and Laurel Wedding 4712012-06-23 Drew and Laurel Wedding 4822012-06-23 Drew and Laurel Wedding 5392012-06-23 Drew and Laurel Wedding 5492012-06-23 Drew and Laurel Wedding 6242012-06-23 Drew and Laurel Wedding 5542012-06-23 Drew and Laurel Wedding 6602012-06-23 Drew and Laurel Wedding 7852012-06-23 Drew and Laurel Wedding 8552012-06-23 Drew and Laurel Wedding 8692012-06-23 Drew and Laurel Wedding 2962012-06-23 Drew and Laurel Wedding 13922012-06-23 Drew and Laurel Wedding 17052012-06-23 Drew and Laurel Wedding 15232012-06-23 Drew and Laurel Wedding 17382012-06-23 Drew and Laurel Wedding 17892012-06-23 Drew and Laurel Wedding 17982012-06-23 Drew and Laurel Wedding 18052012-06-23 Drew and Laurel Wedding 18262012-06-23 Drew and Laurel Wedding 18352012-06-23 Drew and Laurel Wedding 18492012-06-23 Drew and Laurel Wedding 18562012-06-23 Drew and Laurel Wedding 18622012-06-23 Drew and Laurel Wedding 1863

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We love weddings

2010-08-07 Paxa Wedding 439At Dreamcoat Photography we love weddings. And with three weddings booked and coming up its time talk a bit more about how wedding photography works when you book with us.

The first question is usually the wrong question, how much? And though we have a page talking about wedding pricing this is really only an indication. Package prices are really an insult to you as a bride. Your day is unique to you and your fiancé and trying to package that is impossible. We design  a shoot that suits your specific circumstances and requirements and price that according to your budget. Of course we still have to be realistic, you need to have the budget to suit your tastes, whether that is 5 star dining or burgers and fries.
There are some things we always do. The first is a contract. The details are nutted out with you but a contract contains all the legal stuff about what we will and wont do, can be held responsible for and what we wont accept responsibility for, the payment terms and conditions and so on. This is pretty standard stuff in the industry and any photographer who isn’t using one should really be avoided as they don’t understand the first principles of a photography business.
That out of the way we get to the fun stuff. Actually this happens first so we can get the details for the  contract.

We create an individualised run sheet. for each wedding. What this means is we sit down with the bride, and the groom if he is still naive enough to think he has any say in what happens, and go through every little detail. Usually grooms get bored about ten minutes in and find something else to do which is fine. We just call them back to say “Yes honey” at the end.
By every little detail I mean every little detail. Are you wearing a garter? Do you want it photographed? Are you following the “Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue” tradition? If so we will plan to shoot those elements. We need time to do that so that needs to be fitted in somewhere. What times in your day are the fixed points in time, the ceremony start, the reception etc? What specific poses and elements do you want recorded because of their particular significance or relevance for you and your family? We work out who to talk to about lighting in the venues, access to ladders or other equipment if needed, access into the reception venue, any family feuds to be aware of, who not to pose with who and who we absolutely must get a photo of.
A very important component is understanding the venues and the lighting – we will try for a dress rehearsal or even a dry run at the same time of day so we can understand the lighting conditions we will need to deal with, the angles, the positions we can be in so as to get the shots while being as unobtrusive as possible while avoiding ugly or distracting backgrounds. If we are using two photographers as we do in most cases we work out what lenses and angles each will use. We also think about the alternate plans for outdoors if weather plays a part.
When it comes to the candid nature of weddings we excel because we have done our homework. Nothing surprises us and those funny little unscripted moments are a joy to capture for you because we are ready for them. The more formal scripted shots and poses, the signing of the register, the ring exchanges and even the first kiss are all planned and prepared for because we talk about them beforehand. We know how much fun your wedding will be and we want to capture all those emotions for you.

Now the big one, the wedding group photos. More and more people are putting the reception close to the ceremony so there is no big gap between them especially for people who have had to travel to be there. This can create two problems. The first is the amount of time there is to do the posed photos and the potential for travelling to the locations required for these photos can be come limited because of the time available. The second is the availability and use of natural light connected to the time of year and time of day.

There are to possible solutions. After working through it with you we can sometimes help you change the time frame where possible in order to ensure that there is enough time in this gap to ensure we can get leave the ceremony, travel to the shoot location(s) and get the photos with the right light – preferably afternoon light. This can be done by either moving the ceremony back or the reception forward.

Sometimes this is just not possible. Eg other bookings at the church or reception venue. The alternate solution which is quite common overseas and becoming more common here is to do the wedding group photos before the ceremony. This is actually quite good for a number of reasons. The wedding party relaxes and enjoys itself and gets all the pre wedding jitters out of the way. With enough time before hand we can capture photos from a range of places. However we don’t recommend the bride getting dropped into a stream or the ocean in her dress before the wedding!

At the end of the day – its your wedding, your day and your photos. We are just there to get them for you and we always do our absolute best to capture the day for you to treasure forever in print.


Shane and Jemimah Paxa Wedding

I love shooting weddings!

The intimacy of the couple in front of your lens is not forced or artificial - the sparks fly and there is real chemistry going on - and its a blast to be part of that capturing a little moment in time for the beautiful bride and groom.

Shane is a new friend, but his beautiful bride Jemimah has been my friend since I first me her when she was three. Actually I didn't meet her that day because I got to her house just after she had pulled the hot water jug on herself and had gone to hospital with burns. Since then Jemimah and her whole family have been friends and I have had the joy of seeing Jemimah grow up, coached her in sports, basketball volleyball and athletics, had her work for me in our business, babysit our kids and hang out as adults. Jemimah has always been strong willed and even when coaching her in basketball she would make sure she worked as hard as the boys – in fact winning the planking competition we ran against all comers.

So when she met Shane and decided to get married and asked me to photograph them i was overjoyed! Getting to do it on the family farm (Jemimah’s Grandparents and Uncle and Aunt’s place) was also a blast.

And just for a surprise the actual wedding on the beach featured bright green board shorts for the boys.

We did a pre-wedding day shoot just get into the spirit of things capturing some fun moments on the farm while looking for wedding day locations as well. Here are some of my favourite images from the two days of festivities.


The practice jumps should have told me how much fun this would be the next day!

2010-08-06 Paxa Pre Wedding 0652010-08-06 Paxa Pre Wedding 0672010-08-06 Paxa Pre Wedding 0682010-08-06 Paxa Pre Wedding 073

Lots of thistles on the farm – lets hope the days ahead are not full of thorns.

2010-08-06 Paxa Pre Wedding 061

And now to the wedding day.

Jemimah and her party and family got ready in one set of apartments.

2010-08-07 Paxa Wedding 0672010-08-07 Paxa Wedding 0732010-08-07 Paxa Wedding 0822010-08-07 Paxa Wedding 0902010-08-07 Paxa Wedding 1022010-08-07 Paxa Wedding 116

The boys got dressed in their suits and walked to the beach.

2010-08-07 Paxa Wedding 7402010-08-07 Paxa Wedding 8782010-08-07 Paxa Wedding 8022010-08-07 Paxa Wedding 8652010-08-07 Paxa Wedding 958

Then the bridal party came in and the ceremony ensued. Her father John both gave her away and conducted the ceremony – what an honour!


2010-08-07 Paxa Wedding 9982010-08-07 Paxa Wedding 1532010-08-07 Paxa Wedding 1572010-08-07 Paxa Wedding 1842010-08-07 Paxa Wedding 3192010-08-07 Paxa Wedding 3202010-08-07 Paxa Wedding 3292010-08-07 Paxa Wedding 3712010-08-07 Paxa Wedding 3792010-08-07 Paxa Wedding 3822010-08-07 Paxa Wedding 381

Then we had some great beach photos for the bridal party. The location was special as the boardwalk on the cliff top was where Shane had proposed to Jemimah.


2010-08-07 Paxa Wedding 3952010-08-07 Paxa Wedding 4042010-08-07 Paxa Wedding 4102010-08-07 Paxa Wedding 3992010-08-07 Paxa Wedding 436 montage2010-08-07 Paxa Wedding 4512010-08-07 Paxa Wedding 439

The group jumping shot was so funny – Jemimah jumps so enthusiastically – as she approaches everything in life!

2010-08-07 Paxa Wedding 4832010-08-07 Paxa Wedding 534

Then back to the farm for some great photos.

2010-08-07 Paxa Wedding 14932010-08-07 Paxa Wedding 14912010-08-07 Paxa Wedding 14992010-08-07 Paxa Wedding 1529

Finally it was the time for the reception, dinner and speeches followed by some family photos in the dark!.

2010-08-07 Paxa Wedding 12622010-08-07 Paxa Wedding 12852010-08-07 Paxa Wedding 1559

2010-08-07 Paxa Wedding 14652010-08-07 Paxa Wedding 14332010-08-07 Paxa Wedding 1574

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