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We got Jess back for some more studio work and combined with Erics Harley and a smoke machine to create some great low key shots.

If you have a bike you want to shoot why not bring it to our studio. We can provide smoke, models and even a workshop with tool benches to shoot in.

Here are some of the photos.

2017-04-01 Jess Studio 0712017-04-01 Jess Studio 0952017-04-01 Jess Studio 0462017-04-01 Jess Studio 0602017-04-01 Jess Studio 0102017-04-01 Jess Studio 1342017-04-01 Jess Studio 0282017-04-01 Jess Studio 301 v22017-04-01 Jess Studio 306 v22017-04-01 Jess Studio 249

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