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We ran a private Santa shoot in the studio for a number of families who wanted to get great Santa pics without the hasssle of the shopping centre Santa experience. With fully blue carded staff we love working with children and their families to get great photos.

Here is a a sample.

2017-12-03 Jucinda Santa 0382017-12-03 Jucinda Santa 0252017-12-03 Jucinda Santa 0272017-12-03 Erin and Abby Santa 0012017-12-03 Erin and Abby Santa 0042017-11-25 Rashelle Santa 0092017-11-25 Rashelle Santa 0152017-11-25 Rashelle Santa 0222017-11-25 Alexia Santa 0022017-11-25 Alexia Santa 0132017-11-25 Alexia Santa 0192017-11-25 Rashelle Santa 023

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