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Animals (12) Commercial (82) Cosplay (81) Family (27) Glamour (52) Musicians (7) Wedding (18)

The Neon Pop Anime and Cosplay festival is a ton of light, colour and sound. With Anime and Pop dance routines, acts and cosplay comps there was a ton to see and photograph.

If you want professional quality images of your event then contact us today. Here are some images from the event.



2017-02-03 Neon Pop 204v22017-02-03 Neon Pop 0172017-02-03 Neon Pop 0032017-02-03 Neon Pop 0382017-02-03 Neon Pop 0502017-02-03 Neon Pop 0492017-02-03 Neon Pop 3212017-02-03 Neon Pop 2982017-02-03 Neon Pop 3042017-02-03 Neon Pop 0452017-02-03 Neon Pop 3992017-02-03 Neon Pop 4072017-02-03 Neon Pop 4772017-02-03 Neon Pop 4732017-02-03 Neon Pop 4902017-02-03 Neon Pop 263v2

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