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We recently did a series of shoots for Black Armour Australia. The concepts were about using the high end compression gear they have and showcasing it using elite athletes in different sports.

We selected Mixed Martial Arts fighters Chris Bridgewater and Jessy Jess for a gym shoot. Andy Fellows and Maggie Symes are top level Australian Mountain Bikers. Finally Australian Ultra Runner representatives and champions John Pearson and Tamyka Bell were selected for the trail running component.

Each location chosen was designed to showcase the gear in use in active sport. We also produced a wide range of high key (white background) product shots that will eventually make their way onto the website.

If your company has clothing lines or product lines that you need marketing and promotional images of for magazine, website or other advertisements please contact us to talk about how we can provide quality images of your products for you.

Here are some of the shots.

2013-11-02 Black Armour Trail 0312013-11-02 Black Armour Trail 0852013-11-02 Black Armour Trail 219-crop2013-11-02 Black Armour Trail 1202013-11-02 Black Armour Trail 1812013-11-02 Black Armour MTB 1402013-11-02 Black Armour MTB 0812013-11-02 Black Armour MTB 0872013-11-02 Black Armour MTB 1802013-11-02 Black Armour MTB 2562013-11-02 Black Armour MTB 2382013-10-24 Black Armour MMA 0812013-10-24 Black Armour MMA 1612013-10-24 Black Armour MMA 1802013-10-24 Black Armour MMA 2392013-10-24 Black Armour MMA 2062013-10-24 Black Armour MMA 1902013-10-24 Black Armour MMA 2352013-10-24 Black Armour MMA 195

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