For a Music Band shoot we would normally recommend two hours on location or in the studio. If a combination is required then we would increase the time and price accordingly. In addition there are a number of hours of post editing work to do.

In addition we are prepared to come to live performances and shoot. To do this you must have permissions for us to take photos at the event, must have permission for us to have remote controlled flash equipment on stage and to be able to give us backstage and stage access passes if necessary. Please check with the gig and or venue management that we are able to do this for you before engaging us. We will still charge you for the location fee even if we are unable to take any pictures.

For each location we charge $150 for up to the first 2 hours and $70 per hour after that. The price covers the shoot time for all our staff, travel to location (up to 50km), but not post editing. Editing is charged at $70 per hour

Makeup and hair is additional and is at $150 for makeup per person and $90 for hair.

Studio shoots time is priced at $150 per hour. We also charge you for studio or venue hire if applicable. We also have a portable white or black seamless paper for single single person portraits.

You can expect to receive at least twenty good quality photos suitable for portfolios or album covers, artwork and promotional work. These will be supplied as digital files that will be full size images – usually 5-15MB in size. Photos will contain a small watermark in the corner. Our commercial pricing allows for an unrestricted licence to non watermarked photos, re-edit the photos and create derivatives. Contact us for details as we will generally provide images this way for bands who need to make covers, posters and other artwork incorporating our images.

Printing prices vary depending on what size and quality as well as what medium, eg. Glossy, Canvas etc. Contact us for pricing.


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