Tony and Leonies Secret Wedding

A secret wedding? Yes this was such a secret that the videographer and myself as photographer were the witnesses. the only people present were the bride and groom, the celebrant, myself and videographer Patty Beecham and the Tony’s son Josh. Oh and two horses and two dogs!

Tony and Leonie wanted to tie the knot their own special way with no one else involved. The day was beautiful and their property hidden away in a little side valley at Clear Mountain is remote and gorgeous. The horses behaved, the dogs were relaxed and Josh (suffering from a skateboard accident and in a wheelchair with a damaged leg) was a real trooper.

We had a blast shooting this wedding for Tony and Leonie. Hope you enjoy the pics.


2014-10-10 Tony and Leonie Wedding 0292014-10-10 Tony and Leonie Wedding 0562014-10-10 Tony and Leonie Wedding 0702014-10-10 Tony and Leonie Wedding 0782014-10-10 Tony and Leonie Wedding 1152014-10-10 Tony and Leonie Wedding 019v22014-10-10 Tony and Leonie Wedding 1192014-10-10 Tony and Leonie Wedding 1202014-10-10 Tony and Leonie Wedding 1452014-10-10 Tony and Leonie Wedding 1482014-10-10 Tony and Leonie Wedding 1862014-10-10 Tony and Leonie Wedding 1322014-10-10 Tony and Leonie Wedding 1972014-10-10 Tony and Leonie Wedding 2002014-10-10 Tony and Leonie Wedding 2502014-10-10 Tony and Leonie Wedding 2102014-10-10 Tony and Leonie Wedding 2222014-10-10 Tony and Leonie Wedding 371

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2014 WIT Gala Awards Dinner

Every year we sponsor the Women in Technology Gala Awards Dinner by shooting all the finalists and winners as well as general photos from the night.

All the photos can be found in the 2014 WIT Gala Awards Dinner Gallery.

Photos can be purchased from us and finalists and winners can request their free image by contacting us.

Digital image editing prices are as follows:

  • one photo $13
  • two photos $23
  • three photos $33
  • Additional photos $5 each

Printing prices

  • 12”x8” glossy $20 each
  • 6”x4” glossy $6 each
  • Postage and packing $7.50- Australia

Here are some of the photos from the WIT 2014 Gala Awards Dinner.

2014-09-05 WIT Awards 0112014-09-05 WIT Awards 0162014-09-05 WIT Awards 0172014-09-05 WIT Awards 0222014-09-05 WIT Awards 0682014-09-05 WIT Awards 0372014-09-05 WIT Awards 0572014-09-05 WIT Awards 0642014-09-05 WIT Awards 014

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PGA Coaching Summit and Headshots

The PGA recently hired us to shoot headshots of all the Australian Tour players and then to cover a Professional Coaching Summit conference.

The headshots were all shot after players finished the recent Brookwater round on a white background. The conference at the Royal  Pines Golf Course Conference Centre was a lot of fun and very informative as well – we got to listen to all the speakers including John Buchanan, Henry Brunton and David Wheadon.

The catering was top notch also!

Its a pleasure working for clients like these. If you are an event planner looking for a event photographer than feel free to contact us.

2014-09-09 PGA Coaching Summit 0152014-09-09 PGA Coaching Summit 0482014-09-09 PGA Coaching Summit 0802014-09-09 PGA Coaching Summit 0542014-09-09 PGA Coaching Summit 1522014-09-09 PGA Coaching Summit 1272014-09-09 PGA Coaching Summit 1832014-09-09 PGA Coaching Summit 1992014-09-09 PGA Coaching Summit 2452014-09-09 PGA Coaching Summit 3002014-09-09 PGA Coaching Summit 3502014-09-09 PGA Coaching Summit 3162014-09-09 PGA Coaching Summit 4372014-09-09 PGA Coaching Summit 5472014-09-09 PGA Coaching Summit 4702014-09-09 PGA Coaching Summit 5802014-09-09 PGA Coaching Summit 5762014-09-09 PGA Coaching Summit 564

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Capital Smart Conference

We love to shoot corporate events and functions. There is always a lot of planning that goes in behind the scenes on these events and the Capital Smart one was no different. Three days of conferences including team building exercises, information sessions, dinners and partying.

We had a team of three photographers covering part of the event for them.

Here are some of the photos showcasing what we can achieve for our clients.

If you are planning a corporate function, dinner, awards night, teambuilding event or conference then please contact us for a quote.


2014-08-23 Capital Smart 1292014-08-23 Capital Smart 2232014-08-23 Capital Smart 4742014-08-23 Capital Smart 6242014-08-23 Capital Smart 7232014-08-23 Capital Smart 8312014-08-23 Capital Smart 10422014-08-23 Capital Smart 10942014-08-23 Capital Smart 11542014-08-23 Capital Smart 11412014-08-23 Capital Smart 11232014-08-23 Capital Smart 11482014-08-23 Capital Smart 13312014-08-23 Capital Smart 13352014-08-23 Capital Smart 13042014-08-23 Capital Smart 15602014-08-23 Capital Smart 15442014-08-23 Capital Smart 16352014-08-23 Capital Smart 16242014-08-23 Capital Smart 16642014-08-23 Capital Smart 18032014-08-23 Capital Smart 1815

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Sunshine Coast University Imaginarium

Sunshine Coast University has an open day they called the Sunshine Coast Imaginarium. We went along to see the quidditch and other events.

I took a camera and just shot various images of people and stuff.

Here are some of the pics. The full album can be found on Facebook.

2014-08-10 Sunshine Uni Imaginarium 0012014-08-10 Sunshine Uni Imaginarium 0332014-08-10 Sunshine Uni Imaginarium 0362014-08-10 Sunshine Uni Imaginarium 1552014-08-10 Sunshine Uni Imaginarium 0352014-08-10 Sunshine Uni Imaginarium 0562014-08-10 Sunshine Uni Imaginarium 1532014-08-10 Sunshine Uni Imaginarium 1642014-08-10 Sunshine Uni Imaginarium 1882014-08-10 Sunshine Uni Imaginarium 1672014-08-10 Sunshine Uni Imaginarium 1912014-08-10 Sunshine Uni Imaginarium 1792014-08-10 Sunshine Uni Imaginarium 1962014-08-10 Sunshine Uni Imaginarium 2122014-08-10 Sunshine Uni Imaginarium 2012014-08-10 Sunshine Uni Imaginarium 1822014-08-10 Sunshine Uni Imaginarium 2342014-08-10 Sunshine Uni Imaginarium 2292014-08-10 Sunshine Uni Imaginarium 2432014-08-10 Sunshine Uni Imaginarium 265

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Ritas Derby Shoot

We have created a specialist website just for Roller Derby Photos at Red Hot Snapper. However the site is still under construction so this derby “glamour” shoot is going here for now.

Ripper Rita is a tough competitor and plays for SCAR (Sunshine Coast Area Rollers). We are now the official photographers for SCAR and you will be seeing more of our work for them over at

In the meantime – enjoy these photos of Ripper Rita.

2014-07-23 Rita Derby Shoot 0552014-07-23 Rita Derby Shoot 0272014-07-23 Rita Derby Shoot 0302014-07-23 Rita Derby Shoot 022

2014-07-23 Rita Derby Shoot 0792014-07-23 Rita Derby Shoot 0852014-07-23 Rita Derby Shoot 0642014-07-23 Rita Derby Shoot 0352014-07-23 Rita Derby Shoot 0602014-07-23 Rita Derby Shoot 1082014-07-23 Rita Derby Shoot 1122014-07-23 Rita Derby Shoot 1162014-07-23 Rita Derby Shoot 1292014-07-23 Rita Derby Shoot 1382014-07-23 Rita Derby Shoot 1302014-07-23 Rita Derby Shoot 1422014-07-23 Rita Derby Shoot 1542014-07-23 Rita Derby Shoot 1612014-07-23 Rita Derby Shoot 147

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