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Miller Family Portraits

Sometimes we take photos of ourselves. But usually being on the other side of the camera makes this a rarity. This time we got dressed up and did some shooting.

2016-11-23 Millers 0062016-11-23 Millers 0082016-11-23 Millers 0182016-11-23 Millers 0252016-11-23 Millers 0202016-11-23 Millers 0222016-11-23 Millers 0362016-11-23 Millers 0402016-11-23 Millers 0482016-11-23 Millers 0552016-11-23 Millers 0512016-11-23 Millers 052

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Shannon and James Formal and Engagement

Shannon’s mum wanted some formal photos for her daughter with her boyfriend James. At least he was the boyfriend. These beautiful sunset photos turned into a little more than formal posing!

We were delighted to shoot Shannon and James wedding not long after these photos!

2016-11-18 Shannon and James 0532016-11-18 Shannon and James 0682016-11-18 Shannon and James 0922016-11-18 Shannon and James 1252016-11-18 Shannon and James 1362016-11-18 Shannon and James 1422016-11-18 Shannon and James 1782016-11-18 Shannon and James 1672016-11-18 Shannon and James 1902016-11-18 Shannon and James 2022016-11-18 Shannon and James 1942016-11-18 Shannon and James 2112016-11-18 Shannon and James 207

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The Stevenson Ladies

The Stevensons wanted mother and daughter photos to complete a series started way back. And with her recent graduation it was time for the next in the series.

We obliged with these lovely photos with their dog and in the local park.


The Stevensons wanted mother and daughter photos to complete a series started way back. And with her recent graduation it was time for the next in the series.

We obliged with these lovely photos with their dog and in the local park.


2016-11-12 Stevenson Ladies 1097-autumn2016-11-12 Stevenson Ladies 10742016-11-12 Stevenson Ladies 10462016-11-12 Stevenson Ladies 11402016-11-12 Stevenson Ladies 11232016-11-12 Stevenson Ladies 11262016-11-12 Stevenson Ladies 1146


Newborn Photos of Charlie

Charlie’s Grandma came to us to get photos of the first grandchild – she was so excited!

We had a lovely time and Charlie was such an angel. She only peed on her dad once!


The photos are gorgeous and the family are in love with little Charlies precious photos.

Here’s what Charlies mum said to us”

He did a newborn shoot for my daughter and was absolutely excellent he was so lovely and the photos were amazing !!!! Definately (sic) recommending him to everyone

— Georgia


Here are some of the photos. Why not contact us if you want newborn images?



2016-10-08 Charlie Swinfield 0112016-10-08 Charlie Swinfield 0452016-10-08 Charlie Swinfield 053bw2016-10-08 Charlie Swinfield 0572016-10-08 Charlie Swinfield 112

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First Birthday Party for CJ

CJ has a loving family who put on a massive party for his first birthday. All the uncles, aunties and cousins were there as well as Grandma.

We covered the party, and then did some family photos. We also came back for some more formal photos of CJ and his mum and dad and siblings.

If you want us to cover your party for any age birthday or any special occasion then book a shoot with us. And formal studio images are fun to to do anytime as well.

Here are some of the pics.

2016-07-10 CJ Sereva Birthday 81542016-07-10 CJ Sereva Birthday 8019 2016-07-10 CJ Sereva Birthday 8032

2016-07-10 CJ Sereva Birthday 8095

2016-07-10 CJ Sereva Birthday 8040  2016-07-10 CJ Sereva Birthday 8391

2016-07-10 CJ Sereva Birthday 8419

 2016-07-22 Sereva Portraits 037  2016-07-22 Sereva Portraits 032

2016-07-22 Sereva Portraits 010

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Trent and Tenille Sibling Photos

Shooting adult siblings is always a load of laughs. Trent and Tenille were no exception. In their words their relationship flips between wanting to kill each other and tender care for the other. We went to a local forested area and playground and just acted like big kids. My sides were splitting at their antics.

Here are some of my faves from the shoot. If you want photos with your brothers and sisters then contact us for a booking.

2016-05-17 Tenille and Trent 0132016-05-17 Tenille and Trent 0332016-05-17 Tenille and Trent 0572016-05-17 Tenille and Trent 0872016-05-17 Tenille and Trent 0392016-05-17 Tenille and Trent 0592016-05-17 Tenille and Trent 0782016-05-17 Tenille and Trent 0982016-05-17 Tenille and Trent 1072016-05-17 Tenille and Trent 143

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I lost a Good Friend

I lost a good friend and mentor last month. Ian Hodge went to be with his maker after complications from surgery after a fall. He was a very true friend. He was also at various times my business associate, boss, colleague and employee.

I went through my photos and found only a few of him. They were taken one day at work when we had a client come for some profile pics and Ian was there so I did some updated ones of him also. I also have some screen grabs from videos taken when we were presenting together one time.vlcsnap-2016-04-14-07h50m54s583 Ian Hodge

This is a gentle reminder to make sure you have nice photos of your loved ones before they leave. Contact us now to book a shoot.

This video is a short explanation by Ian of our our relationship from one of those seminars.

Here is my favorite photo from the shoot.

2012-12-11 Ian Hodge 006-2

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