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Steampunk Ursula

Wendy loves steampunk. And she loves to cosplay steampunk variations of her favourite characters. Here she is as steampunk Ursula form The Little Mermaid.


2016-11-13 Wendy Dobell 0102016-11-13 Wendy Dobell 0132016-11-13 Wendy Dobell 0192016-11-13 Wendy Dobell 0302016-11-13 Wendy Dobell 0342016-11-13 Wendy Dobell 0432016-11-13 Wendy Dobell 047

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Harry Potter Family

Sarah came to us with a request to shoot their family all dressed as Harry Potter characters.

I think they did an awesome job!

2016-11-13 Sarah Booth Family 0022016-11-13 Sarah Booth Family 0512016-11-13 Sarah Booth Family 0072016-11-13 Sarah Booth Family 0122016-11-13 Sarah Booth Family 0282016-11-13 Sarah Booth Family 0342016-11-13 Sarah Booth Family 0402016-11-13 Sarah Booth Family 0452016-11-13 Sarah Booth Family 0592016-11-13 Sarah Booth Family 0602016-11-13 Sarah Booth Family 064 jadeen

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Meagan as Black Widow

Meagan runs MD-Cosplay and she just loves running around as a deadly assassin on her weekends off!

Here she is as Black Widow.

2016-11-13 Meagan Date 0162016-11-13 Meagan Date 0172016-11-13 Meagan Date 024-cartoon2016-11-13 Meagan Date 0102016-11-13 Meagan Date 0392016-11-13 Meagan Date 0572016-11-13 Meagan Date 0662016-11-13 Meagan Date 0732016-11-13 Meagan Date 034

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2016 Comic Con Brisbane

As usual the Dreamcoat Photography team was at Comic Con in the hallways shooting the awesome cosplayers who rock up to the event every year.

Here are some of the free pics we put on facebook. Saturday and Sunday albums here.


2016-09-17 Comic Con 60910232016-09-17 Comic Con 60910282016-09-17 Comic Con 60910262016-09-17 Comic Con 60910332016-09-17 Comic Con 60910542016-09-17 Comic Con 60910572016-09-17 Comic Con 60910682016-09-17 Comic Con 60910612016-09-17 Comic Con 60910722016-09-17 Comic Con 60910762016-09-17 Comic Con 60911062016-09-17 Comic Con 60910912016-09-17 Comic Con 60910902016-09-17 Comic Con 60911042016-09-18 Comic Con 60918462016-09-17 Comic Con 60912092016-09-18 Comic Con 60918302016-09-18 Comic Con 60918082016-09-17 Comic Con 60910712016-09-18 Comic Con 60918392016-09-18 Comic Con 60918382016-09-18 Comic Con 60918582016-09-18 Comic Con 60918672016-09-18 Comic Con 60918902016-09-18 Comic Con 60918742016-09-18 Comic Con 6091842

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Starwars Light Sabre Shoot

Shaun and I have shot cosplay together for years – with many shoots of Shaun and or his creations on other people. Check out his awesome businesses; Part Time Hero Props and Sunday Studios who publish Pigeon Pie Pop Culture Zine.


Here are some of the pics shot in the carpark under the convention centre.




2016-09-18 Comic Con 60919632016-09-18 Comic Con 60919652016-09-18 Comic Con 60919752016-09-18 Comic Con 60919792016-09-18 Comic Con 60919802016-09-18 Comic Con 60919932016-09-18 Comic Con 6091990

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Living Doll from BloodBorne

Brittany was a first time cosplay shoot with her amazing Living Doll from BloodBorne. I got one of the best testimonials ever from her.

I was expecting it to be a lot more awkward but it was basically just like hanging out with my dad!

See the rest of her testimonial.


If you would like to come and do a shoot but were worried about feeling awkward – don’t! Our team love to make you feel relaxed and natural in front of the camera – and that gets you great photos!


Here are some of her pics – shot on a rainy afternoon in a cemetery.


2016-09-18 Comic Con 60920092016-09-18 Comic Con 60920192016-09-18 Comic Con 60920182016-09-18 Comic Con 60920342016-09-18 Comic Con 60920292016-09-18 Comic Con 60920432016-09-18 Comic Con 6092002

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Laura as Flapper Harlequin

Laura wanted to shoot her Flapper Harlequin Cosplay. this was her first time in front of a camera doing a shoot - I think she did pretty well!

Here are some of the cosplay pics. Why not book a mini cosplay shoot with us at a convention soon?

2016-09-17 Comic Con 60911262016-09-17 Comic Con 60911192016-09-17 Comic Con 60911432016-09-17 Comic Con 60911482016-09-17 Comic Con 60911532016-09-17 Comic Con 60911722016-09-17 Comic Con 60911772016-09-17 Comic Con 60911592016-09-17 Comic Con 60911622016-09-17 Comic Con 6091200

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