Vantacor LARP January 2014

LARP or Live Action Role Play is cosplay on speed, real life dungeons and dragons, fantasy meets reality and a heck of a lot of fun!

Vantacor is a fantasy land and the Heroes Odyssey Inc group battles Orcs, undead and other creatures there every few months.

Dreamcoat Photography got right into the action shooting the last event, and are looking forward to future events as well.

All the images can be seen in two Facebook albums

Jan 2014 Vantacor LARP 1

Jan 2014 Vantacor LARP 2


We like to make our images as affordable as possible. We publish small images with a big watermark to Facebook for easy sharing and tagging. However full high res photos with a small discreet watermark in the corner are available for a very realistic price. Note these prices are for a digital image that can not be edited or used commercially but may be displayed on personal pages, in social media etc as is. For re editing or commercial use please contact for pricing.

  • one photo $12
  • two photos $22
  • three photos $30
  • up to 10 photos $40
  • after that $4 per photo


Individual prints are also available in 2 easy sizes;

  • 6”x4” $6 each
  • 12”x8” $12 each

All prints are shipped flat in cardboard parcels and there is a postage and handling cost of $7.50 (AUS).

Here are some of the photos from the day.

2014-01-11 Vantacor LARP 13902014-01-11 Vantacor LARP 0562014-01-11 Vantacor LARP 0912014-01-11 Vantacor LARP 1792014-01-11 Vantacor LARP 2102014-01-11 Vantacor LARP 4882014-01-11 Vantacor LARP 5632014-01-11 Vantacor LARP 5962014-01-11 Vantacor LARP 16772014-01-11 Vantacor LARP 6942014-01-11 Vantacor LARP 7012014-01-11 Vantacor LARP 6442014-01-11 Vantacor LARP 6262014-01-11 Vantacor LARP 18662014-01-11 Vantacor LARP 11742014-01-11 Vantacor LARP 12092014-01-11 Vantacor LARP 1933

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Unleashed Markets Toowoomba Nov 2013

We were back in Toowoomba for the Unleashed Markets on the 3rd of November 2013. We got to do some work with the Doctor Who Society up there as well as general event photography.

Here are some of the photos.

The rest are on Facebook

2013-11-03 Unleashed 0082013-11-03 Unleashed 0102013-11-03 Unleashed 0152013-11-03 Unleashed 0162013-11-03 Unleashed 0222013-11-03 Unleashed 0252013-11-03 Unleashed Toowoomba 0032013-11-03 Unleashed Toowoomba 0152013-11-03 Unleashed Toowoomba 0182013-11-03 Unleashed Toowoomba 0282013-11-03 Unleashed Toowoomba 0482013-11-03 Unleashed Toowoomba 1122013-11-03 Unleashed Toowoomba 1522013-11-03 Unleashed Toowoomba 0832013-11-03 Unleashed Toowoomba 2252013-11-03 Unleashed Toowoomba 1732013-11-03 Unleashed Toowoomba 294

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2013 Supanova Brisbane

Supanova Brisbane is always a great event. I couldn’t go last year as I was in USA. This time the whole family went dressed up and i took a lot of photos of all sorts of cosplayers. It was great to meet up with so many people i knew as well.

Here is a selection of images from the event. As always you can purchase full size edited images from us – prices are as follows:

Digital image editing prices are as follows:

  • one photo $10
  • two photos $18
  • three photos $25
  • Additional photos $5 each

Printing prices

  • 12”x8” glossy $20 each
  • 6”x4” glossy $5 each
  • Postage and packing $7.50- Australia

Canvas and large format printing can be arranged - POA.

See more at:

See all the photos on Facebook or on Flickr.

2013-11-09 Supanova Brisbane 583-8002013-11-09 Supanova Brisbane 604-8002013-11-09 Supanova Brisbane 608-8002013-11-09 Supanova Brisbane 647-8002013-11-09 Supanova Brisbane 657-8002013-11-09 Supanova Brisbane 751-8002013-11-09 Supanova Brisbane 696-8002013-11-09 Supanova Brisbane 895-8002013-11-09 Supanova Brisbane 860-8002013-11-09 Supanova Brisbane 849-8002013-11-09 Supanova Brisbane 856-8002013-11-09 Supanova Brisbane 741-8002013-11-09 Supanova Brisbane 799-8002013-11-09 Supanova Brisbane 806-8002013-11-09 Supanova Brisbane 875-8002013-11-09 Supanova Brisbane 878-8002013-11-09 Supanova Brisbane 900-8002013-11-09 Supanova Brisbane 200-8002013-11-09 Supanova Brisbane 059-8002013-11-09 Supanova Brisbane 058-8002013-11-09 Supanova Brisbane 101-8002013-11-09 Supanova Brisbane 222-8002013-11-09 Supanova Brisbane 251-8002013-11-09 Supanova Brisbane 254-8002013-11-09 Supanova Brisbane 285-8002013-11-09 Supanova Brisbane 299-8002013-11-09 Supanova Brisbane 293-8002013-11-09 Supanova Brisbane 300-8002013-11-09 Supanova Brisbane 295-8002013-11-09 Supanova Brisbane 483-8002013-11-09 Supanova Brisbane 325-8002013-11-09 Supanova Brisbane 333-8002013-11-09 Supanova Brisbane 367-800


Borderlands 2 Mad Moxxi Cosplay Shoot

Regular cosplayer Cassie McDonnell has another awesome costume and commissioned us to shoot it for her. Taking advantage of our October Special she also got two free prints! Borderlands 2 is a post apocalyptic first person shooter and Mad Moxxi runs the Underdome Riot, an underground fight arena. Cassie’ costume and makeup was extremely detailed and very close to the game character.

If you want Cosplay photos for you or with a friend then contact us.

Here are some of the images from the shoot, the rest can be seen on Facebook.

2013-10-10 Cassie Moxxi Cosplay 025-bg2013-10-10 Cassie Moxxi Cosplay 0192013-10-10 Cassie Moxxi Cosplay 0512013-10-10 Cassie Moxxi Cosplay 011-bg2013-10-10 Cassie Moxxi Cosplay 0332013-10-10 Cassie Moxxi Cosplay 077mm2013-10-10 Cassie Moxxi Cosplay 0832013-10-10 Cassie Moxxi Cosplay 1002013-10-10 Cassie Moxxi Cosplay 107


We Love Onesies and Fur Suits

The latest Toombul Unleashed Alternative Markets saw Onesie and fur suit wearers coming in for photos. Lots of fun was had by all. here are a few of the photos from the photo booth and the markets themselves.

2013-08-25 Unleashed 0092013-08-25 Unleashed 0112013-08-25 Unleashed 0212013-08-25 Unleashed 0222013-08-25 Unleashed 0312013-08-25 Unleashed 0172013-08-25 Unleashed 0272013-08-25 Unleashed Markets Toombul 0102013-08-25 Unleashed Markets Toombul 0122013-08-25 Unleashed Markets Toombul 0182013-08-25 Unleashed Markets Toombul 0312013-08-25 Unleashed Markets Toombul 0792013-08-25 Unleashed Markets Toombul 1132013-08-25 Unleashed Markets Toombul 2062013-08-25 Unleashed Markets Toombul 2042013-08-25 Unleashed Markets Toombul 1452013-08-25 Unleashed Markets Toombul 2792013-08-25 Unleashed Markets Toombul 1372013-08-25 Unleashed Markets Toombul 1272013-08-25 Unleashed Markets Toombul 3932013-08-25 Unleashed Markets Toombul 4062013-08-25 Unleashed Markets Toombul 321

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Unleashed Alternative Markets Southport July 2013

The Unleashed Markets descended on the Southport Sharks AFL clubs function centre for a day of market stalls, shenanigans, alternative folk and curious normals. We were able to team up with Veritas Dark again and the amazing Ben Perez in costume as Death himself. There were lots of photos taken and lots of shopping done.

Here are some of my favourite pics.

2013-07-28 Unleashed Markets Southport 0012013-07-28 Unleashed Markets Southport 0542013-07-28 Unleashed Markets Southport 0712013-07-28 Unleashed Markets Southport 0892013-07-28 Unleashed Markets Southport 1342013-07-28 Unleashed Markets Southport 1392013-07-28 Unleashed Markets Southport 2132013-07-28 Unleashed Markets Southport 2322013-07-28 Unleashed Markets Southport 2422013-07-28 Unleashed Markets Southport 2802013-07-28 Unleashed Markets Southport 2242013-07-28 Unleashed Markets Southport 1512013-07-28 Unleashed Markets Southport 2632013-07-28 Unleashed Markets Southport 2672013-07-28 Unleashed Markets Southport 2462013-07-28 Unleashed Markets Southport 3782013-07-28 Unleashed Markets Southport 3312013-07-28 Unleashed Markets Southport 3712013-07-28 Unleashed Markets Southport 3882013-07-28 Unleashed Markets Southport 3672013-07-28 Unleashed Markets Southport 4062013-07-28 Unleashed Markets Southport 3802013-07-28 Unleashed Markets Southport 3792013-07-28 Unleashed Markets Southport 453

Here are some of the pictures from our photobooth. All the photos can be seen on Facebook. Markets people and stalls, Photo booth

2013-07-28 Unleashed 0172013-07-28 Unleashed 0092013-07-28 Unleashed 0592013-07-28 Unleashed 0262013-07-28 Unleashed 0572013-07-28 Unleashed 0242013-07-28 Unleashed 0302013-07-28 Unleashed 068

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Unleashed Markets Toowoomba July 2013

The first Unleashed Alternative Markets at Toowoomba in July 2013 was a great success. There were hundreds of people through the doors of the Annand St Indoor Bowls Club where we were set up. We had a great little studio setup happening and were able to shoot some awesome people with high key shots. As usual we also covered the markets shooting stalls, individual items and people. We had the services of Mark Skater from the Vault dressed as Commander Orc from Team Sucker Punch Cosplay and Tilly dressed in a camo corset and lace boots as our promo person. We even made it into the newspaper!

Here are some of my fave pics from the event. All the rest in Facebook albums Photobooth 1, Photobooth 2 and Public Markets.

2013-07-14 Unleashed Market Toowoomba 0142013-07-14 Unleashed Market Toowoomba 0262013-07-14 Unleashed Market Toowoomba 0562013-07-14 Unleashed 0082013-07-14 Unleashed Market Toowoomba 0742013-07-14 Unleashed Market Toowoomba 1602013-07-14 Unleashed 0692013-07-14 Unleashed Market Toowoomba 0602013-07-14 Unleashed Market Toowoomba 0642013-07-14 Unleashed 0452013-07-14 Unleashed 0392013-07-14 Unleashed 0502013-07-14 Unleashed Market Toowoomba 1702013-07-14 Unleashed Market Toowoomba 2392013-07-14 Unleashed 0582013-07-14 Unleashed Market Toowoomba 2352013-07-14 Unleashed Market Toowoomba 2562013-07-14 Unleashed 0712013-07-14 Unleashed 0972013-07-14 Unleashed 0892013-07-14 Unleashed 087

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