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Genderbend Tornado from One Punch Man by Krystal

Krystal did an amazing job of this genderbend character Tornado from the Anime One Punch Man.

We shot her in numerous Gold Coast locations.

2017-04-22 Krystal 0212017-04-22 Amy and Krystal 0262017-04-22 Amy and Krystal 0332017-04-22 Amy and Krystal 0412017-04-22 Krystal 0062017-04-22 Krystal 0102017-04-22 Krystal 0282017-04-22 Krystal 0242017-04-22 Krystal 0252017-04-22 Krystal 0392017-04-22 Krystal 0312017-04-22 Krystal 0332017-04-22 Krystal 0662017-04-22 Krystal 0602017-04-22 Krystal 063

2017-04-22 Krystal 1562017-04-22 Krystal 1612017-04-22 Krystal 151

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Harley Quinn on the Beach with Amy

Amy did an awesome Harley Quinn Cosplay and we have immortalised it here for her after shooting on the Gold Coast Beach.

2017-04-22 Amy and Krystal 012 v22017-04-22 Amy and Krystal 015 v22017-04-22 Amy and Krystal 009 (retouched)2017-04-22 Amy and Krystal 0072017-04-22 Amy and Krystal 0222017-04-22 Amy and Krystal 019 bw

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Gender Bend Captain America Cosplay

Melinda Wait came to us for her very first cosplay photos. She chose a genderbend version of Captain America. She had lots of little funky details including a crocheted shield!

After we finished shooting this on the bottom of the Gold Coast, we headed into Surfers Paradise for some Nightclub Harley Quinn Photos with Melinda.

Check out our cosplay shoot pricing for your cosplay photos.

2017-04-21 Melinda Wait Cosplay 0192017-04-21 Melinda Wait Cosplay 0202017-04-21 Melinda Wait Cosplay 0312017-04-21 Melinda Wait Cosplay 0632017-04-21 Melinda Wait Cosplay 0052017-04-21 Melinda Wait Cosplay 0702017-04-21 Melinda Wait Cosplay 0862017-04-21 Melinda Wait Cosplay 121v22017-04-21 Melinda Wait Cosplay 1272017-04-21 Melinda Wait Cosplay 1412017-04-21 Melinda Wait Cosplay 1392017-04-21 Melinda Wait Cosplay 1482017-04-21 Melinda Wait Cosplay 147

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Georgia Rose Cosplay Bikini and Fashion

Georgia came to use to shoot a specific cosplay, Anarchy Panty, from the Japanese Anime Panty & Stocking. We backed this up woith some fashion and portrait shots as well as a fun bikini shoot at the seaside. The sun played nicely allowing us to get some awesome sunset shots near these old bridge pilings.

Here are some photos from the shoot.

2017-02-15 Georgia 0312017-02-15 Georgia 0522017-02-15 Georgia 0562017-02-15 Georgia 0922017-02-15 Georgia 0722017-02-15 Georgia 0862017-02-15 Georgia 1582017-02-15 Georgia 1712017-02-15 Georgia 1562017-02-15 Georgia 1632017-02-15 Georgia 1742017-02-15 Georgia 142v22017-02-15 Georgia 1802017-02-15 Georgia 1662017-02-15 Georgia 1892017-02-15 Georgia 208

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Neon Pop 2017

The Neon Pop Anime and Cosplay festival is a ton of light, colour and sound. With Anime and Pop dance routines, acts and cosplay comps there was a ton to see and photograph.

If you want professional quality images of your event then contact us today. Here are some images from the event.



2017-02-03 Neon Pop 204v22017-02-03 Neon Pop 0172017-02-03 Neon Pop 0032017-02-03 Neon Pop 0382017-02-03 Neon Pop 0502017-02-03 Neon Pop 0492017-02-03 Neon Pop 3212017-02-03 Neon Pop 2982017-02-03 Neon Pop 3042017-02-03 Neon Pop 0452017-02-03 Neon Pop 3992017-02-03 Neon Pop 4072017-02-03 Neon Pop 4772017-02-03 Neon Pop 4732017-02-03 Neon Pop 4902017-02-03 Neon Pop 263v2

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DC Comics Cosplay Shoot

We had a great time shooting heaps of cosplayers at this cosplay meetup organised by Sunday Studios.

It belted down with rain and we got amazing photos in a carpark with an impromptu temporary waterfall and puddles for reflections.

Here are some examples from the shoot.

2017-01-15 DC Comic Shoot 0222017-01-15 DC Comic Shoot 0392017-01-15 DC Comic Shoot 050cartoon2017-01-15 DC Comic Shoot 0532017-01-15 DC Comic Shoot 0622017-01-15 DC Comic Shoot 055 v22017-01-15 DC Comic Shoot 065cartoon2017-01-15 DC Comic Shoot 0692017-01-15 DC Comic Shoot 1012017-01-15 DC Comic Shoot 1112017-01-15 DC Comic Shoot 1882017-01-15 DC Comic Shoot 1582017-01-15 DC Comic Shoot 1832017-01-15 DC Comic Shoot 078

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Supanova Brisbane 2016

Once again we made the trek to Supanova Brisbane and shot lots of fun cosplay characters. We always have paid shoots to do so we focus on those but when we get a chance we get into the halls and shoot some casual shots.

These photos are always shared to Facebook for people to see. Here are a few of our favourites from the Facebook Album.

Remember if you want great cosplay photos at the conventions it pays to take advantage of our special cosplay shoot deals.

2016-11-13 Supanova 0322016-11-13 Supanova 0242016-11-13 Supanova 0252016-11-13 Supanova 0282016-11-13 Supanova 0312016-11-13 Supanova 0402016-11-13 Supanova 0472016-11-13 Supanova 0502016-11-13 Supanova 0612016-11-13 Supanova 060 - anime2016-11-13 Supanova 0672016-11-13 Supanova 0802016-11-13 Supanova 0872016-11-13 Supanova 0712016-11-13 Supanova 0752016-11-13 Supanova 0832016-11-13 Supanova 0892016-11-13 Supanova 0932016-11-13 Supanova 0972016-11-13 Supanova 017

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