Ben and Michelle Ballerina meets Death

Shooting people is fun. and Shooting people in weird situations is even more fun. A recent group cosplay shoot here in Brisbane was an opportunity to do something a little different. We shoot a lot of cosplay so decided to do shoot some ballerina poses in different locations – and just for fun throw in some cosplay – in the form of Death – the grim reaper complete with scythe in the background!

The locations we utilised were the Powerhouse Museum in Brisbane and Fort Lytton where we had access to an old Autoclave unit used for sterilising things in the quarantine days.

Here are some of the shots – including a fun one where Ben and his fiance posed together.

You can book your shoot with us today.

Dreamcoat-facebook-highlight-feb-2015-12015-02-15 Michelle and Ben Fort Lytton 0182015-02-15 Michelle and Ben Fort Lytton 0222015-02-15 Michelle and Ben Fort Lytton 0742015-02-15 Michelle and Ben Fort Lytton 0802015-02-15 Michelle and Ben Fort Lytton 0692015-02-15 Michelle and Ben Powerhouse 0512015-02-15 Michelle and Ben Powerhouse 0332015-02-15 Michelle and Ben Powerhouse 0432015-02-15 Michelle and Ben Powerhouse 0602015-02-15 Michelle and Ben Powerhouse 0992015-02-15 Michelle and Ben Powerhouse 0042015-02-15 Michelle and Ben Powerhouse 1052015-02-15 Michelle and Ben Powerhouse 1622015-02-15 Michelle and Ben Powerhouse 1582015-02-15 Michelle and Ben Powerhouse 167

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DC Bombshells Calendar

When the DC Bombshells contacted us to shoot their calendar for Supanova 2015 we were pretty excited. Along with a couple of other photographers we created the shoot to show case each of the characters and provide high quality edited images for print. In all we have 7 of the 12 images in the calendar. The calendars were created and printed to raise funds for Look Good Feel Better.

There are only a few left – so get yours now!

Here are our 7 photos – as well as a few additional ones from the shoot.

lois supergirl calendarkatana for calendarbatwoman and arisia for calendarblack canary for calendarmera calendarivy calendarhawkgirl batgirl calendar

2014-11-29 Supanova Brisbane 3012014-11-29 Supanova Brisbane 3752014-11-29 Supanova Brisbane 3142014-11-29 Supanova Brisbane 1712014-11-29 Supanova Brisbane 1822014-11-29 Supanova Brisbane 3882014-11-29 Supanova Brisbane 4002014-11-29 Supanova Brisbane 402

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2014 Supanova Brisbane

We love Supanova! The annual pop culture convention is a fantastic time of crazy costumes, wonderful people and fun. We always love to shoot candids of the crowd and people as well as posed images for those who catch our eye. In addition this year we also shot a spread for the DC  Bombshells Calendar. This will be showcased in a separate blog post.

All the unedited sample images are on Facebook in these galleries:

We can provide edited photos at realistic prices – no price gouging here – in fact the more you buy the cheaper they get!

Digital image editing prices are as follows:

  • one photo $13
  • two photos $23
  • three photos $33
  • Additional photos $5 each

Printing prices

  • 12”x8” glossy $20 each
  • 6”x4” glossy $6 each
  • Postage and packing $7.50- Australia

Edited photos contain a small discreet watermark in the bottom left or right corner and can be used for personal use with no derivatives allowed.

Purchase of our any of images royalty free with an unrestricted licence is as follows. Sizes and prices are also similar to stock photos and the small ones are perfect for web use.

  • 300px wide $5 each
  • 640px wide $10 each
  • 1600px $20 each
  • Full size (as edited) $50 each

Here are some of our favourite images from Supanova Brisbane 2015.

2014-11-29 Supanova Brisbane 4142014-11-29 Supanova Brisbane 3662014-11-30 Supanova Brisbane 4362014-11-29 Supanova Brisbane 4182014-11-29 Supanova Brisbane 4202014-11-30 Supanova Brisbane 3942014-11-30 Supanova Brisbane 0032014-11-30 Supanova Brisbane 0352014-11-30 Supanova Brisbane 1892014-11-30 Supanova Brisbane 0502014-11-30 Supanova Brisbane 1252014-11-30 Supanova Brisbane 1822014-11-30 Supanova Brisbane 2722014-11-30 Supanova Brisbane 2462014-11-30 Supanova Brisbane 3242014-11-30 Supanova Brisbane 3292014-11-30 Supanova Brisbane 2302014-11-30 Supanova Brisbane 3872014-11-30 Supanova Brisbane 186

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Black Widow Cosplay

Natasha Romanov - code name Black Widow is a member of the Avengers team. She was born in Russia, where she received her training at a very young age, before being recruited by S.H.I.E.L.D. She is played by Scarlett Johansson in the films Iron Man 2, and The Avengers. While at Supanova we discovered her capturing Lex Luthor and just being generally awesome!

Here are some of the pics.

2014-04-05 Melanie Saward Black Widow Cosplay 0142014-04-05 Melanie Saward Black Widow Cosplay 0162014-04-05 Melanie Saward Black Widow Cosplay 0332014-04-05 Melanie Saward Black Widow Cosplay 0392014-04-05 Melanie Saward Black Widow Cosplay 0432014-04-05 Melanie Saward Black Widow Cosplay 0512014-04-05 Melanie Saward Black Widow Cosplay 0712014-04-05 Melanie Saward Black Widow Cosplay 0932014-04-05 Melanie Saward Black Widow Cosplay 0992014-04-05 Melanie Saward Black Widow Cosplay 0872014-04-05 Melanie Saward Black Widow Cosplay 0962014-04-05 Melanie Saward Black Widow Cosplay 061

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Lex Luthor Cosplay

Its tough being the bad guy – but Lex Luthor makes a career out of it – we shot him hard at work overseeing his minions and ensuring that chaos and mayhem continued unabated at the Gold Coast Supanova. Eventually however he got locked up and did some hard jail time. Finally he convinced some gullible girls to bust him and and secure his freedom and he made good his escape through the underground car park.

Here are the pics.

2014-04-06 Scott Piper Lex Luthor Cosplay 0202014-04-06 Scott Piper Lex Luthor Cosplay 0092014-04-06 Scott Piper Lex Luthor Cosplay 0282014-04-06 Scott Piper Lex Luthor Cosplay 0592014-04-06 Scott Piper Lex Luthor Cosplay 0562014-04-06 Scott Piper Lex Luthor Cosplay 0422014-04-06 Scott Piper Lex Luthor Cosplay 0672014-04-06 Scott Piper Lex Luthor Cosplay 0872014-04-06 Scott Piper Lex Luthor Cosplay 0912014-04-06 Scott Piper Lex Luthor Cosplay 0932014-04-06 Scott Piper Lex Luthor Cosplay 1092014-04-06 Scott Piper Lex Luthor Cosplay 103


2014 Gold Coast Supanova Pop Culture Event

We always love going to shoot at the Supanova Pop Culture events. Lots of people, lots of costumes and lots of nerdiness. Right up our alley.

this year the 2014 Gold Coast Supanova event was awesome – we spent both days there shooting some clients and also the general public – mostly candid but sometimes posed.

Here are some examples – there are lots more on Facebook.

2014-04-05 Supanova Gold Coast 0132014-04-05 Supanova Gold Coast 0172014-04-05 Supanova Gold Coast 0092014-04-05 Supanova Gold Coast 0342014-04-05 Supanova Gold Coast 0352014-04-05 Supanova Gold Coast 0382014-04-05 Supanova Gold Coast 0472014-04-05 Supanova Gold Coast 0622014-04-05 Supanova Gold Coast 0762014-04-05 Supanova Gold Coast 0812014-04-05 Supanova Gold Coast 0912014-04-05 Supanova Gold Coast 1002014-04-05 Supanova Gold Coast 1052014-04-05 Supanova Gold Coast 1112014-04-05 Supanova Gold Coast 1322014-04-05 Supanova Gold Coast 2772014-04-05 Supanova Gold Coast 4772014-04-05 Supanova Gold Coast 3232014-04-05 Supanova Gold Coast 1482014-04-05 Supanova Gold Coast 2722014-04-05 Supanova Gold Coast 2922014-04-05 Supanova Gold Coast 3282014-04-05 Supanova Gold Coast 4362014-04-06 Supanova Gold Coast 0182014-04-06 Supanova Gold Coast 0302014-04-06 Supanova Gold Coast 4382014-04-06 Supanova Gold Coast 1072014-04-06 Supanova Gold Coast 4462014-04-06 Supanova Gold Coast 4482014-04-06 Supanova Gold Coast 451

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Cosplay Kagamine Rin

We recently did a cosplay shoot for a young Vocaloid fan – wearing her Kagamine Rin Cosplay.

We used the Japanese Gardens in the Mt Cootha Botanical Gardens for the shoot. Amy was very enthusiastic and enjoyed working with us a lot – she will be booking more shoots in the future.

Here are some of the photos.

2014-03-16 Amy Kagamine Rin Cosplay 0312014-03-16 Amy Kagamine Rin Cosplay 0782014-03-16 Amy Kagamine Rin Cosplay 015 v12014-03-16 Amy Kagamine Rin Cosplay 0622014-03-16 Amy Kagamine Rin Cosplay 0672014-03-16 Amy Kagamine Rin Cosplay 055 v1

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