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Moreton Business Network Function

The Moreton Business Network (MBN) holds networking functions and breakfast where businesses pass referrals to each other.

We are members of the group and recently attended a networking evening where we took some photos of the event.

We are able to come and shoot your function or event also – maybe for less than you expect!

Contact us now for details.

Here are some of the pics from the night.

2014-05-08 MBN Function 0052014-05-08 MBN Function 0072014-05-08 MBN Function 0092014-05-08 MBN Function 0102014-05-08 MBN Function 0132014-05-08 MBN Function 016

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Sports Expo

We recently photographed a Sports Expo. The brief was to provide images of the stall holders, presentations on stage and some of the crowd for social media and advertising.

Here are some of the images.


2014-04-12 Sports Expo 0212014-04-12 Sports Expo 0222014-04-12 Sports Expo 0262014-04-12 Sports Expo 0292014-04-12 Sports Expo 0322014-04-12 Sports Expo 0362014-04-12 Sports Expo 0532014-04-12 Sports Expo 0702014-04-12 Sports Expo 0712014-04-12 Sports Expo 0652014-04-12 Sports Expo 0912014-04-12 Sports Expo 1022014-04-12 Sports Expo 1032014-04-12 Sports Expo 1062014-04-12 Sports Expo 1142014-04-12 Sports Expo 1392014-04-12 Sports Expo 1552014-04-12 Sports Expo 1642014-04-12 Sports Expo 1672014-04-12 Sports Expo 209

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PRIMA Theatre Restaurant NunCrackers

Pine Rivers Musical Association or PRIMA held a theatre restaurant production called NunCrackers recently.

Nuncrackers: The Nunsense Christmas Musical is the first "TV Special" taped by the sisters in their convent basement studio for Cable Access. It stars the nuns you love plus Father Virgil and some of Mt. Saint Helen's most talented students. It features all new songs including: Twelve Days Prior to Christmas, Santa Ain't Comin' To Our House, We Three Kings of Orient Are Us, and It's Better to Give Than To Receive. This show is filled with "Nunsense" humor, some of your favorite carols, a "Secret Santa," and an uproarious take on Tchaikovskyâ??s Nutcracker Ballet. Nuncrackers will make you laugh and maybe tug at your heartstrings. It's the perfect way to insure your holiday season is merry and bright.

It certainly was an hilarious show with laughs a minute as well entertaining solos, choral pieces and great acting. Father Virgil’s cooking show was incredible!

Dreamcoat Photography supplied all the marketing images and photos from the show itself as well.

Full size edited photos can be purchased as follows:

Individual photo prices – full size digital images suitable for printing in up to 20 inches longest side

  • one photo $15
  • two photos $23
  • three photos $30
  • up to 10 photos $35

Contact for orders.

Here are some of the highlights.


2013-10-31 PRIMA Nuncrackers 0472013-10-31 PRIMA Nuncrackers 6242013-10-31 PRIMA Nuncrackers 1922013-10-31 PRIMA Nuncrackers 6832013-10-31 PRIMA Nuncrackers 6942013-10-31 PRIMA Nuncrackers 3042013-10-31 PRIMA Nuncrackers 7692013-10-31 PRIMA Nuncrackers 3842013-10-31 PRIMA Nuncrackers 2282013-10-31 PRIMA Nuncrackers 8402013-10-31 PRIMA Nuncrackers 9292013-10-31 PRIMA Nuncrackers 968

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2013 Noosa Summer Charity Ball

The second annual Noosa Summer Charity Ball  was held at the Noosa Sheraton Resort to raise funds for the Connect2Mentoring program provided by United Synergies.

Mentoring is a relationship which gives people the opportunity to share their skills and experiences, and to grow and develop in the process.

The one-on-one relationship is generally between a more experienced person and a less experienced young person and is based upon encouragement, constructive comments, openness, mutual trust, respect and a willingness to learn and share.

The Summer Charity Ball is a great fund raiser for a worthwhile cause. the event on 12th October 2013 had a Hawaiian Tiki Luau theme. We were there shooting some of the party goers with a fantastic old woody.

Here are some of the photos.

Any full size edited images may be purchased from us as follows:

Individual photo prices – full size digital images suitable for printing in up to 20 inches longest side

  • one photo $15
  • two photos $23
  • three photos $30
  • up to 10 photos $35

All after event orders will have 10% of the sales paid to the charity.

Contact for orders.

2013-10-12 Noosa Summer Charity Ball 0142013-10-12 Noosa Summer Charity Ball 0182013-10-12 Noosa Summer Charity Ball 0262013-10-12 Noosa Summer Charity Ball 0332013-10-12 Noosa Summer Charity Ball 0372013-10-12 Noosa Summer Charity Ball 0572013-10-12 Noosa Summer Charity Ball 0452013-10-12 Noosa Summer Charity Ball 0562013-10-12 Noosa Summer Charity Ball 0872013-10-12 Noosa Summer Charity Ball 0952013-10-12 Noosa Summer Charity Ball 1042013-10-12 Noosa Summer Charity Ball 1162013-10-12 Noosa Summer Charity Ball 091

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Black Armour Compression Wear

We recently did a series of shoots for Black Armour Australia. The concepts were about using the high end compression gear they have and showcasing it using elite athletes in different sports.

We selected Mixed Martial Arts fighters Chris Bridgewater and Jessy Jess for a gym shoot. Andy Fellows and Maggie Symes are top level Australian Mountain Bikers. Finally Australian Ultra Runner representatives and champions John Pearson and Tamyka Bell were selected for the trail running component.

Each location chosen was designed to showcase the gear in use in active sport. We also produced a wide range of high key (white background) product shots that will eventually make their way onto the website.

If your company has clothing lines or product lines that you need marketing and promotional images of for magazine, website or other advertisements please contact us to talk about how we can provide quality images of your products for you.

Here are some of the shots.

2013-11-02 Black Armour Trail 0312013-11-02 Black Armour Trail 0852013-11-02 Black Armour Trail 219-crop2013-11-02 Black Armour Trail 1202013-11-02 Black Armour Trail 1812013-11-02 Black Armour MTB 1402013-11-02 Black Armour MTB 0812013-11-02 Black Armour MTB 0872013-11-02 Black Armour MTB 1802013-11-02 Black Armour MTB 2562013-11-02 Black Armour MTB 2382013-10-24 Black Armour MMA 0812013-10-24 Black Armour MMA 1612013-10-24 Black Armour MMA 1802013-10-24 Black Armour MMA 2392013-10-24 Black Armour MMA 2062013-10-24 Black Armour MMA 1902013-10-24 Black Armour MMA 2352013-10-24 Black Armour MMA 195

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Football Brisbane 2013 Referees Awards

I was asked to fill in at the last minute for a photographer who had chicken pox and shoot the Football Brisbane Referees Awards Dinner. Specifically each of the winners and their trophies. I also covered some of the speeches and crowd, mostly family and friends as dining guests.

Here is a small sample of the photos. If you need an event photographer or team to cover your event please contact us.

2013-09-28 Football Brisbane Referees Awards 0062013-09-28 Football Brisbane Referees Awards 0182013-09-28 Football Brisbane Referees Awards 0542013-09-28 Football Brisbane Referees Awards 0702013-09-28 Football Brisbane Referees Awards 0782013-09-28 Football Brisbane Referees Awards 0882013-09-28 Football Brisbane Referees Awards 1112013-09-28 Football Brisbane Referees Awards 1002013-09-28 Football Brisbane Referees Awards 1072013-09-28 Football Brisbane Referees Awards 1142013-09-28 Football Brisbane Referees Awards 1132013-09-28 Football Brisbane Referees Awards 1962013-09-28 Football Brisbane Referees Awards 1212013-09-28 Football Brisbane Referees Awards 1362013-09-28 Football Brisbane Referees Awards 1422013-09-28 Football Brisbane Referees Awards 167

2013-09-28 Football Brisbane Referees Awards 211


Governors Ball at RSL Caloundra

The inaugural Governors Ball was held at the Caloundra Returned Serviceman’s League Function Centre in October 2013. It was a glitzy black tie event with a lot of very well dressed people including a number in uniform or displaying medals.

We have the privilege of being able to shoot with a vintage army Jeep and a 1928 Mercedes as well. There were some awesome rock and roll swing dancers as well as some other very good dancers doing the salsa. Lots of the crowd got into the dancing including one grand dame using her cane to support her!

We had a photo booth printing images for people to take away on the night as a memento as well. As always, if you would like your function or event to be photographed like this then contact us.

Here are some of the photos from the night – the full set can be found in this Facebook album.

If you want digital images or prints from this event they are priced as follows:

Digital image editing prices are as follows:

  • one photo $10
  • two photos $18
  • three photos $25
  • Additional photos $5 each

Printing prices

  • 12”x8” glossy $20 each
  • 6”x4” glossy $5 each
  • Postage and packing $7.50- Australia

Canvas and large format printing can be arranged - POA.

2013-09-27 Ball 0122013-09-27 Ball 0342013-09-27 Ball 0562013-09-27 Ball 0852013-09-27 Ball 1022013-09-27 Ball 0902013-09-27 Ball 1802013-09-27 Ball 1172013-09-27 Ball 1222013-09-27 Ball 1602013-09-27 Ball 1852013-09-27 Ball 1952013-09-27 Ball 218

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