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Once again we made the trek to Supanova Brisbane and shot lots of fun cosplay characters. We always have paid shoots to do so we focus on those but when we get a chance we get into the halls and shoot some casual shots.

These photos are always shared to Facebook for people to see. Here are a few of our favourites from the Facebook Album.

Remember if you want great cosplay photos at the conventions it pays to take advantage of our special cosplay shoot deals.

2016-11-13 Supanova 0322016-11-13 Supanova 0242016-11-13 Supanova 0252016-11-13 Supanova 0282016-11-13 Supanova 0312016-11-13 Supanova 0402016-11-13 Supanova 0472016-11-13 Supanova 0502016-11-13 Supanova 0612016-11-13 Supanova 060 - anime2016-11-13 Supanova 0672016-11-13 Supanova 0802016-11-13 Supanova 0872016-11-13 Supanova 0712016-11-13 Supanova 0752016-11-13 Supanova 0832016-11-13 Supanova 0892016-11-13 Supanova 0932016-11-13 Supanova 0972016-11-13 Supanova 017

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