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Harley Quinn on the Beach with Amy

Amy did an awesome Harley Quinn Cosplay and we have immortalised it here for her after shooting on the Gold Coast Beach.

2017-04-22 Amy and Krystal 012 v22017-04-22 Amy and Krystal 015 v22017-04-22 Amy and Krystal 009 (retouched)2017-04-22 Amy and Krystal 0072017-04-22 Amy and Krystal 0222017-04-22 Amy and Krystal 019 bw

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Gender Bend Captain America Cosplay

Melinda Wait came to us for her very first cosplay photos. She chose a genderbend version of Captain America. She had lots of little funky details including a crocheted shield!

After we finished shooting this on the bottom of the Gold Coast, we headed into Surfers Paradise for some Nightclub Harley Quinn Photos with Melinda.

Check out our cosplay shoot pricing for your cosplay photos.

2017-04-21 Melinda Wait Cosplay 0192017-04-21 Melinda Wait Cosplay 0202017-04-21 Melinda Wait Cosplay 0312017-04-21 Melinda Wait Cosplay 0632017-04-21 Melinda Wait Cosplay 0052017-04-21 Melinda Wait Cosplay 0702017-04-21 Melinda Wait Cosplay 0862017-04-21 Melinda Wait Cosplay 121v22017-04-21 Melinda Wait Cosplay 1272017-04-21 Melinda Wait Cosplay 1412017-04-21 Melinda Wait Cosplay 1392017-04-21 Melinda Wait Cosplay 1482017-04-21 Melinda Wait Cosplay 147

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Portrait Workshop with Michael Snedic

Michael Snedic and I teamed up to offer a one off portrait workshop in the Mt Cootha Botanic gardens. Jess was our willing portrait model as Michael and I took the participants through the camera techniques applicable to shooting portraits in various different scenarios.

I grabbed some images along the way of the participants and Jess as well as a couple of behind the scenes shots from the day.

If you are interested in a portrait workshop we run them for individuals or groups. See all the details on our workshops page.

2017-04-01 Portrait Workshop 0072017-04-01 Portrait Workshop 0342017-04-01 Portrait Workshop 0382017-04-01 Portrait Workshop 0192017-04-01 Portrait Workshop 0392017-04-01 Portrait Workshop 0402017-04-01 Portrait Workshop 046

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Jess in the Studio with a Harley

We got Jess back for some more studio work and combined with Erics Harley and a smoke machine to create some great low key shots.

If you have a bike you want to shoot why not bring it to our studio. We can provide smoke, models and even a workshop with tool benches to shoot in.

Here are some of the photos.

2017-04-01 Jess Studio 0712017-04-01 Jess Studio 0952017-04-01 Jess Studio 0462017-04-01 Jess Studio 0602017-04-01 Jess Studio 0102017-04-01 Jess Studio 1342017-04-01 Jess Studio 0282017-04-01 Jess Studio 301 v22017-04-01 Jess Studio 306 v22017-04-01 Jess Studio 249

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