We love taking photos. And we love helping other people learn as well. We provide individualised tuition for 1-3 people. The material covered depends on the person and what they want to learn so we don’t have specific courses as such.

Topics we have covered with clients recently include:

  • Getting to know your DSLR – going through the menus and functions of your camera and learning what it can do
  • Learning to shoot in M, Av and Tv (Canon) or A and S (Nikon)
  • Choosing the right lens to buy
  • How to setup and use off camera lighting
  • Model posing and shooting, glamour and portraits
  • Action photography

Here are some of the photos we have shot while out on these jaunts with people learning how to shoot better and have fun with their cameras.

You can book your learning session with us any time. Find out more and contact us.

2014-07-23 Beerburrum Bush 0012014-07-23 Beerburrum Bush 0182014-07-23 Beerburrum Bush 0322014-10-12 Standing Stones 005_6_72014-10-12 Standing Stones 023_4_52014-11-20 Laity Lodge 0122014-11-20 Laity Lodge 0092014-11-20 Laity Lodge 0382014-11-21 Canyon 0032014-11-22 Laity Lodge 0432015-01-03 Raindrops 0142014-12-20 Markets 0212014-11-26 Walk to Park 027Bribie Triathlon 0102014-11-22 Laity Lodge 0682015-02-04 Crows Nest National Park 016_7_8_tonemapped2015-02-04 Crows Nest National Park 1562015-02-04 Crows Nest National Park 1122015-01-03 Raindrops 023

When the DC Bombshells contacted us to shoot their calendar for Supanova 2015 we were pretty excited. Along with a couple of other photographers we created the shoot to show case each of the characters and provide high quality edited images for print. In all we have 7 of the 12 images in the calendar. The calendars were created and printed to raise funds for Look Good Feel Better.

There are only a few left – so get yours now!

Here are our 7 photos – as well as a few additional ones from the shoot.

lois supergirl calendarkatana for calendarbatwoman and arisia for calendarblack canary for calendarmera calendarivy calendarhawkgirl batgirl calendar

2014-11-29 Supanova Brisbane 3012014-11-29 Supanova Brisbane 3752014-11-29 Supanova Brisbane 3142014-11-29 Supanova Brisbane 1712014-11-29 Supanova Brisbane 1822014-11-29 Supanova Brisbane 3882014-11-29 Supanova Brisbane 4002014-11-29 Supanova Brisbane 402

We love Supanova! The annual pop culture convention is a fantastic time of crazy costumes, wonderful people and fun. We always love to shoot candids of the crowd and people as well as posed images for those who catch our eye. In addition this year we also shot a spread for the DC  Bombshells Calendar. This will be showcased in a separate blog post.

All the unedited sample images are on Facebook in these galleries:

We can provide edited photos at realistic prices – no price gouging here – in fact the more you buy the cheaper they get!

Digital image editing prices are as follows:

  • one photo $13
  • two photos $23
  • three photos $33
  • Additional photos $5 each

Printing prices

  • 12”x8” glossy $20 each
  • 6”x4” glossy $6 each
  • Postage and packing $7.50- Australia

Edited photos contain a small discreet watermark in the bottom left or right corner and can be used for personal use with no derivatives allowed.

Purchase of our any of images royalty free with an unrestricted licence is as follows. Sizes and prices are also similar to stock photos and the small ones are perfect for web use.

  • 300px wide $5 each
  • 640px wide $10 each
  • 1600px $20 each
  • Full size (as edited) $50 each

Here are some of our favourite images from Supanova Brisbane 2015.

2014-11-29 Supanova Brisbane 4142014-11-29 Supanova Brisbane 3662014-11-30 Supanova Brisbane 4362014-11-29 Supanova Brisbane 4182014-11-29 Supanova Brisbane 4202014-11-30 Supanova Brisbane 3942014-11-30 Supanova Brisbane 0032014-11-30 Supanova Brisbane 0352014-11-30 Supanova Brisbane 1892014-11-30 Supanova Brisbane 0502014-11-30 Supanova Brisbane 1252014-11-30 Supanova Brisbane 1822014-11-30 Supanova Brisbane 2722014-11-30 Supanova Brisbane 2462014-11-30 Supanova Brisbane 3242014-11-30 Supanova Brisbane 3292014-11-30 Supanova Brisbane 2302014-11-30 Supanova Brisbane 3872014-11-30 Supanova Brisbane 186

A secret wedding? Yes this was such a secret that the videographer and myself as photographer were the witnesses. the only people present were the bride and groom, the celebrant, myself and videographer Patty Beecham and the Tony’s son Josh. Oh and two horses and two dogs!

Tony and Leonie wanted to tie the knot their own special way with no one else involved. The day was beautiful and their property hidden away in a little side valley at Clear Mountain is remote and gorgeous. The horses behaved, the dogs were relaxed and Josh (suffering from a skateboard accident and in a wheelchair with a damaged leg) was a real trooper.

We had a blast shooting this wedding for Tony and Leonie. Hope you enjoy the pics.


2014-10-10 Tony and Leonie Wedding 0292014-10-10 Tony and Leonie Wedding 0562014-10-10 Tony and Leonie Wedding 0702014-10-10 Tony and Leonie Wedding 0782014-10-10 Tony and Leonie Wedding 1152014-10-10 Tony and Leonie Wedding 019v22014-10-10 Tony and Leonie Wedding 1192014-10-10 Tony and Leonie Wedding 1202014-10-10 Tony and Leonie Wedding 1452014-10-10 Tony and Leonie Wedding 1482014-10-10 Tony and Leonie Wedding 1862014-10-10 Tony and Leonie Wedding 1322014-10-10 Tony and Leonie Wedding 1972014-10-10 Tony and Leonie Wedding 2002014-10-10 Tony and Leonie Wedding 2502014-10-10 Tony and Leonie Wedding 2102014-10-10 Tony and Leonie Wedding 2222014-10-10 Tony and Leonie Wedding 371

Every year we sponsor the Women in Technology Gala Awards Dinner by shooting all the finalists and winners as well as general photos from the night.

All the photos can be found in the 2014 WIT Gala Awards Dinner Gallery.

Photos can be purchased from us and finalists and winners can request their free image by contacting us.

Digital image editing prices are as follows:

  • one photo $13
  • two photos $23
  • three photos $33
  • Additional photos $5 each

Printing prices

  • 12”x8” glossy $20 each
  • 6”x4” glossy $6 each
  • Postage and packing $7.50- Australia

Here are some of the photos from the WIT 2014 Gala Awards Dinner.

2014-09-05 WIT Awards 0112014-09-05 WIT Awards 0162014-09-05 WIT Awards 0172014-09-05 WIT Awards 0222014-09-05 WIT Awards 0682014-09-05 WIT Awards 0372014-09-05 WIT Awards 0572014-09-05 WIT Awards 0642014-09-05 WIT Awards 014

The PGA recently hired us to shoot headshots of all the Australian Tour players and then to cover a Professional Coaching Summit conference.

The headshots were all shot after players finished the recent Brookwater round on a white background. The conference at the Royal  Pines Golf Course Conference Centre was a lot of fun and very informative as well – we got to listen to all the speakers including John Buchanan, Henry Brunton and David Wheadon.

The catering was top notch also!

Its a pleasure working for clients like these. If you are an event planner looking for a event photographer than feel free to contact us.

2014-09-09 PGA Coaching Summit 0152014-09-09 PGA Coaching Summit 0482014-09-09 PGA Coaching Summit 0802014-09-09 PGA Coaching Summit 0542014-09-09 PGA Coaching Summit 1522014-09-09 PGA Coaching Summit 1272014-09-09 PGA Coaching Summit 1832014-09-09 PGA Coaching Summit 1992014-09-09 PGA Coaching Summit 2452014-09-09 PGA Coaching Summit 3002014-09-09 PGA Coaching Summit 3502014-09-09 PGA Coaching Summit 3162014-09-09 PGA Coaching Summit 4372014-09-09 PGA Coaching Summit 5472014-09-09 PGA Coaching Summit 4702014-09-09 PGA Coaching Summit 5802014-09-09 PGA Coaching Summit 5762014-09-09 PGA Coaching Summit 564

We love to shoot corporate events and functions. There is always a lot of planning that goes in behind the scenes on these events and the Capital Smart one was no different. Three days of conferences including team building exercises, information sessions, dinners and partying.

We had a team of three photographers covering part of the event for them.

Here are some of the photos showcasing what we can achieve for our clients.

If you are planning a corporate function, dinner, awards night, teambuilding event or conference then please contact us for a quote.


2014-08-23 Capital Smart 1292014-08-23 Capital Smart 2232014-08-23 Capital Smart 4742014-08-23 Capital Smart 6242014-08-23 Capital Smart 7232014-08-23 Capital Smart 8312014-08-23 Capital Smart 10422014-08-23 Capital Smart 10942014-08-23 Capital Smart 11542014-08-23 Capital Smart 11412014-08-23 Capital Smart 11232014-08-23 Capital Smart 11482014-08-23 Capital Smart 13312014-08-23 Capital Smart 13352014-08-23 Capital Smart 13042014-08-23 Capital Smart 15602014-08-23 Capital Smart 15442014-08-23 Capital Smart 16352014-08-23 Capital Smart 16242014-08-23 Capital Smart 16642014-08-23 Capital Smart 18032014-08-23 Capital Smart 1815

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