Drew and Laurels Wedding

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, i love photographing weddings! The camaraderie and joie de vivre that is established between the bridal party and the photographer, the other assistants and people involved is so much fun. The makeup artist, hairdresser, kitchen people, helpers and other hangers on cant help but be infected by the absolute sense of fun and radiance expressed by the bride and groom on their special day. This wedding was no different.

Laurel was a gracious, calmly excited and absolutely beautiful bride. The boys were zany and easy to work with. The friends and other helpers were all accommodating of photographers everywhere in their face snapping away! On this shoot i had two helpers working with me, Catherine and Lara. Between us all we got some great shots and had a blast. here are some of my favourites from the day.

2012-06-22 Drew and Laurel Wedding 0872012-06-22 Drew and Laurel Wedding 1062012-06-22 Drew and Laurel Wedding 1102012-06-22 Drew and Laurel Wedding 1162012-06-23 Drew and Laurel Wedding 3642012-06-23 Drew and Laurel Wedding 0222012-06-23 Drew and Laurel Wedding 4022012-06-23 Drew and Laurel Wedding 4162012-06-23 Drew and Laurel Wedding 4202012-06-23 Drew and Laurel Wedding 3732012-06-23 Drew and Laurel Wedding 10492012-06-23 Drew and Laurel Wedding 10732012-06-23 Drew and Laurel Wedding 11132012-06-23 Drew and Laurel Wedding 0512012-06-23 Drew and Laurel Wedding 0752012-06-23 Drew and Laurel Wedding 4402012-06-23 Drew and Laurel Wedding 4512012-06-23 Drew and Laurel Wedding 4712012-06-23 Drew and Laurel Wedding 4822012-06-23 Drew and Laurel Wedding 5392012-06-23 Drew and Laurel Wedding 5492012-06-23 Drew and Laurel Wedding 6242012-06-23 Drew and Laurel Wedding 5542012-06-23 Drew and Laurel Wedding 6602012-06-23 Drew and Laurel Wedding 7852012-06-23 Drew and Laurel Wedding 8552012-06-23 Drew and Laurel Wedding 8692012-06-23 Drew and Laurel Wedding 2962012-06-23 Drew and Laurel Wedding 13922012-06-23 Drew and Laurel Wedding 17052012-06-23 Drew and Laurel Wedding 15232012-06-23 Drew and Laurel Wedding 17382012-06-23 Drew and Laurel Wedding 17892012-06-23 Drew and Laurel Wedding 17982012-06-23 Drew and Laurel Wedding 18052012-06-23 Drew and Laurel Wedding 18262012-06-23 Drew and Laurel Wedding 18352012-06-23 Drew and Laurel Wedding 18492012-06-23 Drew and Laurel Wedding 18562012-06-23 Drew and Laurel Wedding 18622012-06-23 Drew and Laurel Wedding 1863

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A Rainy Fitness Shoot

Shooting with electrical equipment in the rain is always interesting. However we were able to get some interesting shots even though it was raining.

Book a shoot with us and we will make it happen rain hail or shine!

2012-06-02 Shaun Fitness Shoot 0212012-06-02 Shaun Fitness Shoot 0822012-06-02 Shaun Fitness Shoot 0892012-06-02 Shaun Fitness Shoot 0312012-06-02 Shaun Fitness Shoot 026

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Stark Studios Cosplay Shoot June 2012

Duane Hart and I collaborated in his studios, nicknamed Stark Studios after his alter ego Tony Stark, aka Iron Man on a mostly cosplay studio shoot.

The following photos are some of the results.

You can connect with Stark Studios on Facebook. We will be doing further collaborations.

2012-06-09 Stark Studios 1212012-06-09 Stark Studios 0322012-06-09 Stark Studios 0562012-06-09 Stark Studios 1712012-06-09 Stark Studios 2532012-06-09 Stark Studios 0912012-06-09 Stark Studios 1492012-06-09 Stark Studios 2642012-06-09 Stark Studios 1632012-06-09 Stark Studios 3022012-06-09 Stark Studios 3352012-06-09 Stark Studios 2092012-06-09 Stark Studios 314

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2012 RSPCA Million Paws Walk

The RSPCA Million Paws walk is a fundraising event where dog owners come for a walk with their dogs to raise money for the RSPCA. Dreamcoat Photography was a sponsor for the local Caboolture walk on 20 May 2012.

We had a lovely spot to take photos of participants and their dogs and printed and sold these images to them while they were there. 20% of the sales was donated straight to the RSPCA.

Here are a selection of the photos from that event.

2012-05-20 mpw 0142012-05-20 mpw 0182012-05-20 mpw 0032012-05-20 mpw 0152012-05-02 mpw 0232012-05-20 mpw 0172012-05-20 mpw 0292012-05-20 mpw 0452012-05-02 mpw 0062012-05-20 mpw 0232012-05-20 mpw 0042012-05-20 mpw 0362012-05-02 mpw 0102012-05-20 mpw 1012012-05-20 mpw 124

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Sarah Maguire CBR600RR Shoot

I love motorbikes having owned and ridden bikes on and off for the last 30 odd years. It was a joy to shoot Sarah Maguire with a CBR600RR last week. She wanted to use her own CBR 250RR but it was in need of some repair so her uncles bike was used instead. After the bike shots we focused on some natural light with a lovely cream dress in the grass. Ill let the pictures do the talking.

2012-05-13 Sarah Maguire 0032012-05-13 Sarah Maguire 0062012-05-13 Sarah Maguire 0202012-05-13 Sarah Maguire 049 - desat2012-05-13 Sarah Maguire 0672012-05-13 Sarah Maguire 1052012-05-13 Sarah Maguire 1062012-05-13 Sarah Maguire 113

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Gold Coast Supanova 2012

The Gold Coast Supanova – held at the Convention Centre 21 and 22 April 2012 – is a celebration of all things pop, cosplay, anime, sci-fi and TV. From Masterchief from HALO to IronMan, Cat woman to Doctor Who, One Piece and Adventure Time to Bioshock and Star Wars. And everything in between. A riot of colour, noise, creativity and excitement. I had a blast walking around with my mate Duane who was playing IronMan today. I also did some select shoots with people who asked me – most of whom arranged before time. If you want a shoot on Sunday please message me on facebook or on my mobile 0414 770 002.

All the pics from today can be found on my flickr stream Gold Coast Supanova Set. I have also added some to Facebook and theres a select few below.

Samples can be downloaded for personal use from Flickr or tagged in Facebook. Please credit Dreamcoat Photography. If you want full size edited versions please contact sales@dreamcoatphotography.com.

2012-04-21 Supanova GC 0702012-04-21 Supanova GC 0952012-04-21 Supanova GC 1422012-04-21 Supanova GC 1152012-04-21 Supanova GC 1232012-04-21 Supanova GC 1832012-04-21 Supanova GC 1922012-04-21 Supanova GC 2262012-04-21 Supanova GC 2502012-04-21 Supanova GC 2622012-04-21 Supanova GC 2632012-04-21 Supanova GC 2802012-04-21 Supanova GC 1912012-04-21 Supanova GC 2962012-04-21 Supanova GC 3222012-04-21 Supanova GC 3362012-04-21 Supanova GC 357

2012-04-21 Supanova GC 420

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Jesus Christ Superstar Production Shoot

Last night we shot the stage production rehearsal in order to get promo shots for programmes, marketing and so on for the upcoming PRIMA musical Jesus Christ Superstar.

There were some great moments and I didn’t fall off anything today!

Make sure you book your tickets. Also check out the PRIMA YouTube Channel for more inside information.

Sneaky pics below!

2012-04-10 PRIMA JCS Production Shoot 4142012-04-10 PRIMA JCS Production Shoot 6122012-04-10 PRIMA JCS Production Shoot 1502012-04-10 PRIMA JCS Production Shoot 6612012-04-10 PRIMA JCS Production Shoot 6872012-04-10 PRIMA JCS Production Shoot 7332012-04-10 PRIMA JCS Production Shoot 7452012-04-10 PRIMA JCS Production Shoot 9242012-04-10 PRIMA JCS Production Shoot 7612012-04-10 PRIMA JCS Production Shoot 8022012-04-10 PRIMA JCS Production Shoot 832

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