After a history of supporting the local Drupal community, and Brisbane Drupal Camp in 2010, then Drupal Down Under in Brisbane 2011 and Melbourne 2012 we are proud to be named official photographers for the DrupalCon Sydney 2013 event. The current website features photos taken at last years event by us.

We have been engaged to shoot a brief containing a variety of candid and posed photos including the group photo again.

Here are some of our favourites from last year.


2012-01-13 DDU2012 0742012-01-14 DDU2012 1362012-01-14 DDU2012 0102012-01-14 DDU2012 2492012-01-15 DDU2012 5472012-01-15 DDU2012 3632012-01-15 DDU2012 4572012-01-15 DDU2012 4842012-01-14 DDU2012 1862012-01-15 DDU2012 5442012-01-15 DDU2012 591

I have been playing with some post processing effects – in this case what is know as the Orton Effect, or Dreamscape.

I have applied the technique to a whole lot of different photos to see what the effect was like. Tell me what you think?

2012-12-22 Summer Slam Drift 151v2church 5 v22012-10-06 Launceston 0162012-10-06 Launceston 0242012-08-31 Trampoline 152v22012-12-21 Cass and Trav 3542012-10-27 Voodoo Lulu 035v22012-12-15 Bearded Dragon 0122012-06-23 drew and laurel wedding 075v22012-06-23 drew and laurel wedding 373v22012-04-09 warrarba creek 022v22012-07-20 Sarah & Tessa 535v22011-10-23 jacaranda shoot 194v22012-04-06 peter and kitti pregnancy 180v22012-06-23 drew and laurel wedding 1738v2

We have now held 4 free photowalks in Narangba and have been invited to do some more elsewhere soon. In the meantime we are running number 5 on December 2 – but this time it is in a different location and a slightly different time. We are aiming to try and get good sunset and golden hour light photos this time so we are going to meet at the Cockatoo Crest Park off Tulipwood Way at 4:30PM. sunset is at 6:30 so it gives us two hours.

Feel free to just turn up or sign up at the Facebook event.

Anybody can come and they don't have to have a DSLR – a compact camera can be used to get great photos just as well. It really is a fun time to learn some things about your camera and then see how others use their cameras to take completely different shots. Really awakens the creative juices.

Below are a few sample shots from my photos from the last event where I was playing with slow shutter speeds and motion blur.

You can see more on the Narangba Facebook page and also at the Flickr group.

2012-09-30 Narangba Photowalk 0442012-09-30 Narangba Photowalk 0752012-09-30 Narangba Photowalk 0832012-09-30 Narangba Photowalk 1192012-09-30 Narangba Photowalk 1412012-09-30 Narangba Photowalk 272_3_4_5_tonemapped2012-09-30 Narangba Photowalk 284

gift cardOur shoot calendar is empty for December. This is very unusual and we are doing deals.


Make a booking in October 2012 for a family portrait in December 2012 and get 10% off the normal price for the shoot PLUS an extra 3 photos PLUS a 12x8 print of your choice.


Check the calendar for available dates. First in first served.


Our normal family portrait pricing is $390 including makeup for the lady of the house. Take advantage of our December offer and make this a round $350 – plus get 3 extra images and a 12x8 print!

Christmas presents for the grandparents and overseas relations are going to be easy this year with this fantastic deal.

2011-12-04 Louden Family 062

As mentioned previously I am unable to attend the Brisbane Supanova event in November as I will be overseas.

In compensation I am putting together a one day Cosplay Shoot Fest on 20th October.

It will be similar to the last event we did where we had 30 minute time slots in a studio for a Saturday afternoon for cosplayers some of those pictures can be seen below.


One 30 minute slot is enough for 2-3 costume changes and for $99 per person gets you 5 images including a framed 8x12 print to take away on the day.

Two 30 minute slots back to back for the greedy or for groups are going for $190 and include 10 images, two framed prints. This is the ideal group or couples session.

There will be 10 slots available – from 10am through to 3pm.

So register now! Contact us on Facebook or via email

2012-06-09 Stark Studios 1322012-06-09 Stark Studios 1842012-06-09 Stark Studios 2352012-06-09 Stark Studios 3142012-06-09 Stark Studios 272

The three Photowalks so far have all been successes with new people coming to each one. It has been great to see photographers of all ages and abilities (from teens to 60’s) coming out to play.

It really is a fun time to learn some things about your camera and then see how others use their cameras to take completely different shots. Really awakens the creative juices.

Below are a few sample shots from my pics.

You can see more on the Narangba Facebook page and also at the Flickr group.

Next Photowalk  is at Greenway central again on 30th September 2012 at 3:00 PM. Feel free to just turn up or sign up at the Facebook event.

Contest for a Prize

The specific focus this time will be announced on the day with a prize going to the best photo (as judged by yours truly) for the category.


2012-03-11 Narangba Photowalk 0022012-03-11 Narangba Photowalk 0072012-03-11 Narangba Photowalk 0152012-03-11 Narangba Photowalk 043

2011-04-14 Dayna Melissa Beach 378-600We love to pamper ladies and make them feel special - and take photos they are proud to hang on their walls.

This spring is shaping up with some beautiful weather and the sunsets are looking great as well.

We can come to you and work in your house, or on the stunning sands of Bribie Island Red Beach, Surf Side Woorim or the quiet Passage Sandbars with a beautiful sunset in the distance.

Makeup and hair is included and we can also supply some accessories and jewellery if required. Swimsuits and clothing need to be your own.

Basic price for this package is $399.

Do it with a friend and make it cheaper - each additional person (max 4) is only $349.

As part of the shoot we will provide 2 8x12 prints.

You can also expect to receive at least 10 good quality photos suitable for portfolios, prints or albums. They can be blown up to a couple of metres in size with no loss in quality. These will be supplied as digital files that will be full size images – usually 5-15MB in size. In addition we supply all the sample photos. Typically in that time frame this will be around 30-50 photos.

Printing prices vary depending on what size and quality as well as what medium, eg. Glossy, Canvas etc.

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Hi Tim, it’s Ronnii Ryan here from Little Shop of Horrors. The photos you took were amazing and I’m glad that Prima decided on getting a professional in. I hope you will be with us for many more shows.

— Ronnii

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