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We shoot quite a bit of real estate – specialising in High Dynamic Range images that look natural but show off the property to the best possible advantage of the seller. No fake lawns, skies or other Photoshop wizardry here to make a property look different than it actually is. Just great photos!

Ask your realtor to book us if you want great photos like these.

2015-01-10 1 Lychee Court 001_2_3_tonemapped2015-03-23 41 Melinda Ct 001_2_3_4_5_tonemapped2015-03-23 41 Melinda Ct 021_2_3_4_5_tonemapped2015-03-23 41 Melinda Ct 026_27_28_29_30_tonemapped2015-01-10 1 Lychee Court 007_8_9_tonemapped2015-01-10 1 Lychee Court 013_4_5_tonemapped2015-01-10 1 Lychee Court 037_8_9_tonemapped2015-01-10 1 Lychee Court 055_6_7_tonemapped2015-01-10 1 Lychee Court 073_4_5_tonemapped2015-01-27 40 Melmor Drive 004_5_6_tonemapped2015-01-27 40 Melmor Drive 031_2_3_tonemapped2015-01-27 132 Wattlebird Drive 036_7_8_tonemapped2015-01-27 40 Melmor Drive 046_7_8_tonemapped2015-01-27 132 Wattlebird Drive 006_07_08_09_10_tonemapped

2014-12-18 188 Bigmor 019_20_21_tonemapped2014-12-18 188 Bigmor 022_3_4_tonemapped2014-12-18 188 Bigmor 037_8_9_tonemapped2014-12-18 188 Bigmor 091_2_3_tonemapped2014-12-18 188 Bigmor 112_3_4_tonemapped

Misty wanted to surprise her husband with some updated family photos for his birthday present. So unbeknownst to him we rocked up with makeup artist in tow to get them organised to shoot. The weather was threatening to break so we were under time pressure. Hubby hit the shower and spruced up while Misty had her makeup done and we settled the camera shy girls by taking photos of them in an old mirror.

Then it was off to the park for some casual settings under trees and on a bridge. Then the rain smashed down just as we finished!

Beautiful casual family photos that capture your family as they just hang out together are our specialty – book today!

Here are some of the photos.

2015-03-21 Jenkins Family 0202015-03-21 Jenkins Family 0682015-03-21 Jenkins Family 0692015-03-21 Jenkins Family 0332015-03-21 Jenkins Family 0562015-03-21 Jenkins Family 0722015-03-21 Jenkins Family 080

We love gaming! Tim has been a gamer since 1983 – and most of our staff play games as well. So when the opportunity came to photograph the Button Smash event (basically console fighting games – think Street Fighter and Tekken) incorporating a cosplay competition we jumped at it.

Unfortunately we couldn’t be there Saturday and left Sunday after the cosplay competiton had finished. But we did have the opportunity to get in a bunch of photos of the guys and gals mashing buttons and joysticks as they competed for titles! and the cosplayers were great also.

All the event photos including the cosplay comp are in this Facebook album. They are unedited sample pics. Meaning if you want to buy a high res edited picture you just have to email and ask.

And we did some special pics of the cosplayers – to reward them for their hard work and effort.

We can provide edited photos at realistic prices – no price gouging here – in fact the more you buy the cheaper they get!

Digital image editing prices are as follows:

  • one photo $13
  • two photos $23
  • three photos $33
  • Additional photos $5 each

Printing prices

  • 12”x8” glossy $20 each
  • 6”x4” glossy $6 each
  • Postage and packing $7.50- Australia

Edited photos contain a small discreet watermark in the bottom left or right corner and can be used for personal use with no derivatives allowed.

Purchase of our any of images royalty free with an unrestricted licence is as follows. Sizes and prices are also similar to stock photos and the small ones are perfect for web use.

  • 300px wide $5 each
  • 640px wide $10 each
  • 1600px $20 each
  • Full size (as edited) $50 each

Here are some of our favourites.

2015-03-01 Button Smash 0952015-03-01 Button Smash 0492015-03-01 Button Smash 5702015-03-01 Button Smash 2642015-03-01 Button Smash 2662015-03-01 Button Smash 2672015-03-01 Button Smash 2722015-03-01 Button Smash 5132015-03-01 Button Smash 3152015-03-01 Button Smash 3662015-03-01 Button Smash 3292015-03-01 Button Smash 3182015-03-01 Button Smash 3332015-03-01 Button Smash 3692015-03-01 Button Smash 3852015-03-01 Button Smash 3832015-03-01 Button Smash 3762015-03-01 Button Smash 3792015-03-01 Button Smash 3842015-03-01 Button Smash 4062015-03-01 Button Smash 3902015-03-01 Button Smash 3952015-03-01 Button Smash 411

Our full service pamper sessions including makeup and hair and just making you feel special. At the end we get great photos that you can be proud to share and hang on your wall or put into an album or even a special photo book.

So book us for a wedding anniversary, a birthday, a special occasion or just for no reason at all other than to be pampered and made special for a day.

Have even more fun and do it with a friend. Champagne and giggles supplied free for any bookings for two ladies.


Book either our Gold or Silver packages and mention this ad for the free champagne!


Shooting people is fun. and Shooting people in weird situations is even more fun. A recent group cosplay shoot here in Brisbane was an opportunity to do something a little different. We shoot a lot of cosplay so decided to do shoot some ballerina poses in different locations – and just for fun throw in some cosplay – in the form of Death – the grim reaper complete with scythe in the background!

The locations we utilised were the Powerhouse Museum in Brisbane and Fort Lytton where we had access to an old Autoclave unit used for sterilising things in the quarantine days.

Here are some of the shots – including a fun one where Ben and his fiance posed together.

You can book your shoot with us today.

Dreamcoat-facebook-highlight-feb-2015-12015-02-15 Michelle and Ben Fort Lytton 0182015-02-15 Michelle and Ben Fort Lytton 0222015-02-15 Michelle and Ben Fort Lytton 0742015-02-15 Michelle and Ben Fort Lytton 0802015-02-15 Michelle and Ben Fort Lytton 0692015-02-15 Michelle and Ben Powerhouse 0512015-02-15 Michelle and Ben Powerhouse 0332015-02-15 Michelle and Ben Powerhouse 0432015-02-15 Michelle and Ben Powerhouse 0602015-02-15 Michelle and Ben Powerhouse 0992015-02-15 Michelle and Ben Powerhouse 0042015-02-15 Michelle and Ben Powerhouse 1052015-02-15 Michelle and Ben Powerhouse 1622015-02-15 Michelle and Ben Powerhouse 1582015-02-15 Michelle and Ben Powerhouse 167

We love taking photos. And we love helping other people learn as well. We provide individualised tuition for 1-3 people. The material covered depends on the person and what they want to learn so we don’t have specific courses as such.

Topics we have covered with clients recently include:

  • Getting to know your DSLR – going through the menus and functions of your camera and learning what it can do
  • Learning to shoot in M, Av and Tv (Canon) or A and S (Nikon)
  • Choosing the right lens to buy
  • How to setup and use off camera lighting
  • Model posing and shooting, glamour and portraits
  • Action photography

Here are some of the photos we have shot while out on these jaunts with people learning how to shoot better and have fun with their cameras.

You can book your learning session with us any time. Find out more and contact us.

2014-07-23 Beerburrum Bush 0012014-07-23 Beerburrum Bush 0182014-07-23 Beerburrum Bush 0322014-10-12 Standing Stones 005_6_72014-10-12 Standing Stones 023_4_52014-11-20 Laity Lodge 0122014-11-20 Laity Lodge 0092014-11-20 Laity Lodge 0382014-11-21 Canyon 0032014-11-22 Laity Lodge 0432015-01-03 Raindrops 0142014-12-20 Markets 0212014-11-26 Walk to Park 027Bribie Triathlon 0102014-11-22 Laity Lodge 0682015-02-04 Crows Nest National Park 016_7_8_tonemapped2015-02-04 Crows Nest National Park 1562015-02-04 Crows Nest National Park 1122015-01-03 Raindrops 023

When the DC Bombshells contacted us to shoot their calendar for Supanova 2015 we were pretty excited. Along with a couple of other photographers we created the shoot to show case each of the characters and provide high quality edited images for print. In all we have 7 of the 12 images in the calendar. The calendars were created and printed to raise funds for Look Good Feel Better.

There are only a few left – so get yours now!

Here are our 7 photos – as well as a few additional ones from the shoot.

lois supergirl calendarkatana for calendarbatwoman and arisia for calendarblack canary for calendarmera calendarivy calendarhawkgirl batgirl calendar

2014-11-29 Supanova Brisbane 3012014-11-29 Supanova Brisbane 3752014-11-29 Supanova Brisbane 3142014-11-29 Supanova Brisbane 1712014-11-29 Supanova Brisbane 1822014-11-29 Supanova Brisbane 3882014-11-29 Supanova Brisbane 4002014-11-29 Supanova Brisbane 402

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Tim Miller is one of the nicest people you are likely to meet. A great photographer that really cares about your desires and input into the photo shoot. He has done several shoots for me now for my reptile business, and my music business. I would never go anywhere else while Tim is still available in my proximity. I am really glad I have Tim on my advertising team as he is a real Team Player with the experience, the knowledge, and the desire to please. Tim will always produce a photo shoot that will make you glad he is who you have chosen to do the photography for you, whether it be nature, animals, or family and self porterait (sic) photohraphy (sic). Thanks Tim for your hard work and fantastic results. I use the photos you produced for me on a daily basis in my businesses.
Brendan Dyer. Musician and Snake Catcher.

— Brendan Dyer. Musician and Snake Catcher.

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